9 Best Survival Tips For The Latest New Pinterest Update 2022

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New Pinterest Update Tips For Bloggers Working From Home

Do you sometimes wonder what the Pinterest magic formula is?

Pinterest is an amazing platform for beginner bloggers just starting out.

But one of the major pitfalls of using it to grow your blog traffic – is that it’s constantly changing. Making it a tough cookie to keep up with.

Just in 2021 alone, there have been frequent changes every few months. The previous year was the same too so this pattern is likely to continue even in 2022.

This is just a part of why Pinterest marketing can be so challenging. As with many of these updates. Bloggers have to deal with things like:

  • Pinterest update-related problems and broken parts of their website.
  • Drops in Pinterest traffic.
  • Mass blocking of spam accounts, that always hurts many legit bloggers at the same time.
  • Pinterest monthly viewers dropping or gone completely.
  • + Many other changes to the layout or mobile app.

So, it’s no wonder trying to keep up makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

You see – Pinterest is a moving target.

And this is why you need these top tips to stay in the know for any future Pinterest updates and changes. Or even a new Pinterest algorithm change in 2022.These are exactly what you need to cut through the fluff and get to the best Pinterest tips that are current for right now.

Example: Pinterest made algorithm changes near the end of October and early November 2019. These changes were officially announced in a Tailwind live with Pinterest on the 11th February 2020. Meaning the “official” announcement of updates to the Pinterest best practices was several months late.

These tips below are how I’ve kept ahead without waiting for this delay of “official” information. Or driving myself crazy trying to figure things out by myself.

Pinteresting Strategies The Pinterest Manual Pinning Marketing Strategy For Beginner Bloggers

1. Pinteresting Strategies

In general, any high-quality Pinterest course should keep itself updated with the latest changes.

This is something that you should always double-check in the course details before you buy any Pinterest course.

If it is not mentioned then you should ask. As there’s no point in investing in a Pinterest course or ebook. If it will only end up being outdated in a couple of months.

So look for courses that guarantee future updates to keep relevant with Pinterest updates.

In particular, my go-to course for Pinterest that’s keeping up with all the latest changes – is Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies.

Not only are her strategies unique and actually work. But she’s always digging around in the platform herself and quickly notices subtle shifts with Pinterest.

Making her unbelievably fast to adjust her strategies and provide updates to her course.

I’ve never known anyone to update their course as often as she does. Read more about this course in detail here.

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Best Survival Tips For The Latest New Pinterst Update

2. Carly’s Facebook Group – Blogging Like We Mean It

New Pinterest Update And Changes Tips From Facebook Group Blogging Like We Mean It With Carly Campbell

Whilst keeping a course relevant with the latest Pinterest update is crucial.

Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves for a second. How practical do you think it would be to keep a course updated with a platform that changes its mind every couple of months?

It simply isn’t.

And as the course creator, it’s probably exhausting too. As sometimes it takes time to figure out any new Pinterest update and what the best practices should be in 2022.

This is where Carly’s Facebook group comes in

Whenever there is something strange going on with Pinterest. Whether it’s an update or some change to the layout on Pinterest. You can bet it is being discussed in this Facebook group.

And if you’re lucky things might even get covered in a Facebook live. As Carly likes to drop some nuggets of wisdom and discoveries into the group. Though these are usually only available to rewatch for a short time.

So, this group is a goldmine. Whether you want to find out about the latest Pinterest algorithm or general changes to the platform.

And not only does this group have tons of tips. You can also ask questions yourself, not just for Pinterest but blogging as a whole too.

The members here are extremely helpful and will give you lots of feedback and support if you ever get stuck.

I’d love to spend more time in this group myself. But I find Facebook to be a productivity black hole and before I know it half a day is gone!

So I try to keep myself on a strict no-Facebook diet. Unless it’s Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind group, that’s a different story though. 😉

3. Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind Group

Do you know what’s even better than the Blogging Like You Mean It Facebook group?

Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind group.

