How To Use Tailwind Create To Design High-Quality Pins Faster Than Ever

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Do you feel like you’re spending forever creating new pins for Pinterest just to keep things fresh?

Right now with Pinterest’s push for more fresh content you can quickly feel like you’re starting to burn out. Because it feels like you need to create new pins Every. Single. Day.

But what if you could make your Pin creation process oh so much faster? So that it no longer feels like a chore.

And you can actually find the whole process fun?

Well, that’s where learning how to use Tailwind Create comes in.

What is Tailwind Create?

Never heard of it Tailwind Create before?

Well, it’s a brand new tool currently in Beta as part of the Tailwind app that you can use to automatically schedule your pins to Pinterest.

Tailwind Create is a tool that will help you create fresh pins quicker and faster than ever before in an almost magical kind of way.

I’ll show you in more detail exactly what Tailwind Create can do and how you can get access to it yourself using my exclusive code to get you into the Beta. So you can play around with things yourself.

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How To Create Fresh Pins For Your Blog In Minutes Using This New Blogging Tool Tailwind Create

How To Get Access To Tailwind Create?

To get access to Tailwind Create yourself. You’ll need two things…

If you don’t have a Tailwind account just yet. You’ll first want to grab a free trial here.

Once you have an account. You can apply for the Beta Access of Tailwind Create here.

Important: The last question (#8) on the form will ask you to enter your invite code. Make sure you enter my code to get priority on the waitlist:


Like this:

Where To Enter Your Tailwind Create Beta Code To Get Access

Once you submit the form you’ll be put onto a waiting list. So you’ll need to wait for your access to be approved.

Where To Find Tailwind Create?

Once you receive access to the Tailwind Create Beta. You’ll be able to login to your Tailwind dashboard and under Publisher, you should see a new menu for Create.

Click on this and then Start Designing to get started.

Where To Find Tailwind Create In The Tailwindapp 2

How To Use Tailwind Create To Create Your First Pin Design

Set Brand Preferences

One of the first screens you’ll see once you access Tailwind Create is a page to set your brand preferences.

Take a minute to fill these in as they’ll save you time later.

(Don’t worry you can always change them later.)

How To Use Tailwind Create Brand Preferences To Speed Up Creating Pins

Here’s what to set:

  1. Enter your brand name or website URL – this can be applied to your designs to distinguish them as yours
  2. Select your brand fonts – you can set one for your pins main title text and any subtext (remember these should be readable!)
  3. Set brand colors (up to 4) or you can select a Curated Palette that contains pre-selected colors
  4. Add logo variants – ideally with a transparent background
Selecting Tailwind Create Curated Palettes

Once done remember to click Save Preferences in the bottom right corner.

Set Your Pins Specific Settings

How To Set Pin Image Specific Settings In Tailwind Create

Next, we’ll need to set things that will be specific to your pin design. Such as:

  1. Destination link – the URL to your blog post or page you want to pin to direct to
  2. Pin Title – the main text you want on your pin image
  3. Photos – the images you want to be used in the design
  4. Additional stock photos
  5. Photos imported from your blog post

Once done click on Create Images in Tailwind Create and it will start creating some designs for you.

Finding Designs That Work For You

If there are too many designs for you to choose from. Then you can use the filters in the top right corner to narrow things down. By:

  1. Content type
  2. Industry / Niche
  3. Pin format

You can also mark designs as your favorite allowing you to easily reuse them for other pins later.

How To Edit & Tweak The Designs Tailwind Create Generates

How To Change The Settings For All Designs At Once Using Tailwind Create 1
How To Change The Settings For All Designs At Once Using Tailwind Create 2

You can change your settings on the left to tweak all the pre-created designs. Including:

  1. Adding and removing more images
  2. Swapping color palettes from your brand to something else or even palettes generated from the chosen images
  3. Change up your Title text, font and emphasize any numbers
  4. Add a subtitle that you can apply another font to
  5. Add a call to action with its own font style
  6. Toggle branding off or swap between your URL and logo
  7. Update your brand preferences
Tailwind Create Try On Different Looks

For each individual design, you can use the Try on different looks to:

  1. Change the color palette
  2. Swap between your selected images

How To Completely Customize A Tailwind Create Design & Make It Your Own

If you want more precise editing you’ll need to click on Edit. This will open up your pin into the Tailwind Create’s editor.

