21 Best Blog Planners To Grow Your Blog [2022]

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Best Blog Planners For This Year To Build A Blogging Strategy

Using a blog planner for your blog can be super beneficial for helping you speed up your results. And staying productive even if you only have a limited amount of time to blog each day, especially if you’re still juggling your full-time job. Or you’ve kids non-stop bursting with energy.

Planning is important for anything, especially long-term projects like blogging.

It is super easy to waste time on tasks for your blog that don’t actually help. You feel like you’re working when instead you’re just doing what’s called busy work.

Keeping yourself busy doesn’t always equal bringing benefits or results to your blog growth.

I know blog planning can seem like a boring extra time-suck getting in your way. And you might just be tempted to jump straight in with both feet. But this would be a mistake.

You need the best blog planner for your blog rather than any old thing you first stumble across. This way, you can ditch all the useless tasks and focus on doing the most productive work for your blog, staying organized, and breezing through overwhelming to-do lists.

There are tons of blog planners out there. Some of them are amazing; some are less helpful to get results for your blog.

So if you know that you want to use a blog planner, but you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices. And you’d rather skip bombarding your inbox by testing them yourself…

Then I’ve done the work for you and narrowed down all the blog planners out there to some of the best blog planners you can find in 2022.

Before you dive in, though, if you’re not sure whether using a blog planner is right for you just yet, then make sure you check out the benefits of using a blog planner here before you start.

1. The Blog Survival Planner

This comprehensive blog planner has everything you need to plan a profitable blog from day one. If you’re a complete beginner at blogging, this planner will have you covered with step-by-step tasks laid out for you on a month-by-month basis.

So that you know you are hitting the most important and critical aspects of building your blog without any of the overwhelm of having to figure things out and research everything by yourself.

And even if you’ve been blogging for a while, this blog planner can still help you as it will help highlight anything you might be missing that’s holding you back. It’s packed with valuable tidbits and shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner.

The 12-month plan included is combined with many different useful worksheets that you can use to stay organized. And it can also help you plan your to-do lists in a super-efficient way that enables you to focus on your top 3 tasks.

Mockup 12 Month Blog Planner On White Desk With Keyboard

You can use this planner in a highly customizable way. Whether you prefer to plan things daily or you’re more like myself, who hates sticking to rigid schedules. As you can also plan your tasks on a weekly or monthly basis instead, giving yourself complete freedom.

The goals and review worksheets that are part of the Blog Survival Planner are especially beneficial because they will help you be critical about what’s working for your blog and what isn’t. Meaning you can cut out substantial time wastes that are stifling your blog’s growth early on.

Let’s not forget that this blog planner also comes with some bonus resources designed to help you get past that initial hump of launching your blog. Something that many bloggers procrastinate because they are scared to start and make mistakes

Furthermore, you’ll also get a vast resource list on the best blogging tools. Because these can be huge game-changers for speeding up your blog process and helping you do things more easily compared to doing them by yourself by hand.

Layflat Printables 12 Month Blog Planner For Clueless Beginner Bloggers Full Spread

What’s included:

  • 12 Month Blog Plan – a complete roadmap for your first year blogging
  • All future updates
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Goals + Reviews sheets
  • Daily, Weekly + Monthly To-Do Lists
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Blog Post Idea worksheet
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Monthly Expenses + Income Trackers
  • Blog Planner Dividers
  • Blogging toolkit filled with a list of the best blog tools
  • 30 Day Launch Plan with a checklist

2. Start A Mom Blog – 12 Month Blog Planner

If you’ve not come across Suzi’s blog yet, she has some amazing content for brand new bloggers. Including her 12 Month Blog Planner, which is a quick and straightforward way to get started with blogging.

The planner focuses on planning the right content for your blog as it comes with a comprehensive blog editorial calendar.

What’s super helpful about her planner, though, is that she lays out her first-year blogging strategy. This strategy is how she went from zero to $9,000. So bloggers like you can use it to follow in her footsteps to make a profitable blog with it.

There aren’t that many worksheets with this planner, though. So if you prefer to have things like goal setting and to-do lists, you might want something that provides these in a bundle for you.

