4 Super Tips To Create Pinterest Images Fast & Easy

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If Pinterest is a big part of your strategy for getting traffic to your blog. Then you may have heard recently that Pinterest wants more fresh pins over old pins.

Tailwind did a Facebook live with Pinterest on 11th February 2020. Where they stated that they wanted more fresh content on the platform.

Pinterest said that they do not want us to repetitively repin old content.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Pinterest changes. Using some of the tips that I’ve put together in my blog post. That focuses on how to best keep up with the latest Pinterest changes.

Then you’ll know that this isn’t anything new.

It’s actually something that’s been happening since around late October or November 2019.

What Can You Do About These Pinterest Changes?

Now, whenever Pinterest makes any announcements like this. There’s usually a lot of panic.

But if you’ve been using Pinterest and you’ve been getting good results since November. Chances are you don’t need to make any significant changes to your strategy.

Now with all the buzz over this Facebook Live that Pinterest did. Many people are wondering what they can do to make more Pinterest images.

After all, we’re already super busy with:

  • Creating blog posts.
  • Keeping up with Pinterest changes
  • Doing search engine optimization
  • And all that other stuff

I mean, who has the time to create even more pins?

It’s super easy to get burnt out, creating tons and tons of never-ending pins.

Well, what if you could speed up your pin image creation?

Female Blogger Using Keyboard On White Desk With Pink Stationary Flowers Food And Sticky Notes

Surely if you could create pins faster. Then you could create more pins in the same amount of time. Right?

Well, that’s what this post is aimed at. By giving you the latest and fastest strategies to speed up creating pins.

Then the hope is you can use these to significantly speed up your pin creation.

Allowing you to create more pins without spending more time on it.

So I decided to take several methods to create pins fast. That are used by top bloggers. This way you can pick the right method for you.

After all, when it comes to creating Pinterest images. We all use different tools, methods and strategies.

So whilst one suggestion might not work for everyone. If you have several to pick from instead.

Then you can find one that works best with your current workflow for creating pins. And adjust from there.

But before that, I want to talk about what counts as a fresh pin.

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How To Create Pinterest Pin Images Fast & Easy For Pinterest Marketing

What Is A Fresh Pin On Pinterest?

So, when Pinterest talks about fresh pins. They are talking about two types of pins:

The first pin you create for the blog post you recently published.

But also pins that you create for old blog posts. That have a new pin image.

This image should be one that you’ve never used on Pinterest before.

So, if you are panicking, that Pinterest wants you to create multiple blog posts per day.

That’s not actually the case.

They are specifically talking about Pinterest images. If it’s a new image, then it’s a fresh pin

4 Methods To Make New Pins For Pinterest Fast

1. Monthly Pin Template Subscription By Carly Campbell

Carly Campbell Pinterest Templates Monthly Subscription To Help Create Pinterest Images Fast

Carly has recently announced that she is going to create a subscription for Pinterest templates.

With this subscription, you’ll get 10 Pinterest templates, 5 of which are in a 2:3 ratio. Plus 5, all in giraffe format.

If you’ve never come across giraffe pins before. They are usually quite long compared to their width.

The idea being that they take up lots of vertical space. And this helps them stand out in the feed.

Now, while Pinterest always recommends a 2:3 ratio.

Carly includes these giraffe style pins. Because she finds that they are still working for her.

In addition to the templates you get. You also get access to her private Facebook group.

She has set up this group to talk about her Pinterest experiments and findings. Because she is always on Pinterest testing new things to grow her own blog traffic.

So she’ll be doing monthly coaching calls and FAQs on what’s working right now on Pinterest. So you can find strategies that aren’t being talked about elsewhere.

If you’ve ever read any of my other blog content. Then you’ll know how much I love Carly’s stuff. She’s always got amazing ideas.

And she’s always been the best person to learn from to actually understand the Pinterest algorithm.

If you want in-depth knowledge about Pinterest to stay ahead of any algorithm changes. Carly is the person, I will always recommend.

