38 Free Blogging Courses To Start A Profitable Blog On A Budget

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Learning to blog is a steep learning curve especially as a new blogger you will likely need to invest in your blogging education.

But as a new blogger, it can be hard to justify spending money on courses before your blog has even made its first dollar.

Whilst you can find tons of value in paid blogging courses, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to invest until you see some return from your blog.

Then starting out with free blogging courses to begin with, can be an ideal option.

  1. Are Blogging Courses Worth It?
  2. What To Keep In Mind About Free Blogging Courses
  3. How Can I Learn Blogging For Free?
  4. What Is The Best Blogging Course?
  5. Where Should I Start With These Free Blogging Courses?
  6. Got Something To Add To The List?
  7. How To Start A Blog / Blogging For Beginners
  8. Free Email Marketing Courses
  9. Free Pinterest Courses
  10. Instagram
  11. Twitter
  12. Facebook
  13. Youtube
  14. Free How To Monetize Your Blog / Make Money Blogging Courses
  15. Free Design & Branding Blogging Courses
  16. Blog Traffic
  17. SEO / Google Traffic
  18. General Free Blogging Courses
  19. Amazon Marketing
  20. Tech Courses For Bloggers

Are Blogging Courses Worth It?

Yes, they are definitely worth it!

Blogging is a complicated and time consuming project. So taking courses can fast track your progress immensely. And help you to avoid doing things that won’t make you any progress.

As well as avoid a lot of the out-of-date information floating around.

Just be mindful that not all courses will be using the latest information. Which is why you should research into the blogger and how active they are in their particular topic.

What To Keep In Mind About Free Blogging Courses

Free Blogging Courses For Bloggers To Learn How To Blog And Make Money Online Header Image 1

Free blogging courses may seem like they are too good to be true. The fact is lots of bloggers put in a lot of value even in their free courses.

Because it helps to give you a taste of what they can offer. So they can get you to come back for more. With the hopes that you will invest in one of their paid products.

You can learn a lot just from free blog courses.

However, many bloggers save the best information for their paid products. Which is something you should keep in mind. Whilst you can learn a lot from free blogging courses, there will be some information that isn’t included.

So you might not get the whole story. 

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Free Blogging Courses For Bloggers To Learn How To Blog And Make Money Online

How Can I Learn Blogging For Free?

To learn blogging for free, you’ll want to watch out for free blogging courses.

These can come in many forms such as eCourse platforms, ebooks, and even email courses.

In fact, the whole point of this blog post is to give you a list of the best free blogging courses out there.

Should you take all these courses?


The idea is this list is something you should bookmark or pin for later. Then when you need to learn about something you can refer to this list.

Pick and choose the courses you feel you will benefit from the most now.

Then save this list for later as a bookmark or pin to your best blogging board.

So that when you are next struggling or want to spend more time learning something new. You can easily come back here and find more courses to help you.

Also, to make it easy to find what you need. I have divided this list of free blogging courses into the core areas of building a blog.

What Is The Best Blogging Course?

Free Blogging Courses For Bloggers To Learn How To Blog And Make Money Online Header Image 2 1

Whilst I love free blogging courses for people trying to start their blog on a budget, the best blogging courses are almost always paid products.

If I had to choose my best blogging course for free would be Kate Doster’s Email Marketing Courses.

Whilst my best blogging course that’s paid would be Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell.

Also there is a third option, that is in-between free and paid. For those brand new to blogging or if you are not making much money from it yet.

I would tell you to hold out investing in your blogging education. And keep aside around $100 for when the Genius Bloggers Toolkit is on sale.

This happens one to two times per year. Usually around September/October for 7 days only.

Sometimes they’ll also hold a flash sale around February. This isn’t guaranteed though.

If you get this blogging toolkit. Then you will find yourself with thousands of dollars worth of quality blogging courses and resources for as little as $97.

This is the best value for a brand new blogger because it includes something for every part of your blogging education.

There’s even plenty of stuff for those who are more experienced at blogging too.

And whilst you might not need all the courses immediately. I can almost guarantee that after 6-12months of working on your blog. You’ll find that courses in this toolkit that originally you never thought you would need. Will suddenly be something you want to work on next.

Where Should I Start With These Free Blogging Courses?

Okay, so let’s be real for a moment. There are many different courses listed below that you can take for free.

But not all of them will be relevant for where you are right now on your blogging journey.

In fact, what I often find with such high value blog content. Is that it can be hard to know where to start. And to not get overwhelmed with analysis paralysis.

So to help with this I’ve tried to narrow down and organize the list for you. Plus if checklists are more your thing. Then you can subscribe to get this and the bonus free courses not included here.

