48+ FREE Places To Promote Your Blog Posts + Boost Traffic

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After starting a blog and creating your first few blog posts. The next issue is getting eyes on your content aka traffic. One important way to get more blog traffic. Is to find places to promote your blog posts after hitting publish.

Why? Because you should spend as much time promoting your content as you did creating it. Sometimes even more!

But where do you start?

Where is the best place to share your content?

How do you share your content without being overly spammy and promotional?

Is it okay to share your blog post in different places? Or will people just find your content without you needing to do any sharing. As surely that amazing content you just created. Will easily get found because of how much quality and effort you packed into it.


The idea that if you build something amazing that people will come on their own. Is a common misconception. You need to promote your amazing content otherwise it is unlikely anyone will even find it. It’s the sad truth. There is so much information out there that even amazing content will get buried. If you don’t spend the time getting it out there in front of people.

And to help you with that. I’ve compiled this massive list of 48+ free places to promote your blog posts after hitting publish. So you have tons of options to get started with.

Some of these are quick and simple. Whilst some require more of a time investment than others. Just be aware to get the most out of many of these links you may need to engage and communicate on the platform itself.

So, let’s go over each of these different places to promote your blog posts in a bit more detail.

48+ Free Places To Promote Your Blog Posts + Boost Traffic

Social media


Facebook Pages

One common place to share your blog posts is on your Facebook business page. Your business page is yours and doesn’t have additional rules you need to worry about. Like Facebook groups do. To make the maximum use of your business page though. You’ll need to get as many page likes as possible.

Facebook Groups

With sharing in Facebook groups, you should always check the group board rules. And try to avoid being overly promotional. You can do this by making sure your post is relevant and helpful. You’ll most likely have to share other people’s content in order to participate in these.

Tip: Look out for Facebook groups with promo days!


Another commonly used place you can submit your latest blog post to is Twitter.

Tweets are limited to 280 characters so make sure to keep things short and sweet. This is also a great way to let other bloggers know when you’ve mentioned them in your blog posts. By including their @username in the tweet too.

You can even use free tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or RecurPost. To regularly share your posts automatically to Twitter. As well as other platforms. As you can reshare you blog posts multiple times so long as you vary your tweet’s image or text. Otherwise you risk breaking their recent duplicate tweet rules. And getting your account suspended.

Tip: Try using some RT accounts to get even more reach, like this list by SkinnedCartree.

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Pinterest is an excellent place to start when starting out. As many of the other popular social media platforms. Like Facebook and Twitter. Have limited the organic reach of posts in favour of paid ads.

The audience on this platform includes a wide variety of niches. So it’s likely you can find a niche that your content can fit into here.

To starting submitting you’ll need to create a free Pinterest business account. And create Pinterest optimized images to make the maximum use of this platform. These images are usually either 600 x 900 px in size or anything that has a 2:3 ratio.

You should also ideally, embed your Pins into your blog posts. And craft Pinterest descriptions too. As, whilst Pinterest does focus on your images. Strong keyworded descriptions with hashtags are also important too.

So, make sure you have a Pinterest strategy in place. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself getting nowhere with this tricky platform.

Overall, there are several places on Pinterest. That you can consider sharing your blog posts to:

Your Own Topic-Specific Boards

Starting off with your own boards will help build your profile and get the ball rolling. Personal boards have had their exposure increased recently. Over the use of group boards.

Relevant & Keyworded Group Boards

Once you’ve got the hang of sharing your blog posts to your personal boards. It’s time to look for group boards to get even more exposure. Whilst group boards have been on the decline. They are still a valuable source of traffic when done right. So, consider looking for group boards using these methods. And aim for boards that have the right keywords in their name and description. That fit well in your niche.

Tailwind Tribes

Whilst still Pinterest related. Tailwind tribes are actually built outside of the platform. Nevertheless, they are still very powerful for driving traffic. And boosting your exposure on Pinterest itself. And what’s better is that Tailwind Tribes are free for the basic allowance of 30 submissions per month. If you want to submit more than that you’ll need to subscribe to one their plans.

