12 Reasons Why You Need WP Tasty Pins For Your Blog & Pinterest Traffic

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Are your blog images optimized for Pinterest or Google?

There’s a lot that can go into a Pinterest strategy to drive traffic to your blog. And this can result in a lot of moving parts.

Especially on WordPress where there are dozens of different plugins that you can use for Pinterest.

However, one of the most important and useful plugins that you can use on your blog for Pinterest optimization is a plugin called WP Tasty Pins.

Now if you’ve never heard of the WP Tasty Pins plugin before.

Then after this blog post you’ll know exactly what this plugin can do to optimize your blog for Pinterest traffic. Plus the major benefits and cons for bloggers.

So, why should you use this Pinterest WordPress plugin on your blog?

1. Optimize Your Pinterest SEO & Google SEO With One Plugin

The main thing that this plugin does is it actually lets you add Pinterest images into your blog posts in a way that’s good for Pinterest and also your Google search engine optimization (SEO).

Whilst Pinterest is a good source of traffic for beginners. It is important to diversify your blog traffic when you can. And Google is just too powerful to ignore.

If you didn’t know by now. Using your alt text to write your Pinterest descriptions, is bad for your SEO. And this is an old tactic that should no longer be used.

Instead you should be writing your Pinterest descriptions in a specific HTML tag. Designed for Pinterest called data-pin-description.

And there are also several other HTML codes you can use to fully customize the images on your blog post for Pinterest.

Unfortunately, this has the disadvantage of using and editing HTML. Which for many people is daunting and confusing.

The Best Pinterest Plugin For WordPress Blogging That Every Blogger Needs For Pinterest Marketing

2. No Coding Knowledge Required

Well, this is where the WP Tasty Pins plugin comes in.

As it gives you a user friendly interface you can use to add these codes to your blog. Without actually needing to write any code or edit it yourself. Like I’ve previously covered here.

In fact, this plugin will actually work with your current process of adding images to your blog posts. Since it will simply give you some extra fields to fill in or tick.

By adding Pinterest images to your blog posts using this plugin. It will help you to optimize your blog for maximum shares, and more reach on Pinterest.

Since, the main problems with your audience sharing your pins on to Pinterest. Is that they won’t ensure that the pin is:

  • Vertically optimized for Pinterest
  • Has a description with strong keywords
  • Or that the pin links back to the right place

But by using the WP tasty pins. You can configure exactly what your audience will share onto Pinterest. Whilst ensuring all the right details are being used. Without the need for them to do anything.

Since everything is configured in the back-end of your blog post.

So when you upload an image to your media library in WordPress. There will actually be some extra fields for you to fill in for Pinterest.

3. Automatically Generate Pin Descriptions For Others To Share Using WP Tasty Pins

In particular, one of the main fields you’ll want to fill in is the Pinterest description.

If you fill in this field, when you then add the image to your blog post. WP Tasty pins will automatically generate the code for adding this description.

Wp Tasty Pins Add Pinterest Description 1

But if you already have images added to your blog posts. And want to add or change your Pinterest descriptions at a later point.

Then you can click on your image using the block settings on the right. Where you can then update the Pinterest description.

Just keep in mind this is separate to the information stored in the media library. And it will not update this information if you make changes within your blog post.

You can also edit your descriptions in the Classic editor, by clicking on Edit for the image as well.

4. Easy One-Click Hiding + Multiple Pinterest Pins Images Per Blog Post

One feature that seems to be lacking in other Pinterest WordPress plugins. Is the ability to set multiple Pinterest images to a single blog post.

With Pinterest’s push for new fresh content. Having multiple pin images per blog post is becoming more common.

Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that every Pinterest image you add to your blog post is optimized with all of the relevant fields. Such as:

  • Pinterest description
  • Pin title
  • Source image
  • And blog URL

This is something that WP Tasty Pins, lets you do easily with just a few clicks. Simply by using the area at the bottom of each blog post.

Oh and you can also easily hide, each of those images with just a tick of a box.

Wp Tasty Pins Add Multiple Pinterest Images Per Blog Post

5. Settings To Disable Pinning Or Force Certain Images To Be Pinned

Another feature in the WP Tasty Pins plugin, is you can actually force the pinning of a certain image.

This can be useful if you only want people to pin a certain image. And don’t want them pinning the other images on your blog post.

Again, there is no coding required to do this. You just select your image and tick the box to force pinning.

If you would prefer to set which images you don’t want being pinned. Then there is also a tick box that you can set for your images as well.

Yay for no coding, right?

6. Combined Pin-It Button So You Need Less Pinterest WordPress Plugins

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Did you know you also get a Save button added to your images? While using this Pinterest WordPress plugin.

This means that you do not need to have a separate plugin like the jQuery Pin It Button for Images.

So you can actually simplify the amount of plugins you’re using for Pinterest by combining several features into this one plugin.

7. Top Support + Lazy Loading Images Compatible

Another positive feature of WP Tasty Pins, is that they have amazing support.

They are very helpful. As they have troubleshooted and fixed a lot of issues, such as things with lazy load plugins for images.

If you didn’t know – using lazy load on your blog delays images from loading until your readers scroll to them. Which can be a huge improvement to your WordPress blog’s speed.

But this can actually result in your pin images not being shown when people click on things like the Pin It button or share button within your blog post.

Because if you pin is hidden, then your plugin that handles lazy loading won’t know when to load those images.

This can be a problem if you create hidden Pinterest images for your blog posts. 

Because the lazy load never sees those hidden images, they never get loaded on your blog. So your Pinterest sharing buttons can’t find them.

But with the WP Tasty Pins plugin, there are several fixes that work around this.