On the left you can:

  • Add more text to your pin as either a title, subtitle, or call to action
Tailwind Create Editor Add More Text To Your Pin Designs
  • Add elements like arrows and shapes
Tailwind Create Editor Elements Settings For How To Add Shapes Arrows To Your Designs 1
  • Add in more photos
Tailwind Create Editor Photos Images Settings

Within the main Tailwind Create design screen, you can do everything you would expect with an image editor such as:

  1. Dragging and moving things around
  2. Increasing and decreasing the size of objects
  3. Rotating using the small circle handle
  4. Edit text by double-clicking and typing
  5. Save your design as a favorite to use as a template for other pins
  6. Download the image as a jpg with the pin title used as the filename
Tailwind Create Editor Main Screen Of Pin Design

You can edit further details once you have any element selected by using the settings on the right:

  1. Move the element back and forth through layers to control whether it displays under or on top of other elements
  2. Duplicate the selected element
  3. Delete any element even those created by Tailwind Create
  4. Crop (images only)
  5. Transparency for text and elements but not images currently
Tailwind Create Edit Image And Shape Settings To Customize Designs

You can also use the right sidebar to fine-tune the style of your text. Including the:

  1. Font
  2. Color
  3. Bold, italics, and underline
  4. Left, right, or center alignment
  5. Font size
  6. Text shadow
  7. Line height
  8. Letter spacing
Tailwind Create Edit Text Settings To Change Designs

Once you’ve made any changes you can save the design as a favorite to reuse elsewhere or just click on Save and Go Back to return to the designs.

What’s Missing From The Tailwind Create Editor?

The design editor for Tailwind Create currently does many of the things you’d expect. But there were also a few things I missed when playing around with some designs myself. Like:

  • Images don’t have a transparency setting. You’ll need to grab a square, set it to white and overlay it with it’s own transparency to do something similar.
  • All pin design sizes are limited to 1000x1500px. So you can’t experiment with taller or square designs (yet).
  • There’s no easy way to select objects behind others without clicking and dragging things out of the way. A layer or object list for easier selection would go a long way.
  • You can’t zoom in or out to make smaller more exact tweaks. Or to make it easier to select smaller objects.
  • Gradients are possible but only if the design already includes it. As I wasn’t able to find any way to create one myself.
  • The Tailwind Create pin designs are output as JPG rather than PNG. Maybe it’s just me but I find that PNG files uploaded to Pinterest come out way more crisp.
  • There’s an option for text shadows but I wasn’t able to get it to work.
  • I missed the lack of font outline options. These are huge for creating good text contrast on even the most tricky of designs.

Why You Should Consider Editing Your Tailwind Create Designs

Right now, you could just select a bunch of designs from Tailwind Create and schedule them out into your Tailwind Smart Queue.

But to truly get the most out of Tailwind Create. You should always spend an extra minute to optimize the design for readability.

You see 80% of Pinterest users browse using their mobile. This means there’s a lot of information on a tiny screen.

So your text absolutely must standout and be readable to stand a chance of ever going viral.

Will things take a little longer this way? Sure.

But since everything is streamlined in one place it should only take a minute or so. I think the idea will be to save your best designs as favorites so you can quickly reuse the best performing designs across multiple projects.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

Tailwind Create Before And After Editor Changes Example 1 1

On the left is the design Tailwind Create generated. It looks okay, but the readability of the pin is somewhat suffering.

Now, take a look at the pin on the right. With just a few quick changes the text is sooooo much easier to read right? Even if you zoom super far out.