Start A Mom Blog Planner Preview

What’s included:

  • Editorial + Holidays Calendar
  • 12 Month Blog Plan sheet
  • Monthly Goals + Review sheet
  • Monthly to-do lists with specific focuses

3. Stray Curls Blog Planner

This absolutely gorgeous and cute blog planner by Angela comes in two different versions.

There’s the smaller 12-page free version that comes with a collection of worksheets, including things like:

  • A yearly schedule
  • Goals
  • Blog post editorial calendar
  • Blog post idea sheets
  • And stickers

Or you can upgrade to the 50-page version, which includes even more worksheets for things like:

  • Trackers
  • Vision boards
  • Reader profiles
  • Checklists
  • And to-do lists

Overall, this blog planner covers many of the most critical worksheets that will benefit you and your blog.

Best Blog Planner Stray Curls

However, because it’s a digital planner that you need to print out yourself, you might find that it’s a bit ink intensive. So you might not be able to enjoy the beautiful colors included fully.

On the other hand, you only need to print the sheets you want. You can skip on anything you feel won’t help you.

So if you just want to come up with a monthly plan for your blog, rather than having to plan out things every single day, you can totally do that with this blog planner.

Psst… you know what would go great with your blog planner of choice? This WordPress Mistakes checklist that you can grab below. It will help you kick any potential problems on your blog in the butt so your blog planning can go as smoothly as possible. See for yourself:

4. It’s All You Boo – Free Slay Your Goals Planner

This planner is less blog-specific, but it’s highly goal-focused for entrepreneurs.

Setting the right goals for your blog can help propel you to the future profitable blog you desire. Precisely what this planner aims to help you achieve.

Overall, it includes a few simple sheets for goal setting. But, it has no specific blogging tips to help with figuring out your complete blog strategy.

So if you want more than this, such as goal setting and other planner worksheets like to-do lists, then you’ll want the upgraded version instead.

Slay Your Goals Blog Planner

The complete planner includes:

  • 6 Detailed chapters for tutorials and tips
  • Goal setting and review sheets
  • Brainstorming
  • Yearly, monthly and daily planner sheets
  • To-do list templates
  • Reflection worksheets

5. Entice Blog Planner

Want something with a more specific focus on your blog content? Then this blog plan that comes with search engine optimization and content tips might be just what you’re looking for.

In fact, it’s handy whether you’re new or experienced in the blogging world.

Entice Best Blog Planner

What’s included:

  • SEO checklist
  • Content planning worksheets
  • Monthly Editorial Calendar
  • Goal Tracker
  • Weekly to-do list
  • Blog promotion checklist

Note: The download link for this blog planner seems broken currently.

6. Designer Blogs Blog Planner

This pretty and elegant blog planner is completely undated so that you can use it repeatedly. It includes a selection of worksheets in the free version, including:

  • 2022 calendar
  • Undated monthly calendar
  • Editorial calendar
  • Weekly to-do list
  • Blog post planning worksheets
  • Contacts sheet
  • Blog post planners
Designer Blogs 2021 Blog Planner All Free Pages

If you want more of a variety of sheets, and perhaps a different color. Then there are upgrade options for this planner too.

Oh, and despite being a pretty planner, it’s very light on the ink requirements by using clean whitespace for its design.

What’s included in the full version? All the above, plus:

  • 40+ pages
  • Blog specific to-do list
  • Ad tracking
  • Yearly and monthly goal setting
  • Social media planning sheets for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Monthly and annual blog stats tracker
  • Email marketing planning and tracking worksheets
  • Affiliates reference
  • Giveaways and sales tracker
  • Sponsors tracker
  • Income tracker
  • Usernames and passwords sheet
  • Note pages
  • Multiple size choices (US Letter, A4, A5 & Personal)
  • A choice between two colors
Designer Blogs Best Blog Planner Printable

7. Homeschool Creations Blog Planner

This comprehensive blog planner includes as many different possible worksheet trackers that you can think of, as it’s a massive 66 pages.

It’s completely free, including lots of worksheets, like weekly post trackers, affiliate program information worksheets, month-at-a-glance, and so much more.