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Similar to Pinterest you will need to create images for each of your blog posts. You can then submit the image as an Instagram story and link it to your blog post.

Hashtags are very important to help get your content found. With a Tailwind subscription, you can easily research popular hashtags. And even schedule your posts ahead of time. Which is a very unique and sought out feature that as only recently been available.

The major downside to Instagram stories is that they only last for 24 hours. Any other types of posts on Instagram do not get individual links other than those in your profile.


The niches on LinkedIn tend to focus on business, tech and marketing.

Add LinkedIn Articles To Your Profile

One of the places to promote your blog posts on LinkedIn involves resharing your blog posts to your profile’s feed. As syndicated LinkedIn articles. And you might find LinkedIn users might be more inclined to subscribe to these blog posts through LinkedIn. Compared to an email list. Since everything is within their platform.

LinkedIn Groups

Another of the places you can promote your blog posts within LinkedIn. Is to find LinkedIn Groups related to your content. Where you can share your links. As always keep in mind any group rules. And that you do more than just drop your links. As you should be contributing to the group and it’s discussions.


Have you ever considered turning your blog post into a video? As you could share that video on YouTube with its massive user base. And if you went to the trouble of creating a YouTube video. You could even convert the video into a Facebook native video too. Effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Unless you are already creating videos for your blog posts. This might require a significant amount of extra work for each blog post. But even so it is still worth considering.


One surprising place you might not have thought about. Is that you can add your posts to Tumblr. Just keep in mind these communities usually favours topics. That are more day-to-day life and highly visual. Like movies, games, food and artwork.

If you do decide to submit your posts to Tumblr also make sure to add relevant tags. A title and even an image can help make your blog post stand out even more.


Imgur is another platform you might associate with images a lot. More so than blog posts. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find a clever way to share your blog posts here.

For starters, you’ll need an image to post as the focus. Then you can upload it to Imgur and add your link on the end of the post. Generally, this works best for original images or GIFs that are related to your blog post.


This smartphone app is fairly new and a slightly different way for you to get your blog posts out into the world. Just keep in mind this platform focuses on social interactions. And the audience on SnapChat is fairly young with 90% of users being between 13-24 years old.


A place for readers to collect, save and annotate ideas. Simply find groups relevant to your content and submit your posts whilst adding tags.


The BeBee groups known as Hives can be a good place to share your blog posts. Especially if your content is business-related. Simply add your link as a Buzz into relevant Hives for people to find.

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Places To Share Your Blog Post After Hitting Publish That Work On Voting & Point Systems

Here are some places to promote your blog posts, that might require additional work. As they work on some kind of credit, points or voting systems.

Usually, this means reading, comment, and sharing other people’s work. Before you can promote your own. But these reciprocal relationships can often work well. When they are accountable and measurable.


Triberr is a place to collaborate with other bloggers to get your content shared. It does require you to engage with the platform by sharing others content to places like Twitter. Before your content is likely to get shared.

But generally, you should already be sharing other people’s content anyways. As content curation can help boost your own content. And establish yourself as the go to source of information for your niche.

Viral Content Bee (Previously Viral Content Buzz)

Viral Content Bee also has a similar concept to Triberr. You can gain more social shares from the big networks. Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more on this platform.

You’ll need to share other people’s content first to gain points before sharing your own. Which makes it mutually beneficial for all users.

When you submit your own content you can pick 1-3 categories and 1-2 hashtags to further increase your content’s exposure.


This is another option that works on a credit-like structure. You can gain credits by engaging with other bloggers. Which you can then use to invest in other blogger’s profiles or to promote your own content.

The benefits of this platform are a little different to other options here. But in general, you should benefit from not only getting your blog posts in front of other people. But also helping you to build connections with other bloggers in your niche.


A community of bloggers from various niches. Any content you submit will also be ranked by the amount of “King” likes you get. With more King likes getting you more exposure.

Commenting is also a big part of this platform. In that if you contribute quality comments on other bloggers posts. That are related to your niche.They will likely return this by commenting on your own content.