With just a few small changes to the font sizes and shifting the image. The readability and click-ability for this pin just shot through the roof.

Here are a couple more examples:

Tailwind Create Optimization Example 2

Here is a design I would never have come up with by myself. But at the same time I would never use this Tailwind Create design as it is either. The text just isn’t readable!

Luckily, it just took me a minute or so to shift things around in Tailwind Create to make things more pin worthy. As you can see in the right image.

Tailwind Create Optimization Example 3

Pin collages are something I’ve never really done. As my niche doesn’t lend itself well to being visual.

But when I saw this pin in Tailwind Create it sparked a brilliant idea for this particular post. I still tweaked things around as the text was still too small in my opinion though.

What I love about this design was the idea that I could download plenty of example stock images from the websites included in the blog post. Upload them into Tailwind Create and let it do it’s magic with shuffling around the combination of images used in this collage.

I can see myself getting lots of use out of this single template!

How To Use Your Tailwind Create Designs

Once you have some designs you like you can click on Select to add them to your list.

You then either have the option to download or click Go Schedule with your designs.

Pro Tip: Download your images first as a backup and THEN click Go Schedule. (The Go Schedule has been quite buggy for me so far.)

How To Use Tailwind Create To Download And Schedule Designs

If you click on Download you’ll be given a zip file to save and your Tailwind Create designs will be deducted from your monthly plan.

If you click on Go Schedule your designs will be created in the Tailwind scheduler for you to add to your queue. This will also deduct from your monthly design allowance.

It looks like you won’t have credits deducted twice if you decide to Download and Schedule your designs though.

The designs that are imported to your Tailwind scheduler will be automatically populated with the Pin Title you set and website URL.

You’ll still need to add in a Pinterest description and select your boards. Before you’ll be able to schedule these drafts into your queue.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

If you decide you want to create some more designs based on the settings you used. You can actually reuse your settings. By returning to the main Create screen and selecting Use Session inputs.

Tailwind Create Option To Reuse Settings Again For Second Session

Benefits Of Using Tailwind Create

Is Tailwind Create beneficial to you? So far the new tool from Tailwind looks highly promising and comes the closest when it comes to automatically generating Pin designs.

Here are some of the main benefits Tailwind Create has right now:

  • You can create Pinterest images from scratch all within the Tailwind app. Saving time and less faffing around with other tools.
  • You can generate dozens of designs in just a few minutes. So you can generate new, fresh, and high-quality pins that will drive traffic to your blog fast.
  • Tailwind Create and it’s built-in editor are easy and intuitive to edit and customize
  • Tons of customization options to make designs your own
  • No design skills required

Limitations of Tailwind Create

What’s the downside to Tailwind Create?

Well, overall no tool is truly perfect in my opinion and Tailwind Create is still in Beta as well. So it’s worth keeping the below limitations in mind:

  • Tailwind and more specifically the loading of stock images can be slow at times which slows down the whole process.
  • Tailwind Create is still in Beta meaning there’s still changes being made and things are buggy.
  • Currently, you’ll have to spend some time tweaking designs as often the text is too small or there’s not enough contrast. I suspect this will improve over time or with the use of favorites.

Recap of Tailwind Create

Overall, Tailwind Create is designed to help speed up and streamline your Pin design process. So you can go from idea to a scheduled pin without having to leave the app.

The whole process can help make creating fresh pins for Pinterest a breeze. Without having to slog away for hours individually designing Pinterest images.

Right now, Tailwind Create is only available through Beta Access.

So if you want to grab access and play around with it yourself. You’ll need to:

  1. Sign up for a Tailwind trial account here (If you haven’t already got one.)
  2. Apply for Tailwind Create access using this form
  3. Make sure you use the code CREATEPARTNER2020 to answer question #8

What are your thoughts on Tailwind Create? Do you think you’ll use it to create fresh Pins for your blog? What features do you feel are missing?

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How To Create Fresh Pins For Your Blog In Minutes Using This New Blogging Tool Tailwind Create

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