Top Free Blogging Courses That Are Critical For New Bloggers

Lastly here are the top 5 courses from this list. That every blogger should start with. So if you struggle with finding a place to start. Then this is definitely where you want to look first.

  1. How To Start A Profitable Blog by Carly Campbell – Start here if you haven’t created your blog yet and want step-by-step instructions to follow. As Carly covers the must-have basics without making things complicated. Get her beginners guide here.
  2. Kate Doster Email Marketing Courses – You can find several free courses on Kate’s blog that will teach you guilt-free email marketing strategies to create content you and your subscribers love. Get her free email courses here.
  3. 2022 Pinterest Strategy Guide by Amy LeBlanc – this refreshing Pinterest course will teach you some of the critical aspects of Pinterest that are relevant to the most recent changes this year. With plenty of background experience as a Pinterest manager across various niches to back everything up.
  4. Perfectly Pinteresting Pins by Carly Campbell – Having a solid pinning strategy is only half of the battle for Pinterest traffic. Your pin image design is the huge other half that many bloggers skip. Get Carly’s free training to avoid this common mistake that will hold you back.
  5. Make Your First Affiliate Sale by The She Approach – Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start making money with your blog. Getting that first sale is the tricky part. But once you get it things can easily grow from there. Click here to learn how to make your first ever affiliate sale.

Got Something To Add To The List?

Do you have any free blogging courses that you have used and loved?

Or would you only suggest learning from a paid blogging course?

Let me know which is your favorite on this list. Or whether there is something missing that needs adding.

How To Start A Blog / Blogging For Beginners

12 Month Blog Plan by Suzi at Start A Mom Blog

This blog course includes videos and worksheets to help you plan and grow your blog for the first ever 12 months. Because sometimes starting a huge project like starting a blog can be super daunting without a rock solid plan you can follow.

Included as part of this free blogging course, is a broad overview of topics like:

  • How blogs can make money
  • What you should start out with
  • A step-by-step growth plan

Free Blog Launch Blueprint by Moms Make Cents

This blogging basics course will cover many of the things you need to do before you launch your blog.

As well as things like:

  • How to set up your blog
  • Pick a theme
  • Launch and promote on Pinterest
  • Start your email list
  • How to make money blogging
  • And all the top tools and resources you can use

How To Start A Profitable Blog by Carly Campbell

If you’ve ever heard me talk about Carly. She has amazing content specifically about Pinterest.

But she isn’t just a Pinterest guru. She also knows some amazing blogging tips too. Because she runs her own successful blog.

Her free blogging course will show you how to make a profitable blog using the same strategies she’s used for her own blog.

This blog course contains 13 lessons that start from absolute beginner all the way to monetizing your blog.

How To Start A Blog by HerPaperRoute

This beginner’s blogging course looks at how to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog the right way. So that you can monetize it from the start.

It aims to give you no fluff advice and be inspirational to you as a new blogger.

(Note: Look for the section called How To Start A Blog Course for the course.)

First Month Blog Plan by Start a Mom Blog

This free blogging course will give you 31 actionable steps you need to take in your first month of blogging. As a completely new blogger.

The First Month Plan will take you through everything step-by-step and give you an actionable list to follow. That you can check off as you complete it.

Blogging For New Bloggers Fast Track by Tiny Love Bug

A fast track email course that is sent out over a 5 day period. This blog course will give you a blueprint to lay the foundations of a profitable blog.

And covers the important aspects of things like:

  • How to start a blog 
  • Picking your niche
  • Blog domains and names
  • Initial setup
  • Writing content
  • SEO for traffic
  • Pinterest tips
  • Email and so much more
Blogging For New Blogger Fast Track Free Course Banner 2

Start A Money-Making Blog by Ana at The She Approach

Ana’s course covers all the basics in-depth for how to start your blog. Including how to write, finding your community, making money blogging, how to plan your blog and more.

Start A Money Making Blog Free Online Course By Ana At The She Approach 1

Launch Your Dream Website by BlueChic

The launch your dream website tutorial is a free blogging course. That will help you plan, build and launch your website in just 5 days.

This blog course will focus on:

  • Getting your blog set up correct correctly
  • Deciding your business goals
  • Picking a WordPress theme
  • Tips for customization
  • How to create powerful content
  • Plus a free brand board template

Kick Start Your Money Making Blog

A free 7 day blogging course by Sassy Boss to help you easily get setup with a self-hosted WordPress blog that aims to be as tech free as possible. If you feel overwhelmed and think you just can’t find the time to get started. Then this lightly paced course will help you take those first important steps to get the ball rolling.

Free Email Marketing Courses

Kate Doster’s Email Marketing Courses

Kate has a wide range of amazing courses related to email and blogging. She teaches email marketing in a completely unique way so you don’t have to feel gross about making money with your email list.