The Benefits Of This Method To Create Fresh Pinterest Images Fast

Pink Rose And Silver Pocket Watch

You get 10 new templates, every month. That you can use to create your own pins from faster. Since you’re not starting from scratch every time.

You also get seasonal pins included. When it’s the right time to do that.

Because you’ll have access to her Facebook group. You’ll also get bonus tips to boost your overall Pinterest strategy.

These templates are in Canva so everyone can use them. They are even compatible with the free version. So there are no extra fees.

Oh and you can be confident these designs are high converting and will stand out in the feed.

Finally, because these are paid templates. They may look like other people’s pins. But there will be far less competition compared to free templates.

Are There Any Cons To Using This Method To Create New Pin Images?

There is a monthly fee of $19 per month. So using these templates will involve an additional cost. But you’ll get way more value than what you pay for.

Because you’re using templates. There is always a risk that your pins may look like someone else’s.

This shouldn’t be much of an issue though. Since you’ll be getting 10 new templates each month.

Especially, if you stay subscribed for several months. As you will end up with many different templates.

This also means that you’ll still need to customize the pins with your own images, text, and colors. So that you can make them unique to you.

In short, using Carly’s Pinterest templates to speed up creating new fresh pin images involves:

  • 10 Pinterest templates monthly to speed up creating pins
  • $19 per month cost
  • Bonus private Facebook with additional tips to boost your strategy through monthly coaching calls and FAQs
  • High converting designs that stand out in the feed
  • Made in Canva for easy access
  • Seasonal pins included for the right times of the year

2. Adobe Express By Anastasia Blogger

Next up is Anastasia’s method. She uses Adobe Express previously known as Adobe Spark.

If you’ve never heard of Adobe Express. You might be wondering what it is.

It’s a very simple design tool that you can use for free. But when you export your designs. It will have a watermark on it.

So you are kind of restricted to getting the paid version. If you want to use it.

Overall, I would say the design and simplicity is a bit like Canva. You can find more information on how to use Adobe Express by watching Anastasia’s YouTube video here.

The Benefits Of This Method To Create Fresh Pinterest Images Fast

This is a quick method to create lots of pins with plenty of customization options.

You can also use this tool to make video pins. If they are part of your Pinterest strategy.

Are There Any Cons To Using This Method To Create New Pin Images?

Because of the restrictions on the free version. Such as fonts and watermarks. You’ll likely have to get an Adobe subscription, which costs $10 a month.

Adobe Express does not have any significant benefits over using Canva. When it comes to creating your Pinterest images fast.

In fact, the free version of Canva has fewer restrictions.

With Adobe products there’s usually a bit of a learning curve. So you’ll probably have to spend some time learning the basics and getting used to it.

Also, the initial setup may take a significant amount of time. As if you have lots of templates and settings in your old software. Then you’ll likely have to convert these over to Adobe Express. Since Adobe is not usually cross-compatible.

In short, the core points for using Adobe Express to create new Pinterest images fast are:

  • An alternative solution similar to Canva
  • Cost $10 per month
  • Free version restricted by fonts and watermarks
  • Ability to create video pins using the same blogging tool
  • Some learning curve involved
  • May need to convert templates to use with Adobe Express

3. RelayThat Method For Creating Pins Fast By Suzi At Start A Mom Blog

AppSumo RelayThat software preview for creating graphics quickly

Recently, Suzi has been using an interesting tool called RelayThat. You can see in-depth how she uses this tool to create Pinterest images here.

This video gives you an in-depth view of the different tools that are included. As well as how they can be used to create fresh pins fast.

RelayThat includes a lot of automation for small tasks. Plus it gives you plenty of design variations and ideas that you can use. Even if you have no idea where to start.

The Benefits Of This Method To Create Fresh Pinterest Images Fast

You have one-click color palettes, you can try. So if you suck at picking colors like I do. You can use one of the palettes to automatically apply colors to your designs.

Meaning you can quickly and easily find some interesting combinations. You would have never thought about using yourself.

The software also includes free stock images in-built into the tool.