Homeschool Creations Free Best Blog Planner Pintable

Here’s the complete list of what’s included:

  • 66 pages
  • Month-at-a-glance sheets for each month
  • Weekly post tracking and social promotion
  • Yearly goals
  • Monthly analytics
  • Affiliate program tracker
  • Hashtag trackers
  • Social media trackers
  • Periscope tracker
  • Mileage sheet
  • Username and passwords sheet
  • Income tracker
  • Notes and ideas sheet

8. Elite Blog Academy – Blog Planner

This popular blog planner from 2013 hasn’t been updated, but it doesn’t include any dated worksheets, so you can still use it. It consists of various worksheets, including goals, to-do lists, and trackers that are all blog-focused.

Overall it’s a lightweight blog plan that can help you quickly get organized.

Oh, and if you’re wondering the reason why the Elite Blog Academy Blog Planner hasn’t been updated. It’s because they currently recommend using their Blog Blueprint instead. (This isn’t a planner as such, though.)

What’s included in the planner:

  • Daily checklist
  • Monthly and long-term goal setting
  • Year and month at a glance pages
  • Weekly post planner
  • Monthly brainstorming worksheets
  • Monthly blog stats tracker
  • Monthly income tracker
  • Usernames and passwords tracker
  • Connect log
  • Notes and ideas sheets

Note: The opt-in form seems to be currently generating an error message at the moment.

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21 Best Blog Planners To Grow Your Blog + Achieve Your Blogging Goals This Year

9. Moms Small Victories – Blog Plan

This blog planner includes 37 worksheets that will help you get organized on your blog with a wide range of things.

It’s an incredibly simple planner design-wise. But this makes it super light on the amount of ink you’ll need if you want to print it.

Moms Small Victories Best Blog Planner Printable For Blog Organization Planning

What’s included:

  • 37 pages
  • Editorial calendars
  • Checklists for your social media promotion
  • Worksheets for tracking your pins.
  • Monthly post checklists
  • To-do list
  • Blog post ideas tracker
  • Blog stats tracker
  • Monthly reminders
  • Income trackers
  • Username and passwords tracker
  • Blog posts index sheet
  • Review post template
  • Notes sheet

10. Kate Doster’s Blog Organizer – Trello Magic

This unique digital-only planner works with Trello. If you’ve always struggled to stay organized with paper planners, then this might be the best alternative option for you.

Because you’ll not only find plenty of boards to help keep you organized, it’ll help boost your productivity.

It even includes videos to give you the best tips on using it. So even if you’ve never used Trello before, you’ll easily be able to pick up this system.

In fact, unlike other pre-made Trello boards where you only get a bundle of 2-3. You’ll get a whopping 27 boards and a bunch of workflows to help you get things done. As always, Kate’s resources are always bursting with value.

Kate Doster Digital Blog Planner Alternative Trello Magic

What’s included:

  • 27+ Premade Trello boards
  • Countless workflows
  • Trello video tutorials and quick tips

11. Clickstart Club – Ultimate Blog Planner

This feminine bright pink blog planner comes with a wide range of 22 worksheets you can use to organize your blog. Not to mention it’s completely free to use.

You’ll find that this free blog planner comes with worksheets for organizing your blog post ideas and tracking sponsored content. It even has a unique selection of binder spines that you can use.

What’s included:

  • Affiliate tracker
  • Blog post planning and scheduling
  • Blog post ideas
  • Blog stats tracker
  • Printable binder spins
  • Paid rates sheet
  • Social media link party trackers
  • Giveaway tracker
  • Sponsored content tracker
  • Daily, weekly and monthly planner
  • Goal setting
  • Income trackers
  • Mileage tracker
  • Username and password tracker
  • Project planner

Note: The download link on the website seems to have disappeared, so check back later.

12. All About Planners – Blog Planner

An extensive blog planner with 30 different pages to help organize and plan your blogging strategy. This planner includes many other worksheets, including trackers for your usual blog stats, blog post ideas, contacts sheets, and more.

What’s unique about this blog planner is that you can customize and edit the files before printing them.