Some of her best free courses are for:

  • 2 Years worth of strategically planned weekly newsletters
  • Freebies That Sell and Serve to help get people onto your list
  • And how to launch your own profitable blog challenge

List Love – Free Build Your List Training by Jennifer Maker

This is a 3 part video course that teaches you all the different ways you can grow your email list. (It actually includes 49 different ways!)

As well as how to best evaluate these different email building methods for your own blog.

Free Pinterest Courses

2022 Pinterest Strategy Guide by Amy LeBlanc

I recently checked out this Pinterest course and I was quite surprised at the value included. There’s some real nuggets of gold in here.

Amy has a refreshing style when it comes to teaching Pinterest. Plus she’s also a Pinterest manager so she has a wide variety of experience and niches to pull from.

You can checkout her free course here.

Levee Road Studio Free Pinterest Course Strategy Guide

Perfectly Pinteresting Pins by Carly Campbell

This free pinterest course can help you tackle one of the most important parts of your blogging strategy that many bloggers miss. Your Pin design!

If it feels like you are not getting anywhere with Pinterest then this could be the factor you are missing.

Free 5 Day Pinterest Challenge by Moms Make Cents

This is a 5 day email course that will help you create a Pinterest profile from scratch.

As well as tips for:

  • Creating viral pins
  • How to be consistent on Pinterest
  • Myths & mistakes to avoid
  • Plus a bonus 6th day of training
Get Your Free Pinterest Course Become A Pinning Pro

Pinterest For New bloggers by Tiny Love Bug

This free email course for blogging using Pinterest can help you to build a new Pinterest profile from scratch. Including topics like:

  • Pinterest SEO
  • Creating pins that convert
  • Pinterest boards
  • How to make your website Pinterest friendly
  • And more
Pinterest For New Bloggers Free Course Banner

Pin Magic Blueprint by Dish It Out Social

A Pinterest marketing strategy that breaks things down into the 5 most important steps. So you can increase your traffic from Pinterest in 30 days or less. This 12-page ebook is packed with powerful tips to get your Pinterest account on the right track.

Pinterest Primer by Moms Make Cents

Pinterest Primer is a free blogging course to help you build a solid foundation for your Pinterest marketing.

This course includes the basics about:

  • How to optimize your Pinterest profile
  • Tips on how to create viral pins
  • How to stay active on the platform
  • Myths and common Pinterest mistakes
Pinterest Primer Twitter 1


Free Instagram Course by Aaron Ward

Want to get your first 1000+ Instagram followers? Then this course aims to do exactly that.

If you are new to Instagram then this free blogging course can help you build a successful strategy. With tips to grow your followers the right way, how to create the perfect content for likes and comments. Plus how to generate sales and leads using the platform.

Instagram Authority by Alex Tooby

A 7 day email course for learning how to start a profitable Instagram profile. This free Instagram course will teach you how to:

  • Grow your followers
  • Get clicks
  • Attract the right people
  • Promote products and so much more


The Secret Sauce for Boosting Your Twitter Presence by Madalyn Sklar

This mini class will give you videos and articles to teach you how to improve your presence on Twitter. By using some of her unique techniques to build your audience.

Learn How to Get More Twitter Followers by Kelsye Nelson

This is a 3 day course that is delivered directly to your inbox. The focus of this course is on getting more Twitter followers. So you can get more eyeballs on your content when you share.


Quick Tips for Selling Books on Facebook by Chris Syme

Here’s another free course by Chris Syme. That will help you to sell more books but this time using Facebook.

This course covers the basics on how to optimize your Facebook author page and personal profile to sell more books.


Creator Academy by YouTube

The official YouTube Creator Academy, is a website based course that includes many different modules you help you create content for YouTube. Including things you need to know about using YouTube for your blog or business.

Such as getting started, your content strategy, how to create videos, make money. Plus policies and guidelines you need to keep in mind.

Free How To Monetize Your Blog / Make Money Blogging Courses

Make Your First Affiliate Sale by The She Approach

A 5 day email video course that will help you to make your first ever affiliate sale.

This blogging course is a great place to start if you’re trying to implement affiliate marketing on your blog but can’t seem to get any sales.

Promo Button Template 1 1

Affiliate Marketing 101 by Oh She Blogs

This seven day free blogging course will teach you the basics of what you need to know about affiliate marketing. So you can use it to monetize your blog.

It includes details on:

  • Understanding affiliate marketing terminology
  • The best affiliate networks for bloggers
  • How to add affiliate links to your blog posts
  • And some secret tips to make it all passive

Free Design & Branding Blogging Courses

Canva 2.0 Quick Start by Simplifying Design

Learn the basics of how to get started using Canva to create graphics for your blog. As well as more advanced tricks like creating templates and charts.

