Free WordPress Mistakes Checklist

Your essential blog setup checklist that will help you avoid these top 57 WordPress blog mistakes. That are crippling your blog growth and holding you back from those daily PayPal payment notifications…

Wordpress Mistakes Cheatsheet + Checklists Preview

After this free PDF training you’ll:

  • Avoid seemingly obvious mistakes that ‘experts’ forget to tell you that can make or break your blog even from day 1.

  • Never ignore the core aspects of your blog again that can kill your traffic or leave you exposed to hacks

  • Know what you’ve missed and exactly how to fix it so you can be confident your blog is ready to take on the world.

  • Be able to have the confidence that your blog’s setup the right way for the best results without having to pay for an expensive website developer.

  • Discover the key aspects of starting a strong blog that will set you up to drive traffic, generate subscribers and make you money year-after-year without these common mistakes crippling your growth..

Your results may vary. Due to the various different factors that go into starting a blog and every blog being vastly different we cannot guarantee results or income. But if you follow the tips and resources included in this PDF then you should see faster progress and will increase your chances of success. This PDF is not officially associated, endorsed or affiliated with WordPress or PayPal.