Blog Planner Allaboutthehouse

What’s included:

  • Editable
  • 30+ sheets
  • 7 different colors
  • Monthly calendars and planning sheets
  • Weekly to-do lists
  • Blog post planner
  • Blog contacts sheet
  • Blog Expenses
  • Blog projects tracker
  • Improvement ideas sheet
  • Giveaways tracker
  • Ads and sponsors tracker
  • Social media schedule
  • Blog stats checker
  • Notes sheet

13. Passion Planner

If you’d rather not print anything out because you’re worried about using up all your ink or simply don’t have a printer available. Then your next option might be to use a physical planner, like this, instead.

The Passion Planner comes in a typical notebook style and can either be completely undated. So you can start using it at any time of the year. Or you can grab the pre-dated format.

In fact, you can pick from different color notebooks depending on your preference. You will have to wait for delivery before you can start using it, though.

What you’ll get with this physical blog planner is a range of monthly and weekly layouts, as well as space to review your progress on blank pages to write the notes.

What’s specifically unique about the Passion Planner is that it has a roadmap for you that you can use to customize your goals.

Best Blog Planner Passion Planner Elite Black

Use it to break your blog tasks and goals down into manageable steps to help you take action and get the results you want.

What’s included:

  • Roadmap with goal setting
  • Dated or undated
  • Range of possible cover colors
  • Weekly spreads
  • Monthly spreads
  • Monthly reflections
  • To-do lists
  • Notes
  • Blank pages

14. Create – One-Year Blog + Editorial Calendar

The Create blog planner is another physically printed blog planner in a notebook-style that includes 246 pages,

It has a super in-depth goal-setting system and planning section to help you get the most out of it.

While this does mean that there’s significant prep before you can start using it entirely. As I’ve mentioned previously, having a solid plan can help you reach your blog goals much faster.

Unlike most other planners, this one does try to consider that different people will be at different stages with their blog and tries to tackle it.

What’s included:

  • Undated
  • 246-page physical planner
  • Social stats tracker
  • Email marketing tracker
  • Project mapping
  • Goal setting

15. Twins Mommy – Blog Traffic Planner

This blog planner is less of a traditional planner, as it has a traffic-specific focus.

There aren’t many worksheets included that you can fill in yourself. Instead, it has a list of recommendations that Elna has set out for you to follow and grow your blog traffic.

If traffic is something you’re struggling with for your blog, then this blog traffic plan might be all you need.

However, if you want more organization and worksheets to help manage your blog, you’ll need to use another blog planner.

Twins Mommy Blog Traffic Planner Freebie

What’s included:

  • Blog traffic weekly plan
  • Blog traffic monthly plan
  • Blog traffic yearly plan

16. Dear Chrissy Blog Planner

This 20+ page purple blog planner is easy on the ink but still pretty at the same time. It includes a selection of crucial worksheets to help you stay organized, including a blog post planner, goal setting, income trackers, and a vision board.

Best Free Printable Blog Planner Blogging

The full list of worksheets included are:

  • Monthly expenses
  • Password keeper
  • Monthly income
  • Goal setting
  • Blog post planner
  • Blog improvement worksheet
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly to-do list
  • Weekly glance
  • Vision board
  • Project planner
  • Inspirational quotes

17. Andrew Boulder Epic Blog Planner

A detailed 48-page free blog planner includes a wide range of worksheets, like monthly and weekly goals and blog post idea sheets. But also some unique worksheets for organizing giveaways, Facebook Lives, Instagram posts, and paid ads.

Some of this blog planner’s pages require a lot of ink. Something to keep in mind if you’re planning on printing it out.

Andrea Bolder Best Blog Planner Printable Digital

What’s included:

  • Undated
  • 40+ pages
  • Yearly, weekly and monthly goals
  • Blog post ideas and planning sheets
  • Blog post checklist
  • Giveaway tracker
  • Social media trackers and promotion for Facebook, Instagram
  • Blog vision and branding worksheets
  • Ideal audience worksheet
  • Product and sales planner
  • Yearly, monthly stats and metrics
  • Weekly to-do list
  • Passwords + Login tracker

18. She Means Blogging – 12 Month Blog Planner

This editable and clickable planner only includes a few sheets but focuses on providing you step-by-step instructions for your first 12 months of blogging and the initial setup of your blog.

