Tailwind Pinterest App Review: Is It Worth The Money?

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Are you trying to leverage the power of Pinterest? It makes sense if you are, as so many bloggers out there claim Pinterest is their number #1 source of traffic. But Pinterest can quickly become a huge time suck. That’s where the Tailwind Pinterest app should come in!

Without the Tailwind Pinterest app. You’ll most likely feel you’re banging your head against a wall. You’re in a never-ending battle of having to pin over and over again to get to that 30 – 50 daily pin target that every successful blogger claims to post. Every single day.

I’ve been there. It’s overwhelming and if you previously loved Pinterest. You’ll quickly develop a hate for it, pinning like this for even a short period.

Fact: It doesn’t have to be this way!

So what am I talking about? Can the Tailwind Pinterest app easily save you time and energy?

The short answer is…

Yes. But, keep reading and I’ll explain exactly why it can help you from drowning in your pinning strategy.

So, let’s get started!

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What’s Included In The Tailwind Pinterest App

Optimized Pinning Times

The Tailwind app has what’s called a Smart Schedule. With this, you can set how many times you want to pin within a day. Once you give Tailwind this information, it will create a Weekly Pinning Schedule for you based on engagement data. This means the pin slots it creates are at optimal times when visitors are more likely to engage with you content. Who doesn’t want more engagement right?

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers smart schedule setup for optimal pin times

The schedule it gives you isn’t set in stone either. You can create new Smart Schedules if you change your mind. Or adjust your current schedule by adding either suggested slots which have green dotted outlines or add a custom time slot yourself using Add Time Slot.

This feature not only saves you time. From having to manually repeat, track and figure out when to pin. But it also helps you get the most engagement from your pins as well.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers smart schedule with generated and suggested time slots

Unparalleled Analytics

Whilst Pinterest has its own inbuilt analytics, if you sign up for a business account. The information here is limited. Fortunately, the Tailwind Pinterest app analytics have you covered!

The Weekly Summary let’s you see your recent progress. Including your current week’s amount of repins compared to your average and previous week.

A quick summary of recent pins people have shared from your website. Plus track how many followers you’re gaining and recent comments you have.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers profile stats showing recent pins from the website

And those are just the Weekly Summary stats!

There’s even more analytics within the Insights section of the Tailwind app. Get Profile Performance stats. Track how each of your boards is doing, including group boards! Dig in deeper with individual pin stats using the Pin Inspector. Plus, discover what’s being pinned from your website. You can even connect your Google analytics to Tailwind to get even more stats.

You may be thinking that this sounds like a lot of information. Perhaps too much. Well, don’t worry Tailwind has an easy guide on how to understand your Pinterest traffic using Tailwind!

Which actually leads me to my next point.

Tailwind for Pinterest - can it save you time & effort?

The Tailwind Pinterest App Has Outstanding Support

If there’s anything you find yourself stuck with. Then there’s probably an article on the Tailwind app blog to help you out. The Tailwind app blog is an amazing resource for tips and how to tutorials for Tailwind, Pinterest and Instagram. For example when there was a huge amount of changes to Pinterest in April and June 2018 Tailwind posted a comprehensive post based on facts provided by Pinterest themselves.

Their support is also just a click away from within the Tailwind Pinterest app by clicking on the ? mark in the top right corner and clicking Ask us anything!

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers support menu with options for webinar, video guides, or message us
Type in your question, checkout their webinars and video guides. Or just get straight to messaging them if you can’t find an answer.

All of this will help save you time. As you don’t need to struggle with your problems on your own, help is just around the corner! And it’s quick too, no one likes sitting around unable to progress until you get an answer back. I’ve generally gotten responses back within a few hours.

Tailwind Communities (Previously Known As Tailwind Tribes)

Finding & Joining Tailwind Communities Is Quick & Easy

Tailwind Communities previously called Tailwind Tribes until the name was changed in December 2020. Are a newer and superior option to group boards. And contrary to what most people think, they are free to use. There’s no paid subscription required to use them. The free Tailwind Communities plan will let you join 5 groups and post to those groups 30 pins per month. It’s only if you want more than the free allowances that you’ll need to invest in paid Tailwind PowerUps.

You can easily search and find Tailwind Communities from within the Tailwind Pinterest app. Unlike group boards, which are hard to find. As they can’t be searched for in general. Unless you use Pingroupie.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers menu to find and easily join Tailwind tribes

Joining Communities are precise compared to Group Boards. Join or request to join with a simple click of the button. No jumping through hoops as every group has different requirements. Or stumbling in the dark because a group board hasn’t set any details in their board description. Tailwind Communities are simple, effective and won’t add masses of time onto your already busy schedule.

