7 Reasons Why You Need To Get The Right Blog Planner Today

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Do you need to use a blog planner to see success with your blog?

Planning might seem like a tedious extra step, especially when you just want to get into writing your blog posts and getting things out there. 

But planning for your blog and coming up with a strategy is critical for making sure it stands a chance to succeed.

One of my favorite quotes drilled into me at high school was this:

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

In short, by failing to come up with a plan for your blog, you’re much more likely to fail and fall short of the results you want.

In blogging, there are no guarantees, which is why you’ll want to stack the cards in your favor as much as possible. Getting yourself a blog planner is one of the ways you can do this.

Blog Planner For Bloggers Woman Filling In Blog Plan On White Desk Working From Home

Having a strategy for your blog is essential because, without one, you’ll swiftly find yourself…

  • Stuck wasting time on tasks that don’t help you reach your goals.
  • You’ll focus on the wrong goals that work against you instead of with you.
  • And you’ll feel like you’re just spinning your wheels because the results you want just aren’t practical to get to without breaking everything down.

Let’s examine precisely how a blog planner will help you fast-track your goals to create a low-stress, successful, and profitable blog. So you can see for yourself why planning your blog strategy is a super essential but often overlooked step for your blog journey.

Huge Brainstorming And Planning Map For Blogging Ideas To Fill Your Blog Planner

1. Blog Planners Help Brainstorming Ideas

Blog planners can be useful in helping you brainstorm ideas for your blog, as you can collect all those scattered ideas for your blog into one place.

There’s nothing worse than having your notes scattered all over the place. Only to discover that when you’re trying to remember the details of a specific idea, you can’t find it.

Instead, by using a blog planner that helps you keep everything in one place. You can save time from hunting things down and instantly find them so you can get started right away. (No tipping your entire house upside down required.)

Depending on the blog planner, there might even be specific worksheets to help you come up with these ideas in the first place.

Like the Blog Survival Planner has specific worksheets to help you develop plenty of blog post ideas. So you’re never left scratching your head about what to write about next.

Trust me, having a pool of inspiration to pull from when you eventually hit a mental block is a lifesaver.

2. A Blog Planner Should Help You Build A Solid Blog Strategy

If you’re going to blog to make money, then you need a blog plan and strategy that works.

Not having a solid plan for your blog is guaranteed to have you wasting time on tasks that don’t help you move the needle forward. Like:

  • Writing about the wrong topics.
  • Trying to get momentum in a blog niche that doesn’t work. (#)
  • Promoting your content on the wrong social media platform because that’s not where your audience is.

You can’t afford to waste time doing the wrong tasks and making mistakes like this. Blogging changes fast, and you need to keep up if you don’t want to fall behind.

This fast-moving pace is why the right blog planner with a proven strategy is critical, as it will help you see the big picture. So you can make sure that you’re doing the right tasks like writing blog posts that nail what your audience wants and get found by the right people.

It’s because of this that the Blog Survival Planner completely maps out your first year of blogging, even if you’re starting from absolute scratch.

It has a solid plan month by month, with the crucial steps of what you should do listed for you. So you’re not wasting time on tasks you don’t need to do until later.

This way, you can make sure you’re not missing out on any key steps. And also, just as importantly, make sure you’re doing things in the correct order for maximum efficiency.

I mean, there’s not much point in driving traffic to your blog if you haven’t spent time creating content first, right?

You’ll just end up sending people to your blog, and they will quickly leave because there isn’t enough content for them to read.

Mockup 12 Month Blog Planner On White Desk With Keyboard

3. With A Blog Plan, You’re More Likely To Take Action

You’ll only ever see results with your blog if you take action.

If you just procrastinate during tasks because they seem scary, complex, or require effort. You’ll never get that dream blog that you’re looking for to replace your full-time income.

(It’s the brutally honest truth.)

So if you’re prone to procrastination, like I am, then a blog planner could be just what you need to help you kick it in the butt and be more productive with getting things done.

