8 Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins To Get More Shares

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Baffled by all the WordPress Pinterest plugins because there are so many of them out there?

It’s hard to tell by looking at a WordPress plugin whether it is any good or a complete waste of space. Isn’t it?

Which is why you need a list of Pinterest plugins for WordPress that are up to date that have the best tools for the job.

So if you are looking to improve your blog’s Pinterest game. Because you understand how important it can be for growing your blog traffic. Especially as a beginner. Then these 8+ best plugins will give you options to do just that.

But before we get into these best Pinterest tools. Let’s consider this: Why do you even need to optimize your blog for Pinterest?

Why Optimize Your WordPress Blog For Pinterest?

Firstly, Pinterest is important for new bloggers. As it can help you drive significant traffic to your blog. This can be a starting point for getting eyes on your content. Long before Google takes any notice of your Search Engine optimization strategy (SEO). But to grow your traffic from Pinterest then you must-have a solid Pinterest marketing strategy.

Even with an amazing Pinterest strategy on the platform itself. There are still things you can optimize outside of Pinterest. To increase the engagement and sharing of the traffic from Pinterest you receive.

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8 Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins To Get More Shares

For example, Pinterest has its own specific image formatting. Such as Pinterest tends to have tall 600x900px images. Whereas Facebook and Twitter have generally much wider images. (Think 1200x630px or 1024x512px). In fact, they can be almost twice as wide!

What does this mean? Well, it means you’ll need to consider adding Pinterest specific images. And other settings to your blog. To get the greatest benefits from it. So your content can look good on all platforms that you use.

Why Are These The Best Pinterest Plugins For WordPress?

Wordpress Pinterest Plugins Header Image Of Woman Using Social Media On Her Smartphone

Okay, so below I’ve listed 8+ WordPress Pinterest plugins for optimizing your blog. I’ve selected these plugins based on a few different criteria. Such as:

  • Best premium or free plugins to do the job. That are essential for every blog that has a Pinterest focus.
  • Updated plugins that work today with the latest WordPress updates. Because security and reducing vulnerabilities are important.
  • Non-fluff plugins that actually make your life easier or result in conversions.
  • Alternatives you can use if you’re not a fan of the first recommended Pinterest plugin for WordPress
  • I’ve also included details for outdated and broken plugins. So you know what to avoid if you come across these plugins mentioned elsewhere.

What WordPress Pinterest Plugins Can You Expect To Be Covered Here?

There’s a lot of different Pinterest plugins for WordPress that can do a huge range of things. Like adding a Pinterest profile widget or embedding your boards into your blog.

So, what types of WordPress plugins for Pinterest am I going to cover here?

Well, here’s a brief list of which types of Pinterest features for WordPress are included:

  • Connecting & verifying your blog with Pinterest
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Pin It buttons & Pinterest Save buttons
  • Embedding & hiding pins in your blog posts
  • Adding follow buttons, profile widgets, and board galleries
  • Disabling pinning of specific images
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WordPress Pinterest Plugins To Help Get Your Website Verified With Pinterest

For the first Pinterest plugins for WordPress. Let’s consider those that can help get your blog connected. And linked to your Pinterest business account. So you can get your website verified.

To start with I found the “Pinterest site verification” and “Pinterest verify” plugins. To be massively outdated. So avoid using these.

Instead, if you have the Genesis Framework for your blog. Then you could use the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin. To add your Pinterest verification code.

For those of you without the Genesis Framework. You could use the Jetpack plugin which has a specific area to add your verification code. Or use the Insert Headers and Footers plugin from here.

Whichever option you pick. You can find more information on how to use all these plugins to edit your WordPress header. So you can easily add your Pinterest website verification code to your blog.

Whilst avoiding outdated WordPress Pinterest plugins. Such as the “Pinterest site verification” and “Pinterest verify” plugins. As both of these have not been updated for the last several major WordPress versions.