Graphic Design For Beginners by Kimi Kinsey

If you feel overwhelmed, on how to design graphics for your blog. Then this course is a great place to start. This free blogging graphic design course will teach you the basics of creating beautiful graphics.

Including things like:

  • Typography
  • Using images
  • Color psychology
  • And important design principles
Kimi Kinsey Graphic Design For Beginners Free Course

Graphic Design Training Mini Course by Apple Cart Lane

Apple Cart Lane’s free blogging course aims to teach you 30 graphic design tips in just 30 minutes. Including important graphic rules for things like:

  • How to create a plan your graphics
  • Common mistakes and more

How To Use PicMonkey by Suzi at Start a Mom Blog

PicMonkey is a platform you can use to create graphics similar to Canva or Photoshop. Here this free blogging course will show you how to use PicMonkey to create a variety of beautiful images and media for your blog. Like:

  • Tips on how to create coloring books
  • Remove the background of a picture
  • Putting images inside your text
  • And much more

Blog Traffic

Free Blog Traffic Bonus Guide by What Mommy Does

This free ebook includes 3 solid traffic generation tips to help you grow your blog. That she still goes back to even today.

Blog Traffic Bonus Guide Transparent Cover

Blog Traffic For Beginners by Yaro Starak

This free email course focuses on the fundamentals for traffic. And why you should not aim to be everywhere. As well as how to monetize your blog. Even if you only have a small audience.

There are several different courses on this page. So make sure you scroll down to number #3 for this specific course.

SEO / Google Traffic

SEO Made Simple by HerPaperRoute

This free SEO training for bloggers will teach you the basics and best practices. As well as important topics like:

  • Understanding keywords
  • How to do research for them
  • Tips on how to rank
  • And organize your site so that Google loves your blog

(Note: Look for the section called Free SEO Course to get access.)

SEO Email Course by Debbie Gartner

Debbie Gartner is the author of some of my favorite paid SEO books such as Easy Backlinks and On-Page SEO.

Easy Backlinks For Seo 3
Easy On Page Seo 745x1024 1

But if you don’t want to invest in these ebooks yet. Then with her free SEO course you will still get lots of value as a beginner for SEO. As she covers the top myths and mistakes that hold back your SEO traffic and success.

Free 6 Day SEO Bootcamp by Stupid Simple SEO

This 6 day email blogging course on SEO. Has tons of resources such as sheets, checklists and templates. That will help you to boost your blog’s SEO from the start.

SEO seems to be an area that many bloggers struggle with. So tackling this early on can help to speed up your growth.

General Free Blogging Courses

Legally Blogs by Blogging For New Bloggers

This free blogging course for bloggers aims to help you to protect your blog from the legal side of things. So that you can avoid things like lawsuits, formal complaints, and fines.

It also includes information on important topics like:

  • Copyright
  • GDPR
  • Taxes and more
Pin Legally Blogs Free Legal Course For Bloggers 3

5K Launch Email Series by HerPaperRoute

A free 5 day email course that aims to help you create and launch your first ever product from scratch. And gain your first 5,000 followers, subscribers, or dollars.

(Note: There are several other courses on the page. So look for the section called 5K Launch Email Series to get access.)

How To Slay Your Goals by It’s All You Boo

As bloggers it is critical to set goals that are achievable and actually have a plan to get them done. Without goals things can end up feeling chaotic and aimless like nothing is ever getting finished.

With this in mind, this free ebook is the perfect solution. As it gives you a 10-step guide to help set and achieve the right goals for your blog.

10 Step Slay Your Goals Guide

Amazon Marketing

Free Amazon FBA Starter Course by The Selling Family

This 9 part video course will show you how to use the Amazon Marketplace to sell products. Including the exact steps to get yourself set up and ways to find products to sell.

How to Use Amazon Ads by Kindlepreneur

This free 5 day course will talk you through the process of how to use ads on Amazon to promote your book or ebook.

Tech Courses For Bloggers

Worry-Free WordPress by Ali Rand

A 5 day email course will help you to overcome the stress of creating a blog.

This 5 day free email course will help you to maintain your site the right way. So you can make sure that your blog is performing at its best. The topics included in this course cover:

  • Security
  • Backups
  • Updates
  • Performance
  • And also the legal side of a blog

And that’s it for the list!

Be sure to sign up for even more free blogging courses included as a bonus with the free blogging courses checklist by signing up below:

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Free Blogging Courses For Bloggers To Learn How To Blog And Make Money Online
Free Blogging Courses For Bloggers To Learn How To Blog And Make Money Online

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