Why You Need To Avoid Using This Pinterest Widget On Your Blog

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If you use Pinterest for blog traffic, then growing your followers is likely a high priority.

Well, the profile Pinterest widget is often one of the go-to options. That many bloggers add to their WordPress blog to grow their followers.

As it adds a visual link to their profile in their blog’s sidebar.

Almost as a way of saying:

“Hey, I’m on Pinterest, click here to follow me!”

But did you know? That the profile Pinterest widget is actually a terrible and inadequately optimized widget.

That in my experience doesn’t truly get you any more followers.

So, I’m going to explain to you why the Pinterest profile widget is bad for your blog. And how you can use this tool as an alternative instead for better results.

So keep reading below to find out more.

Why you need to avoid using this Pinterest Widget on your blog

What Is A Widget On Pinterest?

Firstly, what is a Pinterest widget?

Well, if you go to the Pinterest Developers site. There is a whole section of fun looking widgets related to Pinterest you can add to your blog.

Some are Pinterest ‘Pin It’ buttons, some embedded Pinterest boards. You can even get a widget that is a simple little follow button.

The particular widget we are going to focus on is the profile Pinterest widget. Which you can create your own here by following the instructions.

It looks a bit like this:

Pinterest widget profile of my pinterest account and follow on Pinterest button

Why Should You Avoid The Profile Pinterest Widget?

So, why should you avoid using the Pinterest widget profile on your WordPress blog?

Or any blog for that matter?

The Pinterest Widget For Your Profile Is Bloated In File Sizes

Well the first thing, is that it is horribly unoptimized for website speed.

All the images that make up this widget. Are downloaded from Pinterest and uploaded in your browser at their original size.

That’s right, original. There’s no compression at all.

We are talking several KBs per image and depending on the size of the widget. This can involve several dozen images.

This quickly adds up and inflates the size of your webpage when it loads.

A few KB might not seem like much.

But when it comes to mobile users it can be snail-pace slow and expensive.

The amount of people browsing the web with smartphones are continuously on the rise.

In fact, they can often exceed desktop users in volume.

Meaning they are vital to consider when building your blog. And especially when optimizing for speed.

So much so that Google has started to use a mobile-first approach when indexing websites.

Which is the main reason you should avoid this widget if you can. As it will slow down your blog.

Don’t believe me?

Well, here are some examples of the effect this widget had on my page load speed and size. (Average score over 5 tests was taken for each.)

Pingdom website speed test without any Pinterest widget installed
Pingdom website speed test without any Pinterest widget installed
Pingdom website speed test when using the profile Pinterest Widget
Pingdom website speed test when using the profile Pinterest Widget

Do you see what I mean?

Every second matters when it comes to getting visitors to your blog and keeping them.

Every extra second of load time has a huge impact on your blog’s bounce rate. Which is why exploiting every page load speed optimization you can is well worth it.

The Profile Pinterest Widget Doesn’t Stand Out

What’s worse about this Pinterest widget for your profile. Is that it doesn’t truly do its job.

The whole point of adding this to your sidebar, in the first place. Is to make people aware of your Pinterest account, right?

So you can entice them to follow you on Pinterest. Where you can reach them to send them more of your relevant content.

Eventually to bring them back onto your blog. And ideally, several times if possible.

But this profile Pinterest widget is so easily lost in the sidebar.

It disappears like a lot of other features in your sidebar. Your audience is likely to miss it or ignore it. Like they would do an ad.

And it doesn’t have much in the way of customization. Meaning there’s not much you can do about this.

The Pinterest Widget For Your Profile Has Little To No Customization

It also might not fit with your blog’s branding and look quite ugly depending on your WordPress Theme.

Not exactly a great way to entice people to click. Which further impounds the fact that it doesn’t do what you want it to.

The only options to customize it. Is the size of the Pinterest widget and how wide each image is inside it.