So you can quickly search and find images to drag and drop into your designs. This can make things super quick.

But if you have heard anything about using free stock images on Pinterest. You may have heard that using free stock images can sometimes confuse Pinterest. Since lots of people could be also using that image for completely different topics.

So you’ll be glad to know that you can upload your own images instead if you want.

Use RelayThat For All Your Blog Images

Female Blogger Using Blogging Tools To Create Pinterest Images Fast

Also, you can use this software for more than creating Pinterest images fast. Just like Canva and Adobe Express, you can use this tool to create images for:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Your featured images on your blog post
  • Create your own blog ads for the sidebar + more

The overall interface is extremely easy. You can click and drag things, or you can even click to toggle things on and off.

In a lot of ways, it’s easier to use than Canva. Since you have more control. Rather than trying to click on an object that’s positioned behind three or four other objects.

Automate Repetitive Tasks That Take Up Time

RelayThat can help you to automate repetitive tasks with shortcuts. This makes creating pins and editing them super fast. You can:

  • Toggle off your images, logos, and design elements with a single click
  • You can automatically apply new colors palettes using premade options
  • You can convert one design into a different design, just by the click of a button using their templates.
  • Bonus: You can also automatically turn blog posts into pins. By using a feature in RelayThat that will pull in images from your blog post.

Some of the other options mentioned on this list include monthly subscriptions. So you have to pay for them every month. For as long as you’re using them.

But with RelayThat, it’s a one-off cost. There are no recurring fees.

So if you just want something to invest in now. That you can have forever. Without any extra costs. Then, this is an excellent blogging tool to use.

Are There Any Cons To Using This Method To Create New Pin Images Fast?

Relaythat Offer On Appsumo

The initial cost for this blogging tool is higher than other options. So you do need to invest a little bit more money. However, $49 as a one-off cost is highly affordable considering what you get.

But the catch is that this is a limited time offer by Sumo. So it isn’t always available. If it’s not on offer it’s becomes extremely expensive.

Because of the flexibility of this tool, there is actually some learning involved. More so than some of the other methods listed here.

So you should expect to spend some time getting used to the platform. Before you’re able to start creating pins fast.

You’ll also have to consider whether you need to convert content from your other tools. So that you will be able to use them in RelayThat.

For example, if you have templates in Canva that you like to use. You may need to transfer those over. The same goes for specific fonts and setting up color palettes.

In short, the core points for using RelayThat to create new Pinterest images fast are:

  • $49 one-off cost offer for a limited time on AppSumo
  • Huge customization options
  • Takes time to learn
  • In-built search for stock images or upload your own

4. Magic Pin Generator Tool By Elizabeth Stapleton

Magic Pin Generator By Elizabeth Stapleton

Now, this way of creating pins fast has to be the most amazing.

But basically, this magic pin generator tool is supposed to create 50 pins for 10 posts in five minutes.

Which, if you’ve ever spent any time creating a ton of pins. It is ridiculously fast.

The way this works is you need to sign up for this Magic Pin Generator tool.

It is free to use. And you sign up using your email address.

You will then be given a form that you can use to fill in details that will create your pins. This includes things like your:

  • Your email
  • 10 Different pin titles
  • Post URL
  • Logo URL

Once you submit the form. Your 50 pins will be sent to your email. Which you can further edit using Google Slides.

The Benefits Of This Method To Create Fresh Pinterest Images Fast

This method for creating pin images fast. Has to be the fastest by far.

The fact that it is free to use makes it easy to get started with. You’ll only need to worry about costs if you want to create your own variation of the tool.

Which is useful if you want more control and automatic customization.

This tool is simple to use but does require watching some video guides to get familiar with.

Are There Any Cons To Using This Method To Create New Pin Images?

Female Blogger Trying To Create Fresh Pinterest Images Fast For Her Blog

Firstly one of the major limitations of this method. Is that the customization isn’t as unique as creating the pins manually.

Especially if you opt for the free version of this tool. Because you are using a free automatic generator that many others will be using too. So there will be some repetitive styles.