On BizSugar you can submit your posts related to small business, blogging, entrepreneurship and marketing as these niches are common here.

Submitting posts can be limited to only 1 link per 24 hours. So you will need to approach this platform gradually. Also, when submitting your posts make sure they fit into the category you’ve selected.

Any submitted posts that get approved will then be ranked based on how much sugar they receive. But the content you submit doesn’t have to just be written content. As BizSugar also accepts videos too!


Another of the many places to promote your blog posts. Is on AmplifyBlog. You can submit your content here and it will be upvoted or downvoted.

The website has two different views for content submitted. One with the newest articles that are shown regardless of votes. And the main home feed is populated with the best content. With the highest amount of upvotes and engagement.


On Quora your aim is to answer questions. Ideally, ones where your content can help provide the answer. Your answers should include a concise answer with your link. Either expanding on your point. Or providing evidence.

Tip: Keep an eye out for questions with low answers and high views.


Another of the many places to promote your blog posts is Reddit. But I strongly advise taking care when sharing to Reddit.

Why? Because Reddit communities don’t like promotional spam.

So you’ll need to contribute to the community in a helpful way. And only include your links when it is really needed to elaborate on a point you are trying to make. Don’t think you can fool anyone if all you post is a comment with your links. As all of your posting history is visible to other users. So make sure you don’t spam and provide meaningful contributions as you will get found out.

You’ll need to spend time engaging and contributing to relevant subreddits. Before you even begin to share your own links. Once you add your link or post it may or may not be upvoted.


Amino is a relatively new platform with a massive mobile community. Made of many different topics and subtopics. Much like Reddit. Try joining related communities to your blog content. To discuss, ask questions and share related blog posts.


One of the places to share your blog post after hitting publish is DoSplash. Whilst registering can take a bit of time as it is a manual process.

Once registered. Any blog posts you submit will be up or down voted on this platform. Which will affect the amount of traffic you can possibly get from it.


You can submit articles on Blokube. Which are submitted into a feed and promoted depending on upvotes only. Meaning the most useful content gets pushed to the top.

Blog Engage

Similar to Blokube. Submit your post to a category and see if it gets enough votes to be accepted. Depending on how well your content is voted you might find more or less traffic results here. Blog Engage voting has both up and downvoting.

Note: At the time of writing both Blog Engage and Blokube do not appear to have HTTPS or SSL setup correctly. So be careful with inputting things such as passwords.

Easy Retweet (Slow Loading URL)

If you use Twitter for traffic. Then you could also consider using a website called Easy Retweet. Which allows you to tweet other people’s content for credits. These credits can then be used for getting your own blog posts retweeted and traffic to your blog.

By default, new accounts start off with 200 free credits to help you get started.

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Social Bookmarking Places To Share Your Blog After Hitting Publish

Mix (Previously StumbleUpon)

Mix replaced StumbleUpon in June 2018. So this new platform is still quite new and might not offer the same benefits as it used to. But is still worth a shot as it is quick and easy to submit your latest blog posts here.


By submitting your blog posts to Flipboard. They can be used amongst the other content found on there to create magazines or boards of grouped ideas. You can even collaborate with other bloggers on this platform.

Like many other platforms listed here to ensure you share some of the other people’s content too. To avoid looking spammy and getting your account suspended. Some suggestions are to use an 80/20 rule.


Flickr has an image focus, like Imgur, Pinterest and Instagram. Although you can add links to the description of each image too. You could add images or even infographics for others to share here.

Article Directories

Make sure only to add your posts to quality directories or it could get you into trouble with your Google SEO. Most of these don’t require much time. As they just require submitting your links or RSS feed.


You can submit your posts. As well as create a feed of your content and other curated content that will be useful to your audience.


You can submit your blog posts to this platform automatically using your RSS feed. No other settings are required. You’ll need to get approved to submit your links though. So make sure your content is high quality and that you submit it to the right category.


This is easy to setup and automate, similar to AllTop. You’ll need to add a snippet of code to your blog to get this working. Then each time you publish a new post it will get submitted to BlogLovin’ for you using your RSS feed.