This group is dedicated to Carly’s latest Pinterest experiments and what she’s noticing on the platform right now.

The Pinterest tips and strategies in this Mastermind group rarely get out into the free group. As many of the latest Pinterest strategies are developed here before they eventually get added to Pinteresting Strategies.

Because as I mentioned earlier, things can take time to test and prove with solid data.

Currently, the only way to get into this group is through Carly’s Pinterest Templates subscription. You’ll get access to the Mastermind as a free bonus.

So, if you sign up you’ll not only be getting 20 Click-worthy Pinterest templates every month.

But also exclusive access to her latest Pinterest strategies before they even get updated in her course.

(Which believe me, has always been one the most top updated Pinterest courses I’ve come across.)

This group is worth more than its weight in gold and I’d pay the monthly fee just for the group itself. As her click-worthy templates are just icing on the cake.

Because since joining this mastermind I actually feel like I’m ahead of Pinterest’s constant changes.

Instead of always feeling 2-3 months behind because Pinterest’s official updates and ability to communicate with us seem super slow.

In fact, with this Pinterest Mastermind. I feel like I only need to focus on one place to find all the best latest Pinterest information.

4. Tailwind’s Facebook Page For Their Live Sessions

New Pinterest Update Tips From The Tailwind Team Blog Facebook Page

In addition to Carly Campbell’s Facebook group. There is also Tailwind’s Facebook page as well.

Here they’ve been holding regular Facebook lives. Where they talk about and give detailed examples for the current best practices for Pinterest marketing.

These Facebook live sessions are always fun and lively. With tons of relevant Pinterest tips you can use.

They are full of value, rather than just another sales gimmick. As they answer questions and sometimes review people’s Pinterest profiles live!

Tailwind is an especially valuable source for the latest Pinterest updates and best practices. As they often work closely with Pinterest.

Because they need to ensure their Pinterest scheduling tool behaves itself with the Pinterest algorithm.

This means you can get a feel for the “official” and often the more strict perspective of the best ways to grow your Pinterest account. You can find Tailwind’s Facebook page and paste live videos here.

5. Anastasia’s New Pinterest Update Post

New Pinterest Update Tips From Anastasia Blogger

Another place you can look for information on any new Pinterest updates or changes is on Anastacia Blogger. As she has blog posts dedicated to recording all the Pinterest updates from as far back as 2017.

Anastasia focuses on Pinterest almost exclusively. Which means she’s spent a ton of time learning the best practices for Pinterest.

She even has an active YouTube channel with plenty of the latest Pinterest tips. That you can watch if you prefer, rather than reading blog posts.

I love how transparent, clear and simple she keeps things. Everything makes sense with none of those head-scratching confusion moments.You can find all the latest Pinterest changes she has recorded here.

6. Megan From Love Family Health

Female Blogger Using The Latest New Pinterest Update

Sometimes when it comes to the latest Pinterest updates or changes. You might need to think outside the box.

The Pinterest tips Megan talks about on her blog Love Family Health can give you that extra perspective you need.

Because whilst I love Carly Campbell’s strategies. Her teaching style might not be for everyone.

Megan’s put together some super practical content that’s easy to follow recently. Like:

These can give you some ideas as to her style and quality.

And if things click, I recommend checking out her email list. As she always shares some useful nuggets of information.

7. Tracking & Testing Your Own Results With Pinterest Changes

How To Update A WordPress Website How It Can Benefit Your Analytics By Improving Website Speed Security And Features

If you want to use Pinterest to grow your traffic. Then you must know how to track your own Pinterest results. As well as do your own testing.

One of the great things about PotPieGirl’s PinTest Playbook. And her Pinterest tips in general. Is that you can see and learn how to use some of her tests for your blog.

This is perfect if you don’t know where to start with testing your own Pinterest results.

If you are feeling more creative. Then you can create your own experiments to test Pinterest theories. As you can find tons of Pinterest information that is specific to your account. From places like:

Try it for yourself! By changing just 1 part of your Pinterest strategy for at least 2 weeks.