Most importantly, these designs might not be optimized best for clicks on a pin by pin basis. Simply because of the automated nature.

In short, the core points for using the Magic Pin Generator to create new Pinterest images fast are:

  • Aims to create 50 pins for 10 pins in 5 minutes
  • Free tool to use unless you want to create your own version
  • The fastest possible method for creating pins
  • May not be best optimized on a pin by pin basis
  • Pins may be less unique as free variations will be used the most

So What Method Am I Using To Create Pinterest Images Fast?

Blogger Office For Creating Pin Images Quickly

I’ve played around with the different tools listed here. As well as, from my own ideas.

But I have opted for Carly’s monthly Pinterest templates subscription to begin with.


Because her designs are amazing! And I know they are optimized for clicks.

So, I don’t have to worry if my pin design sucks. Something I’m always self-conscious and paranoid about it. (I’m just not a designer at heart.)

Getting 10 templates per month will explode the different designs that I can use for my pins. So that things will look more varied.

I likely still weave in my own designs. But I’m already seeing the templates from Carly outperforming my own.

Overall, the cost of the templates is worth it, just for access to her private Facebook group.

She knows her stuff and she’s always on Pinterest figuring stuff out.

So being able to get access to her insights beyond her Pinteresting Strategies course in a dedicated place. To me is worth its weight in gold.

I know this might not be the fastest method on the list.

I mean who can compete with 50 pins in five minutes, right?

No one can compete with that!

But for me, there is a fine line between making pins fast, and having those pins actually convert to traffic.

Sometimes the fastest way isn’t always the best.

Because when you make things fast, there is usually a compromise somewhere on the quality.

Recap On How To Create Pinterest Images Super Fast

Bloggers Desk Layout Setup Ready To Create Pin Images Fast For Their Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Creating More Fresh Pins Is An Important Pinterest Strategy For 2022

With Pinterest pushing for more fresh pins in 2022. Creating pins fast is more important now than ever.

If Pinterest traffic is important for you. You need to be making new pins, several times a week, at least.

This is manageable, with the right methods to create pin images fast. Especially if you batch create your pins in one go for a month at a time.

As I mentioned at the start of the post. New fresh pins does not have to mean new content. You can reuse your old blog posts!

So go back and create new pins for content you’ve already posted. That you know brings traffic to your blog.

When you think of it in this way, it’s much more manageable.

Create New Pin Images Quickly Using These Methods To Make The Best Use Of Your Time

Now, this isn’t a complete list of all the different methods out there. As there are probably some that I’ve missed. And I plan to add more as I find them.

But these so far have been the ones that have stood out as being the quickest.

Overall, not all methods of pin creation are equal. Some are faster than others. And some give you pins that get better results.

But there are definitely plenty of different methods you can try. So experiment and see for yourself what works.

If you do find any good methods that I haven’t covered I would love to know about them.

Also, consider this. You can use these suggestions, not just on their own. But you could actually combine them.

Whether that’s combining multiple items on this list together. Or combining one of them with your current workflow.

For example, you could get Carly’s monthly templates and recreate them. So that you can use them in Adobe Express or even RelayThat.

Whatever Method You Use To Create Pin Images Always Track Your Results!

Bloggers Considering Whats The Best Strategy For Creating More Fresh Pinterest Images

Finally, one last point I would like to make.

The most important thing you should be doing when creating lots of pins like this. Is to track your results in some way.

If you track how your pins perform on your Pinterest account. You can use that information to help inform your Pinterest strategy. So you can create better pins next time around.

In particular, one of the best ways to do this is to look at your Google Analytics. As clicks to your blog, are the most important stat you should care about.

Page views and saves on the platform. Are meaningless.

As bloggers we want clicks and traffic from Pinterest. And this the main way you should measure your success.

So tell me:

  • Do you have any interesting ways that you use to create Pinterest images?
  • How many pin images do you plan to create each day?
  • How do you feel about Pinterest wanting more fresh pins?

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How To Create Pinterest Pin Images Fast & Easy For Pinterest Marketing

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