The Pinterest Profile Widget Can Be A Little Technical To Install

Okay, so this Pinterest widget isn’t the easiest thing to install.

To be honest, it’s not the hardest either.

But heck, you need to know what you are looking for to even know about how to get one in the first place. Since it hides on the Pinterest Developer website for Pinterest.

However, you do need to install code to handle it.

This means knowing how to add an HTML widget to your blog. Or where ever you decide to put the widget.

This might be straightforward for some. But not everyone is comfortable with adding HTML code to their WordPress blog.

Who wants to mess around with code right?

Pinterest widget header image of woman leaning on wooden table with laptop, tablet, smartphone and books

What’s The Alternative To Using The Profile Pinterest Widget?

Okay, so I’ve complained about how awful the Pinterest profile widget is.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The whole point of me highlighting these things. Was to get you to understand what your profile Pinterest widget lacks.

So you have an accurate comparison to what you can use instead. Something which solves most of these problems highlighted above.

So, what am I talking about?

Well, you might have heard of it before. It’s called MiloTree.

Pinterest widget profile alternative MiloTree pop-up example of my Pinterest profile using it on the blog

MiloTree Boosted My Pinterest Followers Growth

This amazing little tweak. Has significantly increased the number of new followers I get weekly.

I used to average around 20-30 per week before I started using MiloTree. And within 2 months it grew to 80+ per week.

When using the Pinterest Widget alternative MiloTree, see my current Pinterest follower growth using Tailwind analytics

Now whilst some of that might be due to other factors. I do associate most of the increase with the MiloTree pop-up. Or more like slide-in.

You’ll know what I mean, if you’ve ever seen it before!

The profile Pinterest widget made no noticeable change to the number of Pinterest followers I received.

But I did notice a difference when using MiloTree. Even within the trial period. And I have been continuing to use it since, with growing results.

It is worth noting though. That Pinterest followers aren’t as important as they used to be.

But, with the MiloTree plugin, you are specifically targeting followers. Who are likely already interested in the content you post on Pinterest.

Since they were already on your blog reading your content!

Engaged followers are what you should always want to grow. Rather than artificial followers who aren’t interested in what you blog about.

Followers are still important on Pinterest for engagement. So more engaged followers will be beneficial.

Besides who knows what Pinterest will change in the future. That might make followers more important again, right?

To be honest, I usually don’t stick out many products after the free trial is over. Because I am super tight and frugal.

But MiloTree has been one of those exceptions. The results for me were brilliant.

And since Pinterest is such an important part of my blog marketing. It was a no-brainer investment to continue with it.

I figured at the low price and amazing returns and flexibility. It was a worthwhile investment.

Pinterest widget header image of laptop on white surface with smartphone, glasses and tablet case

The MiloTree Is Customizable

Unlike the Pinterest widget, you can customize it a lot. You can even customize the colours. To fit with your branding as much as you want.

MiloTree Really Pops Out

The fact that is slides out at the bottom side of your blog. Or where ever you choose, makes sure that it stands out to your audience.

Which means it is more likely to convert them to Pinterest followers.

But in a non-intrusive way, since it is not fullscreen and for me it doesn’t overlay or interfere with the content of my blog.

MiloTree Is Optimized better Than The Profile Pinterest Widget

The MiloTree plugin isn’t perfectly optimized as much as I would like. But I am a little OCD on image optimization and file sizes.

But it is much more optimized than the Pinterest profile widget. The images are compressed and smaller. Even the profile avatar.

You can even see the webpage load difference with using MiloTree:

Pingdom website speed test when using the profile Pinterest widget
Pingdom website speed test when using the profile Pinterest widget
Pingdom website speed test when using MiloTree
Pingdom website speed test when using MiloTree

Whilst only small, your mobile users will thank you. And so will your pageviews.

MiloTree Is Easy to install

It is much more user-friendly to install. Since you simply install their WordPress plugin.