Then analyze your traffic using Google analytics. To see if the change you made resulted in more, less, or the same amount of traffic as previously.

You can even repeat the test or make it longer. If you aren’t confident about your results.

If you find results that you are confident work. Then you can use these to come up with your own Pinterest strategies.

Doing tests yourself like this will help you figure out if you need to make any changes to your Pinterest strategy. Especially if there was a Pinterest algorithm change.

This way you won’t have to wait for someone to tell you about the latest Pinterest update. As you’ll likely have results you can use to help inform yourself of any adjustments you need to make.

And if you’re struggling to keep organized with Pinterest.

Because keeping track of all your new fresh pins seems like a mountain of work and you’ve got keywords scribbled down on scraps of paper all over your desk…

Then the Google sheets included in this Pinterest Power Kit will help you get sorted.

Pinterest Tracker Google Sheets Worksheet For Keywords Pin Datebase Mockup White Bg

8. Following Top Pinterest Bloggers On Their Email List

Female Blogger Using Laptop To Find The Latest New Pinterest Changes

It’s not unusual for some of the best Pinterest tips to end up in emails.

Things move quickly and it can often be much easier and time-sensitive for Pinterest gurus to drop an email to their list.

Rather than going through to update all their courses and blog posts.

This is why subscribing to the email lists of Pinterest savvy bloggers can get you some insider knowledge about any Pinterest changes. As and when they happen.

Some of the best Pinterest marketing tips. Especially for any new Pinterest updates come from bloggers like:

9. Don’t Give Up!

Get Busy Blogging With These New Pinterest Update Tips And Changes

So far, I’ve covered tons of places to help you figure out the next Pinterest update or algorithm change.

With these top Pinterest resources – I believe you have everything you need to get any drop in Pinterest traffic or any other Pinterest-related annoyances under control and back on track.

But there is one important resource that is completely dependant on you. And that is your willingness to figure it out. Do the work. And never, ever give up!

Sometimes it can feel a bit like you’re playing chicken with Pinterest.

And that you just need to stick to what works and keep going to see results.

You can do this!

And if you ever feel like you just can’t. Then feel free to reach out to me.

Or go get Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind and ask questions there.

Because this group is amazingly helpful and knows way more than I do.

In fact, Carly is always responding to people directly and giving individual feedback all the time.

I bet if you do. You’ll find others who are also struggling like you.

This can help keep your motivation going. As you’ll know that it is not just Pinterest picking on you. But something bigger going on.

Because, yeah. It can totally feel like Pinterest is out to get you. I’ve been there myself and it sucks.

Recap On The Best Places To Keep Up With Pinterest Updates

New Pinterest Updates Header Image Of Pink Watch Keyboard Tablet On Marble Surface

So, there you have it! My top tips to keep up with Pinterest updates on their ever-changing platform and marketing strategies.

Overall, these resources and amazing bloggers are a huge source of valuable Pinterest information. That follows the latest Pinterest updates or algorithm changes.

If your Pinterest traffic is important to you or you find that you don’t understand Pinterest because it is so confusing.

Then don’t give up!

Instead, go through these Pinterest tips and resources to help stay ahead of the Pinterest marketing game and make things click.

These are just my suggestions though, based on my own experiences. As I’ve found these sources to always be talking about the latest Pinterest changes.

Out of all these places to get the latest Pinterest strategies. Pinteresting Strategies is the best for a complete strategy.

So you can go from a brand new account to a Pinterest Pro fastest. Because there’s just so much outdated information floating around ready to trip you up.

Whilst Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind (a bonus from her Monthly Pinterest templates) is the best place to get cutting-edge tips and feedback.

So that you understand your individual Pinterest account better and can stop worrying if your strategy is outdated or wondering why Pinterest hates you so much.

Now over to you. Do you have any go-to places for when any new Pinterest updates are happening?

What are your thoughts on Pinterest changes? Do you find that they cause your Pinterest traffic to drop and are they confusing to keep up with?

Let me know in the comments!

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