A high-quality blog plan will hopefully give you a strong blog strategy to follow. So you know what you need to do and what’s just “busy work”. It’ll be much easier to take action when you feel confident about your plan to get there.

Blogging is hard work and takes time, so make sure that you are using what limited time you might have wisely. Otherwise, you’ll just end up spinning your wheels and never getting anywhere.

The best blog planners will make sure to help you with this. (#)

After all, spending your time blogging on tasks that don’t help you will never get you to the stage you want to be.

I mean, be honest, is that task you plan to do today going to bring results?

Blog Planners Can Help You Beat Overwhelm Like This Super Blogger Woman

4. Overwhelm Is A Blogger’s Mortal Enemy

Blogging is definitely prone to making you feel overwhelmed. You’re not alone, and it sucks when blogging feels this way.

Like you have so many different things on your to-do list that it feels like you’ll never get them all done.

Well, the best blog planners will make sure that you’re able to narrow down what you need to do efficiently. So that you don’t fall into this trap of overwhelm. (#)

Don’t get me wrong, getting rid of all the blogging overwhelm is unlikely. But a solid blog planner like this one should significantly reduce it by taking out a lot of the guesswork.

In fact, one of the ways the Blog Survival Planner helps you do this is by giving you weekly, monthly, and quarterly to-do lists. Plus, it also encourages you to focus only on the top 3 tasks for the day.

As when you narrow things down to just 3, you’re already forcing yourself to prioritize what’s the most important.

Just 3 tasks per day are so much less daunting than that vast to-do list you have, right? So you’re more likely to stay motivated and get things done.

Better still, if you use the to-do lists with the 12-month plan included in the Blog Survival Planner and combine it with the goals sheets. You can supercharge your productivity and see your desired results even more quickly with your blog.

Because not only will you be taking action, getting things done, and cutting through that blogging overwhelm.

You’ll be able to evaluate what’s working to adjust your blog strategy — allowing you to ditch tasks that don’t bring results. So you’ll have more time to work on tasks that matter to help your blog grow. (Or you can give yourself a well-deserved break to do other things you love.)

Remember: Taking action for your blog is critical. A good planner should help you do this in the easiest possible fashion.

Blog Planner For Bloggers On Bedding As Working From Home

5. The Best Blog Planners Will Keep You Organized

A blog planner should help you keep everything in the right place. So you can quickly find things when you need them.

Whether this is your:

  • Goals for the week, month, quarter, or year.
  • All those blog post ideas you’ll eventually be teeming with that are just sitting waiting for you to write them.
  • Or key information like logins, brand colors, and more.

Having a quick reference to what you need, exactly when you need them, can help you keep your stress levels down.

You won’t find yourself panicking about things getting lost because you’ll be keeping everything all together in your blog planner.

Specifically, the Blog Survival Planner will help you stay organized because it has dedicated note sheets. So you can jot down any thoughts and ideas that you have.

As well as dedicated sections to plan out new blog post ideas. Plus lots of customizable goal sheets that you can choose depending on your preferences — whether you prefer to plan things monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

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7 Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs A Blog Planner To Make Money Blogging

6. You Need To Spend Time Promoting Your Content

There’s a common phrase that circles around sometimes — “If you build it, they will come.

But this is a rather old-school way to think of blogging that no longer works. If you create something and want people to pay attention to it, you need to promote it.

Not promoting your content enough is a common mistake that new bloggers make.

Whenever you create something, whether it’s a new blog post, a PDF, or a digital product, you need to promote the heck out of it by sharing it in as many places as possible.

Just make sure that you are allowed to share in those places, and you’re not spammy about it.

A blog planner can help you to make sure you’re not making this mistake. Providing it has a reliable way to track your content promotion.

So look for a blog planner that includes worksheets to help you plan your social media sharing and search engine optimization.

Also, an excellent place to find ideas on where to promote your content that even new bloggers can use is this list of free promotional websites.