8. Pinterest Pin IDs Supported In WP Tasty Pins

Blogging Office Desk With Computer Keyboard Plants And Stationary 1

Another useful feature in this Pinterest WordPress plugin. Is that you can add pin IDs to your pins.

What this does is, lets Pinterest know that when someone pins from your blog. That it’s related to another pin that’s already on Pinterest.

So what you do is copy the ID in the URL from the original pin on Pinterest. That you want any repins to be related to.

You can then copy and paste this ID into the WP Tasty pins plugin. Using the Pin ID box provided for your Pinterest image.

Then when someone on your blog saves this pin to Pinterest. It will be more likely counted as a repin to your original pin.

A nifty trick, if you’re looking to do more advanced strategies with your Pinterest images.

9. Pin Title Customization In WP Tasty Pins

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The WP tasty pins plugin also supports the latest changes to pin titles. There is now an extra field you can fill in where you upload images to your media library for pin titles.

And you can type these in, just like you would a Pinterest description.

Then when you add the image to your blog post, the WP Tasty pins plugin will automatically add the code for you.

So when this is pinned to Pinterest. It will automatically use your Pinterest SEO optimized title, instead of the default blog one.

This can be great if you want to vary up the keywords in your Pinterest images without having to change your blog post titles.

This is something recently new to Pinterest itself. Where they started to allow you to add your own custom pin titles. And several plugins like WP Tasty Pins and Tailwind now support customizing them.

Overall, the WP Tasty Pins plugin makes it much easier to customize your pin titles. Especially if you are not comfortable with code.

In fact, it is a little bit further ahead than the HTML code. Because currently on Pinterest’s technical website they do not provide the HTML code to do this yet.

Whilst you can actually use pin-data-title. This seems to still be buggy within Pinterest itself, although it does work with Tailwind.

10. WordPress Gutenberg Editor & Classic Friendly

The WP Tasty Pins plugin is also compatible with both the Gutenberg, and the Classic editor in WordPress.

So no matter what your preference is for writing your blog posts. This plugin will work with both of these.

It’s especially super easy to use with Gutenberg. Because you can edit your image block with a description just by using the right sidebar.

Wp Tasty Pins Gutenberg Block Friendly Version

11. Regular Updates To Keep Up With The Latest Pinterest Changes

You may think that a plugin like this doesn’t get updated very often.

Whilst it’s not something that changes every month. It definitely changes and gets updated a few times per year.

Especially when there are Pinterest changes going around that impact this Pinterest WordPress plugin itself.

Because of this, you can be confident that this plugin is regularly updated and keeps up with the latest Pinterest changes.

12. Lightweight & Optimized With Your Blog Speed In Mind

Bloggers Desk In Light And Bright Area With Drink And Notebooks

This plugin is also mindful as to the impact, Pinterest images can have on your blog’s speed.

Firstly, it’s designed to be lightweight.

But it also has features, such as generating smaller thumbnail images for your hidden pin images. So they use less data.

As well as being more compatible with lazy loading images compared to other plugins.

Plus helping you to keep the number of Pinterest WordPress plugins you need enabled on your blog. By including some of the features included in free Pinterest plugins.

Such as an automatic pin-it button that appears when readers hover over your images.

WP Tasty Pins May Not Work With Some Plugins Like Page Builders

One thing to keep in mind though, is that this plugin might not work with some other plugins out there.

In particular, there are mentions of potential conflicts if you use page builders. Such as those like Elementor or Divi.

Sadly, this is because of how page builder plugins work. They change so much code on your blog. That it’s difficult for other plugins to ensure they work with them.

The best way to know for sure if this Pinterest WordPress plugin will work for your blog. Is to test it out yourself.

And to keep in mind that WP Tasty Pins, does have a 14-day money back guarantee.

So if you try it with your blog and find that it doesn’t work. Because of too many conflicts or issues. Then you can always get your money back.

If you find you cannot get WP Tasty Pins to work with your blog for some reason.

Then you can always follow this guide instead. As it will show you step by step how to use small code snippets to achieve similar results.

Recap On Why The WP Tasty Pins Plugin Is A Must-Have For Every Bloggers Pinterest Strategy

Blogger Using Laptop In Library To Setup Wp Tasty Pins 1

Overall, the WP Tasty Pin plugin can make optimizing your Pinterest images for Pinterest and Google, so much easier.

It’s definitely a life changer. Especially if you’d like to avoid editing code on your blog and saving time.

Because just typing in your Pinterest description is much quicker than having to add, add in code to your HTML and check that you haven’t made any mistakes with it.

Many of the tasks involved in optimizing your images for Pinterest can be quite cumbersome. Especially when it comes to things like disabling the images you don’t want used. Or hiding multiple Pinterest images within a single post.

But this plugin makes it a breeze.

I’m especially a fan of this plugin because of how well it can work with lazy loading images.

For a long time, I was not lazy loading my images, because it prevented my Pinterest images from showing when people pinned from my blog post.

Now, I am able to keep my Pinterest images hidden. And still, optimize my blog’s speed and performance on mobile by only loading images when they are scrolled to.

If you’re interested in using this plugin for your blog. You can find it here.

The WP Tasty Pins plugin costs $29 to buy this paid plugin. And this includes a year’s worth of updates. If you want to continue receiving updates, you will need to pay for this plugin yearly.

But this is optional.

As if you do not pay for additional updates. The plugin is still yours to use as you wish.

What’s your thoughts on this Pinterest WordPress plugin? How do you optimize your blog posts for Pinterest shares?

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The Best Pinterest Plugin For WordPress Blogging That Every Blogger Needs For Pinterest Marketing

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