Tailwind Communities Are Powerful To Utilize In Your Strategy

These groups are wonderful to curate content to share with your followers. They are easier for owners to moderate and therefore result in better quality groups overall.

Searching Tailwind Communities is easy with keywords. Hide content that doesn’t meet your criteria. You can even hide pins based on who submitted them. Or choose to see only the pins from members whose content you always like to share. Because they always share relevant and quality material.

All of these can help you find other content to share from the Community quicker. Which is always a requirement before contributing your own content to boards anyways. Fill up those empty Pinterest time slots faster with Tailwind Communities!

Expect most groups to require a 1:1 sharing ratio. Where you must share 1 pin from the Community before you can share your own content into it. Expect to get kicked for not doing this! Also, don’t be surprised if groups ask for more than this. I’ve seen 1:2 and 1:3 ratios quite often.

However, unlike group boards. You won’t have to keep track of this yourself! Tailwind Communities keep track of this for you, even if you schedule pins for a later date. So long as the pin is in your Smart Schedule, it will count towards you contributions out of the Community. It will look like the below.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers tailwind tribes share and contribution ratio tracker

The number on the left is the content you’ve added to the group. The number on the right in green is the number of pins you’ve shared out from the group. It’s important to make sure you keep these figures healthy in relation to the rules for each Tailwind Community.

Track Your Tailwind Community Results Easily

Tailwind even added a few new features recently to help boost the benefits of using Communities. For a long time, you would get weekly updates on how your Pinterest account is doing through email. You even got weekly emails showing you how your content is doing in the Tailwind Communities. However, there wasn’t a way previously to see a current summary of your Tailwind Communities. Until Tailwind added Insights for them.

This new page covers all the information the email provided, plus more. There’s a highly valuable table with stats for your results in each Tailwind Community. Including the total results for each and your contribution when sharing other people’s content from the group.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers tribe insight stats to see how well they perform

Previously it was tricky to understand the stats. But this breakdown makes it a breeze to check how each Tailwind Community is doing for you. You can easily compare results between groups. And see which are working for you and which don’t. These stats enable you to be efficient in your strategy, without giving yourself a headache or more work to do.

In addition, there has also been an update that gives you notifications on the number of shares you’ve received recently. These will appear above the Yours tab at the top of each Tailwind Community.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers tribe new reshare notifications icon

Once you click on this, you will see which pins got shares. Like this:

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers pin example with 3 new reshares on it

You can click into these notifications to see who shared and their results so far. And even engage with members who shared. By sharing their submissions or just saying thanks! And in case you’re wondering, the Say Thanks actually opens up a chat with the Community member.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers detailed stats when examining the pin with new reshares

Save Time Scheduling Pins Across Multiple Boards With Board Lists

Another nifty feature within the Tailwind Pinterest app are Board Lists which sit under Publisher in the Tailwind apps left-hand menu.

Board Lists are the ultimate time-savers when setup correctly. But most users tend to ignore this feature early on because it seems daunting or unnecessary.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers board list example

Think of it this way – a board list can schedule 1 pin to multiple boards with a single click once the list has been setup.

For example, if you have a pin related to blogging. And you want to pin it to all 5 of your blogging Group Boards. You can simply create a Board List with these 5 group boards on it.

Once you set it up once you can reuse it as much as you like. Every time you want to add a blogging pin to these 5 Group Boards, you need to only add the Board List once. Instead of having to manually find, click, and add in each of those Group boards 5 times!

Use them to group boards together by topic or boards you pin frequently to, for massive time savings! It makes filling up your Tailwind Smart Schedule feel like magic, when you can batch content for weeks in advance in such a short time.

The Tailwind Pinterest App Is Here To Stay

Previously there was another popular Pinterest scheduling tool called Board Booster. A heavily debated alternative. A lot of bloggers liked to use it together with the Tailwind Pinterest app. Myself included.

The fact that Board Booster wasn’t an approved API partner. Was often mentioned but mostly ignored. Eventually, when Pinterest started to crackdown on non-API approved apps Board Booster went poof and closed within a few days of notifying its users.

My point isTailwind is a Pinterest API approved partner. They clearly work closely with them to ensure any new features they add are not breaking any rules. Which shows in the content and support Tailwind regularly post over on their Facebook page.

Because of this, Tailwind isn’t going to suddenly go, poof, like Board Booster did. And whilst that may not seem like much. Consider this – suddenly moving all your marketing content within a couple of days from one app to another is time-consuming, stressful and borderline upsetting. It’s a step backwards. It’s not something you want to find you have to do.

By putting your Pinterest marketing into the Tailwind app, there’s a confidence that you won’t lose anything you’ve setup. And your account won’t be exposed to unneccessary risk of being banned for using Tailwind. It won’t risk jeopardizing your hard work and marketing.