This list should give you plenty of ideas on how to promote your blog without having to pay for things like ads. So you can make sure your content is getting the attention it deserves.

Blog Planner For Bloggers Goal Planning Journal With Keyboard And Work From Home Office Supplies

7. Your Blog Planner Will Help Track Your Progress

Blogging is a slow process, and sometimes it can feel like you are making hardly any progress. It can be hard to tell just how far you’ve come, which is why it’s crucial to track your progress using something like a blog planner.

A smart blog planner will help you do this by using goals, reviews, and tracker sheets just like those included in the Blog Survival Planner.

With trackers like these, you can look back at where you were a month ago or even a year and see how much you’ve improved.

It isn’t always apparent at first. But with using blog planner trackers to monitor your results, you’d be surprised just how much you’ve improved over time.

So if you ever feel like you haven’t made much progress with your blog. Try using a blog planner that will help you track your results. Then you can look back at your stats over time, and you’ll realize that you’ve actually made tons of progress.

Evaluate The Metrics Your Blog Planner Tracks

Make sure that if you’re tracking your results, you focus on stats that actually matter. Don’t waste your precious time with vanity metrics that won’t help your blog get results.

We want to get down to the nitty-gritty metrics that will indicate your blog’s progress. (Not fluff.)

For example, many bloggers like to focus on followers as a metric. But this doesn’t always indicate the success of your blog on different social media platforms.

In particular, this is usually a flawed metric for indicating how well you’re doing on Pinterest. (This is why the Blog Survival Planner focuses on things like page views instead.)

After all, the main reason you are promoting your content on those platforms is most likely so you can get people back to your blog.

If you’re not getting people back to your blog, then you may need to rethink your strategy. Ask yourself:

  • What’s the benefit of promoting on those platforms for your blog goals?
  • Is it a good use of your time? Does it get you results?

Also, don’t get me wrong — page views are a valuable metric to keep track of, but sometimes they’re not everything.

Here’s another example, Instagram generally won’t drive significant traffic to your blog as it’s more engagement-focused. But this doesn’t mean it can’t have a place in your strategy.

As if your audience is on Instagram, it can still help build brand awareness and a following, which in turn can attract more sponsored content opportunities. (An alternative way to monetize outside of your blog.)

Blog Planner For Bloggers On Light Blue Background With Keyboard And Mouse

8. Blog Plans Are Critical To Improve

Not only will a blog planner help you track your progress. But when you take it and use it to analyze your results to make improvements. The impact it can have on your blog can be game-changing.

Why? Because you can see what is and isn’t working for your specific circumstances, which is valuable information for improving your blogging strategy and blog overall.

For example, through using your blog planner trackers and review worksheets, you might notice that specific blog posts perform better than others. In which case, it might be a good idea to try to write some more similar content related to those blog post topics.

Like, I have a WordPress mistakes blog post, which has always done pretty well for me. So, I have slowly expanded into other blog post ideas that are related to blogging mistakes.

On the other hand, you can also use your tracked results to avoid doing things that don’t seem to help.

Again as another example, if you’re spending several hours per week on Pinterest. But it’s barely bringing you any traffic or subscribers, despite you consistently following an expert strategy for 3-6 months. Then you might need to evaluate if Pinterest is still valuable for your blog.

It could just be that your audience isn’t on Pinterest, as not all blog niches are popular on the Pinterest platform. (Something covered in detail as part of the Pinterest Power Kit.)

Like, I’ve heard things about cats being super popular with Instagram users. Or that Pinterest is strongly visual, so that blog niches, like crafts, fashion, and food, do particularly well there — while tech topics don’t.

Blog Planner For Bloggers To Get More Organized On Light Wood Background

Not All Blog Planners In 2022 Will Get You Results

Okay, so let’s be clear — not all planners are created equal, and they won’t all meet your needs.