If you feel stuck and where to start with blogging, then this planner is a good option.

She Means Blogging Printable Free Best Blog Planner With A Strategy

What’s included:

  • Editable PDF
  • Blog setup checklist
  • Blog post ideas worksheets
  • 12 Month blog plan outline

19. Cassie Scroggins Planner

This lightweight 10-page blog planner is entirely free to use and includes some essential worksheets to help organize your blog.

You can expect it to include a stat tracker, calendar pages, and income tracking sheets.

If you want more worksheets to organize yourself better, then there is an upgraded version with more worksheets for this planner.

Cassie Scroggins Best Blog Planner Printable

The full 38-page version includes:

  • Blog identity worksheets
  • Affiliate marketing sheets
  • Post ideas sheets
  • Calendar pages
  • Motivational quotes
  • Brainstorming pages for creating products and email opt-ins
  • Goal setting
  • Contact details
  • To-do lists
  • Daily and monthly planning pages
  • Income trackers
  • Stats trackers

20. Lustre Lagoon Blog Planner

This simple 15-page blog planner makes organizing your blog quick, easy, and straightforward. It includes some of the most vital worksheets you’ll need for your blog, like a unique dream customer profile, weekly and daily planners, and goal-setting sheets.

Lustre Lagoon Best Free Blog Planner Printable Pages

What’s included:

  • 15 pages
  • Ideal audience worksheets
  • Social media planning
  • Yearly, monthly goal setting
  • Daily, weekly planning
  • Blog post ideas and planning
  • Blog post checklist
  • Blog stats tracking
  • Affiliate program tracker
  • Product and service ideas
  • To-do lists
  • Blog overview templates

21. Flourishing Abode – Blog Planning Worksheet

If you want to keep planning for your blog as simple as possible. Then this planning worksheet might be just your thing. It’s only 1 worksheet that compiles several important things into a daily spread for your blog.

With only a single sheet, this makes it incredibly lightweight to print and easy to manage. So it’s near impossible to find yourself spending more time planning than actually working on your blog.

The worksheet covers a daily to-do list, a place for post ideas, and a section to focus on promotion.

Flourishing Abode Blog Planning Worksheet Blog Planner Best Printables

What sections are included in this single-page worksheet:

  • Weekly to-do list
  • Notes section
  • Future blog post ideas
  • Images to make
  • Where to promote
  • Other to-do items

Which Is The Best Blog Planner For 2022? [All Planners Compared]

Here’s a quick overview of all the planners we’ve covered for easier comparison:

Planner$ContentPromoGoals/ReviewsTo-Do ListsBlog StratInkSheets
Blog Survival Planner
[Best for complete strategy]
Start A Mom BlogFYYYYYModerate18
Stray CurlsF-$9Y$Y$NHigh12-50
Slay Your GoalsF-$17NNY$NLow7-75
Entice Blog PlannerFYYYYNHigh5
Designer Blogs
[Best for organization]
Homeschool CreationsFYYYNNLow66
Elite Blog AcademyFYNYYNModerate
Mom Small VictoriesFYYNYNLow37
Trello Magic
[Best digital planner]
Clickstart ClubFYYYNNLow22
All About Planners$11YYNYNLow30
Passion Planner$23-$26NNYYNNone228
Create Blog Planner
[Best notebook planner]
Twins MommyFNYNNYNone3
Dear ChrissyFYNYYNLow20
Andrew BoulderFYYYYNHigh48
She Means BloggingFYYNNYLow6
Cassie ScrogginsF-$20YNY$NLow10-38
Lustre LagoonFYYYYNLow15
Flourishing Abode
[Best simple printable]

What Are The Best Qualities Of A Blog Planner To Look Out For?

When picking a planner for your blog, you should look out for certain things and keep in mind how you plan to use it.

Content Creation Worksheets

Specifically, you want to look out for the best blog planners that include some content organization. This can be anything like an editorial calendar, a place to store blog post ideas or even a blog post checklist.

Why? Because your content is critical for your blog’s success.