But to be clear, using Tailwind does not mean you cannot get banned. If you use it in a way that is spammy to others, you will still get banned. So make sure to spread out those pins and avoiding doing things like this that can get you blocked.

Tailwind can help you stay on top of your Pinterest Marketing strategy, but you need to use it wisely!

Create Your Pins Directly In The Tailwind Pinterest App

Skip the amount of jumping between your Pinterest account and Tailwind by creating your pins directly in the app. This can be done through Scheduler > Drafts and then click the + Create New Pin button. Which is just above the Your Schedule on your right.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers preview of your smart schedule and create a new pin option

Save Time Looking For Fresh Content With The Tailwind Pinterest Apps Suggested Content

Whenever you schedule content from outside of Tailwind. Say from Pinterest directly or a website. Once you schedule that post Tailwind with provide you with suggested content that it thinks is relevant to the pin you just scheduled.

It will keep suggesting content, which can help you easily find enough content to fill your schedule. Without needing to stray very far or do much actual searching yourself. It’s not always perfect, but it works very often in my experience. And is a promising way to find new content you might not otherwise come across!

Bonus! Oh and did I mention, you can sign up to have your content shared here too. Sounds like a win-win!

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers new beta pin suggestions relevant to what you just scheduled

Tailwind SmartLoops

Being able to loop your pins automatically was a highly sought after feature. That was the main reason many users turned to using Board Booster back in the day.

However, these days re-sharing content should only be a small part of your Pinterest strategy. But that’s not to say you can’t repin at all. Just very sparingly.

Well, this is where Tailwind SmartLoop comes in.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers SmartLoop beta sign up page

This feature gives you an easy way to reshare sparingly evergreen content without having to remember about it 3-4 months down the line. And even promises to import your best performing pins for you!

Discover how the Tailwind app can help save you time with your #Pinterest #marketing today! Share on X

The Tailwind App Covers More Than Just Pinterest

Whilst a popular scheduling tool for Pinterest. It’s easy to forget that the Tailwind app has other cross-platform capabilities. For example, one of the biggest alternative uses for the Tailwind app is Instagram!

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers ability to use it for Instagram starting with a free trial

I won’t pretend to know how Tailwind works for Instagram. But based on the Instagram stats Tailwind published, it shows an increase in stats when using Tailwind compared to not upgrading.

If you’re more interested in Tailwind for Instagram then you should check out their blog articles for lots of tips and information for Instagram.

It’s not just Instagram though. The Tailwind Pinterest app also lets you schedule pins to Twitter and Facebook as well! Which can potentially save you time if you use these features to incorporate these channels into your strategy.

Just make sure not to share every pin to Facebook and Twitter, as different social media platforms have their own rules and etiquette expectations. Facebook generally doesn’t like more than 1 post per day. Whilst Twitter benefits from more posts per day, you should be mindful of the duplicate content rule changes that happened back in March 2018.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers cross posting ability for twitter and Facebook pages

What The Tailwind Pinterest App Lacks

You may have read a few other blog posts about the Tailwind Pinterest app. Most of which probably won’t tell you the areas where Tailwind lacks. But I think it’s important to understand the Tailwind app as a whole before you decide to use it.

Not Many Ways To Manage Your Content

Aside from the drafts section, there aren’t many ways to manage your content. You can go and search for your pin and reschedule it using the Pin Inspector but it’s unreliable. As it only keeps a short history of your pins and often cuts off longer Pin descriptions.

So there’s no quick and easy way to access or save content you want to reuse. As once you schedule content from your drafts or the Tailwind browser app. The content disappears into your Smart schedule. Making it no longer possible to copy or duplicate it.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers smart schedule with a mix of content from self and others

If you change your mind about something you’ve scheduled, it’s tricky to recall it. Especially if you’ve scheduled it to multiple boards using an interval. Moving a pin back to your drafts or cancelling it, doesn’t affect all the related pins. So if you make a mistake you’ll have to go edit them individually. If you can even find them.

SmartLoops are also kinda messy and don’t have much use with Pinterest’s push for more fresh Pinterest images.

Also, when you have 100s of pins scheduled ahead for the month. It’s hard to see which pins are yours and which are others. Perhaps I’m just a visual person, but I think it would benefit users if we could see the distribution of our content. Something simple like a different colored border around each pin in the Your Schedule might work.

Other Minor Issues

Tailwind Communities don’t remember your filter settings. If you use the filters in Tailwind Communities to show or hide content from particular members, as soon as you go to a different page those settings are lost. Some Communities are huge and having to reapply these settings every time, can become time consuming.

Some pages are a little temperamental. Like, for me the Tailwind Communities page can refuse to load. Until I click on Find a Community and then click back to Your Communities. It might just be me, but I’m sure I am not doing anything fancy with Google Chrome.