Just using a blog planner won’t guarantee you’ll make money blogging because so much depends on you, your blog niche, and so much more. (#)

But if you’re truly serious about blogging to make money. Then a comprehensive blog planner will make it easier and more likely for you to get results.

So you should critically evaluate any planner before using it. This way, you can make sure that it does all of the things that you need. And has many of the benefits mentioned here in this blog post.

I mean, some blog planners are pretty and just a couple of sheets. But will it help you stay organized and productive with so few sheets?

Does it help you focus on the right metrics? Or is it just telling you to track things like followers or Pinterest monthly views, for example.

Even if a blog planner gives you plenty of sheets to use — Do they help you blog better? Will you use them?

Because if a blog planner doesn’t give you clear instructions on what you’re supposed to do, then even if it has tons of worksheets. It can be more of a hindrance than a help as you could end up focusing on the wrong tasks — resulting in you wasting time and never seeing results.

Blog Planner For Bloggers Woman Using Pen To Write Into Notebook

The Best Blog Planner For Bloggers In 2022

By now, you should realize that not all blog planners are made equal and to find the best blog planner for you. You’ll need to use a little bit of critical thinking and evaluation.

There are plenty of blog planners to choose from, but many are too simple and skip over many important details that you need to know as a blogger.

You could just customize a regular planner to adapt to your needs, but this is time-consuming and likely to leave you overwhelmed when starting with blogging.

And it’s why I put together the Blog Survival Planner to help ensure that these most vital areas are covered.

It will help you focus on the right tasks that will make a difference. So you can see results like getting blog traffic, creating products, and making money.

Who doesn’t want to see daily PayPal notifications in their inbox every morning while drinking coffee?

Overall, the Blog Survival Planner will help you see more results in less time by breaking down the essential blogging basics into a 12-month fool-proof plan.

Meaning that even if you have no clue what you’re supposed to focus on, this blog planner will tell you precisely what you need to do from day 1.

The Blog Survival Plan - A 12 Month Blog Plan + Key Features

What Exactly Is Inside The Blog Survival Planner?

Well, here are some more details:

A 12-month blog plan — to go step-by-step through your first year of blogging that will save you weeks of research from trying to figure out everything on your own.

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly goal sheets with review sheets to match — that will make tracking, analyzing, and improving your blog a breeze. So you can maximize your results.

Daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists — to help you stay focused and avoid blogging overwhelm by keeping things in manageable bite-sized chunks.

An editorial calendar and post idea worksheets — to keep your content creation running smoothly like a well-oiled machine so that you can create audience favorite articles time after time.

Daily affirmations — to take care of your biggest blog asset – YOU. Your blog will only see success if you have your head in the game. So these worksheets will help you get into the right mindset to kick butt during your limited blogging time.

Monthly expenses, income, and additional trackers — so you know how much revenue your blog is making and how your blog is growing overall.

You’ll also be able to grab bonuses, like:

  • The Bloggers Tactical Toolkit — to make sure you have the right tools to make blogging a breeze.
  • 30-day Launch Plan — to help you get through the initial hurdle of launching your blog in minimal time. (This one thing trips up so many new bloggers!)

It’s all designed to help you save weeks of research and planning before you can even start building your blog.

Layflat Blog Planner + Bonuses Full Spread V2

Final Thoughts On Using A Blog Planner To Grow Your Blog Successfully

Overall, blog planning can seem like a tedious extra task that you might feel tempted to skip. However, you’d be surprised how much better focused and productive you’ll be with one as you’ll be able to fly through critical tasks more efficiently.

Not using a blog planner is just a quick way to find yourself focusing on the wrong tasks. And you’ll just end up wasting your time — period.

You can’t afford to waste time with your already limited hours in the day. Because blogging is already slow and getting to that successful blog stage will take even longer this way. Or worse, you might never get there. (Blogging takes longer to see results than most realize.)

So don’t delay with your blog plans and get a blog-focused planner that will keep you on the right track today.

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