The Best Pinterest Plugins For WordPress That Add Social Sharing Buttons

Once you have your blog verified as your website for Pinterest. One of the next steps bloggers take is to add social sharing buttons. Preferably one that includes a button for Pinterest too.

For this Social Pug and the Add To Any plugins are great options. To easily add a Pinterest social media sharing button to your blog. But if you don’t like either of these options. You can find a list of 20+ more social sharing button plugins here.

WordPress Pinterest Plugins For Adding A Pin It Button

Next up, you can add a Pin It button directly to images included on your blog. So that whenever someone hovers over an image in your blog post. They will see a button to pin it to Pinterest.

So, what’s the best plugin for Pinterest to add this to your own WordPress blog?

Well, the jQuery Pin It Button For Images plugin is hands-down one of the best options out there.

Again, if you’d rather not use the jQuery Pin It Button plugin. Then you could consider this alternative option. Called the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images.

Wordpress Pinterest Plugins Header Image Of Gold And White Notebooks

The Best Plugins For Embedding Pins Into Your Blog Posts

By this point, you might be thinking about how to embed Pinterest images into your blog posts. That you can hide so they are only used for pinning to Pinterest purposes.

After all, Pinterest images tend to be tall. Meaning they could be taking up a bit too much space on your blog post. Especially for mobile users! Not to mention that they could be slowing down your website speed. As the image size and quality, you use for Pinterest is often much higher. Than what you would normally use for your actual blog post images.

So, what do I recommend for this? Well, my first choice would be to use the WP Tasty Pins plugin. As this WordPress Pinterest plugin offers so many customization options. So you can embed pins to your blog posts. Such as:

  • Hidden Pinterest images with a click of a button.
  • Setting Pinterest descriptions separate to your alt text. (Super important!)
  • Disabling pinning on certain images.
  • Adds a hovering Pin It button to all images removing the need for additional plugins.
  • Makes hidden images more compatible with Lazy Load plugins for faster web pages.
  • + More!

Better yet. All of these features come with an extremely user-friendly interface with zero coding required.

But again, if WP Tasty Pins isn’t your thing. Then you can do most of what WP Tasty Pins does with a little bit of coding and extra time using this method. Or you can try one of these 4+ other methods listed here for embedding your Pins.

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WordPress Pinterest Plugins For Adding A Follow Button Or Profile Widget

So far, we’ve covered the best Pinterest plugins for WordPress blogs. That allow you to verify your website, add social sharing buttons, pin it buttons and embed pins into your blog posts directly.

But what about adding things like a follow button? Or a profile widget that shows your latest pins or board activity? Or even adding Pin It buttons and Pinterest features to your image galleries?

Well, firstly there are a lot of WordPress Pinterest plugins out there. That claim to be the best at adding these types of features. For the most part though. You can add any of these features using a little bit of code from the Pinterest developer website.

However, for those of you who’d rather not mess around with editing code. There are many plugins to choose from.

Avoid Using These WordPress Plugins

To start with I would avoid using the following, as they are horribly outdated or no longer available:

  • Pretty Pinterest pins (outdated)
  • Pinterest Pro (outdated)
  • Pinterest Pinboard widget (outdated)
  • Alpine Photo Tile For Pinterest (no longer available)
  • Pinterest PinIt Button plugin (outdated)
  • Pinterest For Galleries (outdated)
  • Pinterest Badge Widget (outdated)
  • Pinterest to WordPress (outdated)

Yep, that’s a ton of outdated WordPress Pinterest plugins. All lurking around on the WordPress.org database. Most of these haven’t been updated in over a year. I was shocked too!

What Plugin To Use Instead For The Best Growth

So, what would I use? Well, I use and love the MiloTree popup.

Whilst it is called a popup, it is extremely polite for a popup. As you can customize it to only slide into a small portion at the bottom of your blog post. And even then, only when a user scrolls. 

