2 thoughts on “11 Easy Tips To Avoid Getting Your Pinterest Account Suspended”

  1. Thanks for sharing such a informative post.
    Here is a question in my mind.
    I have a blog post about 11 health benefits of Pistachios, I had created 5 pins with different images for different benefits with different text overlay and different description but pointing to same page URL. Pinned these pins to same or different boards accordingly, back to back in one session.
    Will this pinning strategy considered as spamming?
    Please reply.

    1. Hey there,

      Pinterest is pretty tight-lipped about what they consider spamming. But it feels like their spam filter is getting more sensitive lately.

      Creating multiple new images for the same URL/post is exactly what Pinterest is looking for right now. As they want more fresh content/images.

      But I personally would avoid pinning multiple images for the same blog post back to back in one session. In fact, I have a rule that I’ll only ever save 1 pin image / per post / per day max.

      So in your case for example, I would pin out the 1st image on a Monday, the 2nd image on a Tuesday at the earliest etc.

      If you’ve already pinned like this I wouldn’t panic and I would just try to spread things out more for the future.

      Because whilst there are people out there who pin like this sometimes and haven’t been blocked yet. This doesn’t mean they won’t get blocked for this in the future.

      The way I consider it – if I was following someone who pinned 5 different images for the same topic close together. I might think it was a little spammy. Also, chances are I would only engage with or save one of those images. So spreading them out might even be better for engagement too.

      These are just my thoughts but I hope it helps 🙂

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