Content-focused worksheets like this can help you ensure that your blog content is what your audience is looking for and stays on topic for your blog niche. (#)

(If you’re looking for tips on how to come up with the best blog post ideas, then you’ll want to read this.) (#)

Promotion Planning

A strong blog planner should also help you manage your promotion. Because building content and just expecting people to find it doesn’t work.

You need to get your content out into the wild so that people can find it. And this requires lots of promotion.

Whether it’s posting on different social media networks, like Pinterest or Facebook, just sharing your latest blog post with your email list, or even optimizing your blog post for search engine optimization in Google search.

blog planner notebook

Goals & Reviews

One of the best ways blog planning can help your blog is by giving you a structured way to set realistic goals for your blog. And to break them down into smaller steps so that you can achieve them.

The next important part of this is to review your results by consistently setting goals and checking whether you achieve them or not. You can fine-tune your blogging strategy, filter out tasks that waste time, and focus more on the tasks that move the needle forward.

For the best results with a blog planner, it must have these worksheets. Because being organized isn’t just enough. You need to take action on the right actual tasks.

To-Do Lists That Ideally Prevent Overwhelm

Including to-do lists is a staple in most blog planners. But not all of them are as productive as they could be.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of writing super long to-do lists with every possible thing you can think of adding to them.

But what happens is that you just end up with a massive list of things to do that seem overwhelming and don’t help you correctly prioritize or get them done.

These long to-do lists just encourage procrastination, overwhelm, and wasted time.

So for the best blog planner, lookout for a simple to-do list layout that encourages you to prioritize the right tasks rather than a “do it all” attitude.

For example, a daily to-do list should only have a handful of tasks like three to five. This way, your list is manageable. And you’ll be more motivated to get them done.

In fact, the Blog Survival Planner’s to-do lists encourage picking only your 3 most important tasks for each to-do list.

Includes A Blogging Strategy You Can Easily Follow + Updates

The best blog planner should consist of a built-in blogging strategy that you can follow can be a real game-changer. And especially crucial if you’re not confident about what you should be even working on. 

But if you decide to go for a blog planner that includes additional tips and tricks for blogging. Then you need to be careful that it’s kept updated. As the best practices for blogging change all the time, and using the wrong, outdated strategies could hurt your blog in the long run.

blog planner notebook

Digital Planners vs. Printable vs. Physical Planners

Deciding on the best type of blog planner you want to use will most likely be a personal preference.

But it’s essential to keep in mind that you’ll need to print out digital planners if you want to use pen and paper for them. So you may need to consider:

  • Paper sizes, 
  • The amount of ink required
  • How you’ll keep things organized together, like in a folder or binder

In some cases, it might even be possible to use many digital planners without printing them out at all. As sometimes, you can use them directly on your computer or even with a tablet.

If either of these options isn’t really for you. Then, there are a few physically printed planners that you can try.

Will You Use Your Chosen Blog Planner?

Before you make your final decision, you should consider whether you will actually use your planner choice.

Be honest with yourself. Otherwise, you’ll probably just end up wasting time and money on it.

Usually, it helps if you like the planner and how it looks.

But if it feels like it might be a chore, then you might find that you don’t use it. So you may need to be strict with yourself to develop using your new blog planner as part of your routine.

Another thing that might help is to consider how handy it is to have. Is your best blog planner something small and portable, or do you find it bulky and difficult to keep convenient for when you need it?


Finally, you should consider the price of the blog planner. There are plenty of free blog planners, but they don’t always include all of the worksheets you might need. You’ll also need to consider whether you will be printing it out or not.

blog planner notebook

Are The Best Blog Planners Worth The Time?

Developing a plan for your blog is definitely worth the time.

However, there can be a fine line between organizing and planning your blog compared to never getting anything done, as you’re just procrastinating.

Your best blog planner should help you take action rather than just endlessly plan.

So even if you hate making goals and sticking to deadlines. It’s well worth trying a blog planner for yourself. As there can be many benefits to it.

Using a blog plan doesn’t have to be tedious or time-consuming. You just need to be selective and make sure you select the best blog planner for you and your needs.

Remember this quote:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

So let’s get your blog the success it deserves by preparing a solid blog plan from today.

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