How To Repurpose Blog Content Quickly Using Tailwind Create

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Does it feel wasteful to make many different pin designs to pin them once and never use them again?

Well, there’s one way to repurpose your blog content for Pinterest so you can maximize their usage without falling for the mistake of repinning the same images over and over.

Repinning the same image is a big no-no right now if you want to avoid getting suspended.

So today, I want to show you a quick way on how to use Tailwind Create to repurpose all those pins you’re making for Pinterest. This way, you can turn them into content you can share on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.

It can really help speed up the time you’d need to make content for these platforms using other methods.

I mean, who doesn’t want to spend less time creating graphics for all their social media posts, so they have more time for fun things. Right?

If you’re not familiar with Tailwind Create yet, I recommend checking out the basics first here. That covers a detailed review of it and step-by-step instructions.

And if you’d like to follow along, you can get a free plan with Tailwind here. This will give you monthly:

  • 20 scheduled posts across Pinterest and Instagram
  • 20 Tailwind Create designs
  • 5 Tailwind Community slots with 30 submissions across them

So let’s get started on how to repurpose blog content using this Tailwind Create tool to repurpose Pinterest content for other social media platforms:

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How To Repurpose Blog Content Using Tailwind Create For Pinterest Pins, Instagram + Facebook Posts

Create Your Pin Designs

First, you’ll want to load up the Tailwind app and go to Tailwind Create using the brush icon on the right menu.

Then click on the Start a new design button.

How To Repurpose Blog Content Using Tailwind Create tool and service with Start New Design Button

You’ll need to fill in some basic details that you’d typically use for making a pin.

Here you can paste in a blog post URL. And if you give it a moment, it will automatically pull in your blog post title too.

Next, you can upload some photos, pull in images directly from your blog post, or you can even search for stock photos here.

Tailwind Create will provide a bunch of images for you based on your search. Some of these are free, while some are locked behind their higher-tier plans.

For now, just find and select a few images to use in your designs. You can always add more later.

How To Use Tailwind Create To Repurpose Content Editing Basic Pin Information

Then once done, you can click on Create images in the bottom left corner, and after a moment, Tailwind Create will generate tons of different design ideas.

How To Repurpose Your Blog Content From Pins To Platforms Like Instagram & Facebook

How To Use Tailwind Create To Create Designs For Instagram Facebook And Pinterest

By default, everything we see here are pin designs. You can edit the overall settings for these designs by using the right-side menu. Or you can even change your Brand preferences using the button on the bottom left.

If you click the arrow pointing to the right above a design you like. You’ll see how to repurpose blog content with designs for pins, Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, and Facebook without you lifting a finger.

It’s pretty amazing how much time this feature can save!

You can go in and edit each of these however you like. Though it feels a little clunky coming back out of the editing screen as Tailwind Create seems to lose its place. But hopefully, this is something they’ll fix.

You can easily swap colors and even palettes to change these designs entirely by using the buttons underneath.

You can do the same thing with images to quickly play around and get the precise design you want. This all makes it super easy to create new unique designs every time, with minimal effort.

How To Use Tailwind Create To Create Designs For Other Social Media Platforms

Scheduling & Using Your Repurposed Content From Tailwind Create

Once you’re happy with your designs, you can then click Select all and then Review your selection. You’ll get options to Download and to Go schedule your designs.

If you only want some of the designs, you can always pick and choose what you want to be selected instead.

How To Repurpose Blog Content Using Tailwind Create tool and service For Instagram Facebook And Pinterest 3

Once you click on Go schedule, the Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, and your pin design will get scheduled into the Tailwind scheduler’s drafts. While the Facebook post, you’ll need to schedule manually.

What you may have noticed is there isn’t any dedicated format for Twitter. But to be completely honest, Facebook and Twitter both have closely similar size ratios.

I reuse my Facebook post graphics for Twitter posts all the time without any issues. So give it a try yourself, and you should find yourself able to repurpose existing Pinterest content for Twitter too.

Here’s what mine looks like when creating a Twitter post using the Facebook design created by Tailwind Create:

How To Repurpose Blog Content Using Tailwind Create for Facebook to Twitter

Pros & Cons Of How To Use Tailwind Create As A Content Repurpose Tool

Overall, how to use Tailwind Create to repurpose your Pinterest content or even Instagram content for other platforms is a nifty way to maximize the use of your time.


  • You can experiment with it using a free account before you jump in fully
  • Quick way to maximize content for multiple platforms
  • Everything can be done in one tool
  • There’s a wide range of creative designs
  • It’s easy to create unique designs every time with the easy image, color, and template swapping
  • You can schedule all your designs for Instagram and Tailwind, and Facebook will be eventually added too.


  • There are some bugs, especially after editing templates and designs
  • After editing a template and saving Tailwind Create tends to lose its place so you need to re-find the template you were editing
  • You cannot zoom or reposition the canvas in editing mode
  • Once you’ve scheduled or downloaded designs it doesn’t seem possible to go back and edit the designs as they get replaced for new variations

Recap of How To Repurpose Blog Content For Social Media Platforms

How To Use Tailwind Create To Create Designs For Instagram Facebook And Pinterest 5

I’m probably just a big nerd when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I think it’s pretty neat. And it should significantly help speed up designing content for multiple platforms.

It feels like a no-brainer to create extra content for all these platforms with just a few extra clicks while you’re making pins anyways.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can try it out for yourself using a free Tailwind account that includes a monthly Tailwind Create allowance. All you need to do is sign up here.

And don’t forget you can see all the in-depth details on how to use Tailwind Create here, so you can see exactly what to expect before trying it out.

Which platforms do you think will benefit from using Tailwind Create to repurpose your pin content? Let me know your thoughts in the comments:

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