Pinterest widget alternative MiloTree's install screen which is simply installing their plugin

Once installed you can customize everything using their website settings. No code required.

And everything is clear and easy to find. They’ll even send you tips by email and offer support if you get stuck.

If you’ve ever tried to get hold of the Pinterest tech support then you’ll know how slow and unhelpful it is. With MiloTree this is less of a problem.

You Can Try MiloTree For Free For 30-days

As mentioned before, the free trial lets you test the impact it can have on your blog.


Because whilst my results were amazing. Everyone’s blog and audience differs.

By getting a free trial you can see exactly how it will work for you. And then decide from there whether to keep it or not.

Sadly, it does need payment details to get the trial. So watch out for this if you decide to cancel.

MiloTree Is Flexible & Can Be Used For More Than Just Your Pinterest Profile

It is super flexible and you can use it not only for Pinterest.

But also for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and your email list.

Of which email is a super important following. Every blogger needs to build because of it’s a huge return on investment.

Pinterest widget alternative MiloTree's pop-up builder settings which let's you set multiple accounts

So, if you decide you want to grow another social network or better yet your email list. Then you can easily.

It can even alternate between them so you can grow them all!

What Are The Negatives Of Using MiloTree Over The Pinterest Widget Profile?

With all these positives. MiloTree sounds perfect right?

Well, there are a few negatives to using this method.

MiloTree Is A Pop-up Of Sorts

It is a pop-up in a way, so while this helps it stand out and convert visitors to Pinterest followers. Some readers might find it intrusive.

However, it is not full-screen or massively distracting. So it is unlikely to annoy many visitors, if at all.

Besides, pop-ups have been shown to work! Which is partially why it is more effective than the profile Pinterest widget.

Pinterest widget header image of mac screen on white surface, with person touching the keyboard and mouse

MiloTree Isn’t Free

Sadly, most good things aren’t free in my experience.

Paid is almost always better. After all, no one would ever make any money otherwise.

Like free image optimization vs paid. Free blogging platforms vs self-hosted and more.

The price is super cheap and affordable though, at $9 per month.

I realize not everyone can use this option. As it is yet another blogging expense. That beginner bloggers might not be able to invest into their blog straightaway.

But personally, I’d say try out the free trial.

Track your results and then weigh up if the price is worth the results you get.

Oh and they do offer an affiliate program. So you can sometimes earn some of the monthly fee back.

Avoid Using The Pinterest Widget To Display Your Profile & Use MiloTree Instead As It Is More Effective

Overall, the profile Pinterest widget will give your audience the option to follow your Pinterest account. With a simple click through from your blog.

It is free and whilst not super simple to install. It is not too complex either.

Providing you are okay with copying and pasting code into your WordPress header and widgets.

However, don’t expect it to convert well.

As it doesn’t stand out when people scroll and read your content.

And on some blogs it could even look ugly. Depending on your blog theme. Since there are little customization options that you control.

The fact that it is clunky and not optimized. Also means it is slowing down your page loads and sucking up your bandwidth too.

Meaning you are getting a negative impact with little return for using it on your blog.

It may be free in terms of money. But it is not free in terms of the performance impact it has on your blog.

On the other hand, the MiloTree plugin is far superior at converting your blog audience into Pinterest followers.

Pinterest widget alternative preview of MiloTree's version of the profile pop-up

With the additional benefits of being able to help grow your other social media platforms too. Plus your email list as a bonus.

It is easy to install, and customize with excellent support. Plus the major bonus is that it won’t slow down your blog.

All for the small price of $9 per month.

It is one of the best investments I have made for my blog so far! And the results have been amazing!

So, what are your thoughts on the Pinterest Profile widget compared to the MiloTree plugin? Have you ever used it before to grow your Pinterest followers? And do you think it is worth the cost?

If you found this blog post useful then please consider taking a few seconds to share it to your favorite social media platform!

Is this Pinterest widget slowing down your blog?

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