Pinterest Marketing For Bloggers

If your blog niche is a popular topic on Pinterest. Then Pinterest marketing can be one of the best ways for you as a beginner blogger to drive significant amounts of traffic to your new blog or website.

The only Pinterest strategy you’ll ever need to drive massive traffic to your blog.

Are you making this critical Pinterest mistake with your descriptions?

Speed up your Pinterest Pin image creation with these pro tips and hacks.

Get the most out of your Pinterest traffic and shares with these WordPress plugins.

Top Picks For Your New Pinterest Business Account

Start your Pinterest business account the right way with these top articles to make the maximum impact on your Pinterest marketing strategy. That cover critical topics like your Pinterest strategy, adding pin images to your blog posts and installing rich pins.

How To Use Pinterest For Business Pinterest Strategy Pinteresting Strategies Social Media Marketing Blogging Tips For Beginners Featured 1 L Default Blue

Grow your blog quickly even as a beginner with this Pinterest Marketing strategy. Skip wasting time with other strategies as this is the only one you’ll ever need. That’s completely budget-friendly and future proofed with regular updates even in 2021.

How To Install Rich Pins [2020 Mega Guide]

Get the best Pinterest SEO setup on your blog with this step-by-step guide to installing rich pins for WordPress blogs.

11 Easy Tips To Avoid Getting Your Pinterest Account Suspended

Don’t make these top mistakes with your Pinterest marketing. That could get your business account suspended and blocked for spam killing your traffic.

5 Ways You Can Add Pinterest Images To WordPress Blog Posts

Find the perfect way to add Pinterest pin images to your blog posts. That will fit into your current workflow. Helping you to get more repins directly from your blog to Pinterest.

How To Add A Pinterest Pin It Button To Your WordPress Blog

Learn how to add a pin-it or save button to your blog images. So you can increase your shares and repins on Pinterest to get even more blog traffic.

Most Popular Pinterest Marketing Articles

Get the best Pinterest tips for your blog and website with these most popular articles for a powerful Pinterest marketing strategy that works in 2021:

Best Survival Tips For The Latest New Pinterst Update

8 Best Survival Tips For The Latest New Pinterest Updates In 2021

Stay updated with the latest Pinterest algorithm changes with these best Pinterest marketing tips for bloggers. So you can avoid using old Pinterest strategies that no longer work and hurt your blog traffic.

How To Use This Free Pinterest Scheduler

How To Use This Free Pinterest Scheduler

On a tight budget or want to avoid using Tailwind for your blog? Then check out this free alternative to Tailwind that will let you schedule your pins without the need for 3rd Party tools.

How to easily find pinterest group boards + 1 powerful extra method

How To Easily Find + Join Pinterest Group Boards Fast

Expand your Pinterest marketing reach with Pinterest group boards. Using these tips to find, join and evaluate the best boards out there for your blog.

How To Add Customize Pinterest Pin It Button WordPress Blog Tutorial Blogging For Beginners Featured 1 B

Pinterest Button Not Working? Discover How To Fix It Here!

Is your Pinterest pin it, save or social sharing button not working, missing images or not pulling in the right description? Then check out these fixes that you can try.

Reviews On Pinterest Marketing Tools & Resources

There are tons of Pinterest tools and resources that you can use to boost your blog or website. But are they worth it? These Pinterest reviews will help you figure out what’s worth investing in and what isn’t.

Pinteresting Strategies 2020 Review

A review of the latest Pinteresting Strategies updates for the 2020 algorithm updates and whether it is worth investing in for your blog and Pinterest traffic.

Is Using Tailwind For Pinterest Worth It?

Read raving reviews about Tailwind? Well, before you invest in it yourself. These must-know tips will give you an honest review as to whether Tailwind is worth the price.

Why You Need To Avoid Using This Pinterest Widget On Your Blog

If you’re using any Pinterest widgets on your blog or website. So that you can display Pinterest boards and accounts. Then this is a must-read on why you should reconsider.
Why Use Wp Tasty Pins For Pinterest Marketing And Blog Traffic Featured B 1

Do you want an easy way to add Pinterest pin images to your blog or website? Then this plugin might be worth considering to speed up your workflow, avoid using code and more.


How do I drive traffic to my website on Pinterest?

For Pinterest to bring you significant traffic. You need to be following the latest Pinterest strategies and avoiding old tactics that are more likely to hurt your results. The best way to do this is to invest in a strong strategy that includes regular updates. Like this one…

What are group boards on Pinterest?

Pinterest group boards are where multiple bloggers within the same niche collaborate by pinning on the same board. These can help increase your reach and Pinterest results. You can find out more about how to find and join these here…

How do I add a Pinterest button to my website?

You can add a Pinterest pin it or save button to your blog images using several different methods. Some involve using a plugin whilst some skip this completely. For step-by-step instructions on the best methods follow this guide…

Are Pinterest group boards dead?

No. Pinterest group boards are not dead and can still be beneficial in 2020 to increase your reach and may even rank for you in searches. You simply need to be more selective and topic focused than previously. For tips on how to find and join group boards fast check here…

Why am I losing monthly viewers on Pinterest?

Firstly, your monthly viewers stat is not an accurate indication of success. Your Pinterest traffic in Google Analytics is.

If you see any changes then keep in mind that Pinterest traffic can fluctuate depending on the time of the year and what’s trending. Pinterest also changes often so make sure you’re following the latest tips for algorithm changes like explained here…

Why is the Pinterest button not working?

If you’ve recently made changes to your blog or website then they could be conflicting with your Pinterest button. Or it could just be an update that’s broken it. For the best tips on how to fix it check here…

Can you get banned from Pinterest?

Yes. Pinterest can suspend, block and ban your Pinterest account if they feel you have broken the rules or are spamming. Avoid the most common mistakes that can get your blocked and learn how to get your account back using this guide…

What are rich pins in Pinterest?

Rich pins add additional information from your blog or website to your pins when they are saved on Pinterest. You’ll need to add some code to your blog to get them to work by following these steps…

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram app that you can use to schedule your pins to be saved at specific times. For a detailed review of what it can do, pros and cons check out this guide…

How do I reactivate my Pinterest account?

If your Pinterest account has been blocked or suspended. It’s worth reaching out to Pinterest through their support system. As it is not uncommon for Pinterest to mistakenly flag accounts. For details on what to do go here…

How does the Pinterest algorithm work?

The Pinterest algorithm is a complex system that takes into account things like keywords, boards, rich pin data, engagement and much more. This information is used when Pinterest decides what pins to show and when. The best way to fully understand it (that is often skimmed over else where). Is with this Pinterest strategy…

How do I schedule a pin on Pinterest for free?

If Tailwind isn’t in your budget or you want to avoid using it for other reasons. Then you can schedule pins for free without any third-party tools using this method…

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