Meaning it “pops” off the page. But it’s not annoying and in the face of your readers. Interrupting or even blocking the content they were reading. It even has a dismiss box so the user can close it if they want.

Best of all? This plugin actually does convert to more followers.

Oh and did I mention? You can use it to grow your email and other social media networks too!

Wordpress Pinterest Plugins Header Image Of Desk With Monitors A Laptop And Other Office Supplies

Alternative Plugins You Can Use Instead

But what if you would rather use something else? Well, there are a few, far less optimized plugins that have different features. Such as:

  • GS Pinterest portfolio
    • Mobile responsive
    • Pinterest feeds & portfolios with multiple style options
    • Includes custom WordPress Gutenberg block
    • Widgets for your Pinterest profile, boards, single pins and a follow button
  • Tech Gasp Pinterest Master
    • Lightweight with no Javascript or Ajax required for fast loading
    • Mobile responsive
    • Widgets for follow buttons and boards
    • Option to add Pin It buttons to images
  • Add Pinterest Follow Button
    • Simple
    • Adds only Pinterest follow buttons

WordPress Pinterest Plugins To Disable Pinning Certain Images

Here’s another idea, that you might not have considered. What if there are images you don’t want to be pinned onto Pinterest?

After all, if you’ve spent a lot of time making optimized Pinterest images for your blog posts. You probably don’t want people pinning those small square featured images instead. Right?

Well, if you don’t block those images from being pinned. I can guarantee someone at some point will decide to pin it. No matter how ugly or pixelated it looks on Pinterest.

The solution? You can disable the pinning of these images in most cases.

Now, if you try searching for a Pinterest plugin for WordPress to do this. Then you’ll likely stumble across “Pinterest Block”. But the problem with this plugin is it hasn’t been updated in a very long time. Making it risky to use on your blog.

So, what you should use instead? Well, are a few different options. To begin with, the WP Tasty Pins plugin I mentioned earlier also includes this as a feature. Which is super easy to use. In fact, it makes blocking things like featured images, related posts or images in your sidebar a breeze.

The WordPress Pinterest plugins you can use are through the jQuery Pin It Button plugin. Which sometimes doesn’t work for all images. Or manually adding the nopin code to images as explained here. Which can be time-consuming and repetitive depending on the amount of images you use. And still not cover all the images you want to block, unless you know how to edit your WordPress theme.

Wordpress Pinterest Plugins Header Image Of Desk With Monitors A Laptop And Office Stationary

Recap Of The Best Pinterest Plugins For WordPress

It’s important to know which WordPress Pinterest plugins currently work. As there are many suggested plugins out there. That are very outdated or no longer work with the current WordPress.

Some plugins are optional and are not required for every blog. Those you do have should have a specific purpose or goal. Like increasing your followers or improving your reach on the Pinterest platform itself.

Here’s a quick summary of the best Pinterest plugins for WordPress:

Pinterest VerificationGenesis Simple Hooks
Insert Headers and Footers
Social Sharing Buttons
(that include a button for Pinterest)
Social Pug
Add To Any
Pin It Button
Pinterest Save Button
jQuery Pin It Button For Images
Embedding Pinterest Images
& Descriptions
WP Tasty Pins
Follow Buttons
Profile Widgets
MiloTree popup
GS Pinterest Portfolio
Disabling Pinning Certain imagesWP Tasty Pins
jQuery Pin It Button For Images

Also, if you are trying to get traffic to your blog. Regardless of whether you are a brand new blogger or more advanced. Then Pinterest should be a strong consideration for your blogging strategy. As with the right resources you can get lots of traffic quickly before you worry about focusing on SEO. Even if your blog is brand new!

So, which of these plugins are most useful or get the best results for your blog? Are there any that I’ve missed?

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8 Must Have Pinterest Plugins For Your Blog
8 Pinterest Plugins For WordPress To Optimize Your Blog

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