The first pin when using the interval setting never updates itself to a new open slot when you change the day. It always insists on scheduling to the first open time slot, regardless of your interval settings. Sometimes you may not want to use the next open slot Tailwind suggests but start the pin on a different day. Because even though all the Smart Schedule time slots have higher engagement, some days and times are simply better than others.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers example of interval time slots

The only way to update it is to find an open time slot and manually update the interval’s start time. Or just pick a random time yourself. Both of which make the Smart Schedule rather redundant for the first pin in an interval. Which if you are using Board Lists is probably a large portion of your pins.

What The Tailwind Pinterest App Costs

The Tailwind Pinterest app comes with a trial for new users which lets you schedule 100 pins and 30 Instagram posts for free. There’s no time limit on the trial so you don’t have to rush it. You also don’t need provide payment details so there’s no worrying about needing to cancel if you decide the Tailwind app is not for you.

Still not sure about paying for a Plus Plan after your trial? No worries, I found 100 pins didn’t go very far either once you get going. You can get a free $15 credit by using my referral link. Which you can use to get either, a month free of Tailwind’s Plus Plan with 400 pins included or $15 off an Annual subscription. When you click the link you should get a page like the below. If you don’t see the free credit you may need to clear your cookies.

Tailwind Pinterest apps sign up page showing free credit at the top

If you want more than 400 pins a month, expect to pay for an Annual Plan. The $15 per month plan only includes 400 monthly pins or posts. For unlimited pins, you’ll need to purchase an Annual subscription which works out at $10 per month. You’ll have to pay for the year up front though. If you want both Pinterest and Instagram then you’ll need to pay for 2 Plus Plans.

Tailwind Pinterest app schedulers monthly plus plan features & costsTailwind Pinterest app schedulers annual plus plan features

Tailwind PowerUps are if you want to extend beyond the free Tailwind Communities and start at $7.49 per month for 5 extra slots to join Communities and 50 extra submission credits per month.

So back to that original question.

Can the Tailwind Pinterest app easily save you time and energy?

Yes, definitely! Tailwind saves you tons of time by:-

  • Saving you clicks
  • Analyzing and optimizing your pin schedule
  • It gives you free access to Communities for content sharing
  • Bonus Communities if you invest in the Powerup for more powerful sharing
  • Provides suggested content to help you find new content to share
  • Powerful and quick access to support if you get stuck
  • Cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter
  • Supports Instagram if Pinterest isn’t your thing
  • Helps prevent spammy pinning when used correctly with intervals and the Tailwind SmartGuide.
  • Create new pins and posts directly in Tailwind
  • Keep your account safe with approved API’s

Tailwind is proven to boost your results in both Pinterest and Instagram. Specifically, the increased amount of pins people share when using the Plus Plan. Further proves the point. Chances are you wouldn’t pay to use Tailwind to pin even more if it didn’t make your life easier, right?

And if that’s not convincing enough, try it for yourself with a free trial of Tailwind. Manually take your next 100 pins and use Tailwind to schedule them for you. Freeing you up from sitting at your computer manually pinning everyday.

If batching up your pins all in one go doesn’t feel faster and allow you to focus on other tasks on your to-do list. Then you probably won’t benefit from using Tailwind. Seriously.

A Side Note On Manual Pinning

There’s often a buzz about manual pinning strategies. That suggest it can bring in more, better traffic faster and for free. Whilst I don’t deny whether this is true or not. I can only imagine this being a strategy that would work best in the short term. Eventually, you’ll want to move on to something more sustainable.

Why? Because everyone seems to agree that, you need to be consistently active on the Pinterest platform everyday. Even Pinterest themselves confirm this.

Would you really want to manually pin *every single day* for the entire lifespan of your blog or marketing project? Even if you plan to do it for years?

Probably not, I mean – I feel burned out just thinking about it.

Would I Recommend the Tailwind Pinterest App?

Can Tailwind easily save you time & energy? Learn what Tailwind can and can't do + what's coming soon!
So now, that I’ve covered answering the original question, with a resounding yes might I add! I think it’s clear that I would strongly recommend it to anyone trying to improve their Pinterest strategy. And possibly Instagram too, if the Pinterest side of it are anything to go by.

Despite some of the negatives I highlighted earlier. None of these outweigh the benefits of using the Tailwind Pinterest app. In fact, they hardly make a dent. Would they be nice? Sure. But nothing is perfect for everyone.

Without Tailwind, I quickly feel burned out by trying to manually pin. I just want to go and be spontaneous and do the others gazillions things on that to-do list of mine. Without Pinterest being yet another interruption on top of everything else that comes with life and blogging.

Tailwind takes away the burden of pinning consistently every day. Letting you bulk batch your Pinterest strategy when it suits *you*. Which is a tremendous productivity booster in itself.

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