Another RSS feed platform you can use to share your blog post after hitting publish is Feedly. Once setup it will automatically submit your posts to the categories you have set.

Google News

If you produce a lot of content that could be classified as new for your niche. Then submitting your website here could be beneficial. With it being a Google directory, much like adding Google Ads to your blog. There are some strict technical requirements. And you need to get approved to add your submissions. It is recommended your blog content is:

  • Unique
  • Ideally multiple authors
  • Frequently updated (think daily)
  • + A focused niche
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Publishing Platform Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

These places to share your blog posts usually require a bit of time and strategy. As sometimes you may need to repurpose your existing content into a different format. Or publish additional content which leads back to your blog.


Rather than submit just a link to your blog, Medium requires a bit more work. You’ll need to either republish your blog posts, create a mini-blog post of sorts. That is related back to a post on your main blog. Or a personal favorite, create a snippet of your blog post. They also have the option to use their import feature.

You can add up to 5 relevant tags to each blog post you submit. And you should make sure to include several links that lead readers back to your blog.


Next up, SlideShare involves reusing some of your existing content. By converting your blog posts into slideshows.

You can do this by summarizing the highlights of your content in the form of slides. Whilst this might require extra work. It is likely less work than writing a brand new blog post. And can still yield lots of potential new traffic.

Heck, you could even use your slideshow to create a video for other platforms and kill two birds with one stone. Especially, if video marketing isn’t really your thing.

Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is another place to promote your blog post. Which you can use to republish your content. As well as adding a link, short description and 1-3 tags.

It is great for content related to business, design, blogging, social media, SEO and marketing. Also, you can add your social media links to your profile for added exposure.

Be careful not to spam this platform to avoid your account getting disabled. So if you have many blog posts you want to add. Try to spread them out.

Bored Panda

On Bored Panda you can republish posts or reshare parts of it and then link back to your main blog.

This platform is popular for content related to:

  • Video
  • Art & Photography
  • Animals
  • Travel
  • Movies & TV
  • Humour
  • DIY
  • + more.


Postach.io can be used to promote your blog posts but requires an Evernote account first.

Once you create an Evernote account and setup your free Postach.io blog. You can then connect the two together. Once connected you can simply clip your blog posts with Evernote. And tag them with the required published tag. Plus any others that are relevant. So that this clip is published to your Postach.io blog.


Like many of the other options in this section. EZineArticles requires writing some additional related content. That you can then use to link back to your blog using the resource box at the end of each post.

Additionally, you can connect your RSS feed to the platform to add your blog posts too.

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Niche Specific Sites

Here are some places to promote your blog posts that a highly niche specific. Depending on your blog topics you may or may not be able to use these.


Anything related to the WordPress platform can be shared here. But anything you add will be voted up or down on by users.


You can submit anything related to design on this discussion board. Including design ideas, articles and tools.


A place for the discussion and sharing of web development and programming content.


Another technology focused place to share your links. That is similar to DZone.


This community is mostly focused on art and design niches. But you can always try other types of content to see what works.

Other Places You Can Share Your Latest Blog Post

So far we’ve mostly covered specific websites you can use to promote your blog posts. Well, here are some additional ideas. That don’t quite fit in the above groups.

Leverage Your Own Blog’s Resources

When looking for free ways to share your latest blog post. Why not look at your blog? It seems like a strange suggestion. But you are likely already driving some traffic to your blog. So why not make the most of what you have by optimizing your blog to promote more of your content.

For example, you should make sure to:

  • Use a related posts plugin like Jetpack
  • Link to your other blog posts within each blog post’s content
  • Create a round-up of your own content which you can then promote in addition to each individual post.

Promote Your Blog Posts In Your Email Signature

Do you have a professional email signature setup for your blog’s email address? Or heck any email addresses you have in general. If not, then it might be time to consider creating one and using it to add your blog’s link to the signature.

Then everytime you email, you are also promoting your content too!

Use Your Newsletter Emails To Your Subscribers To Promote Your Latest Blog Posts

If you are running a blog, then you might have heard the importance of growing an email list. MailerLite is a free place you can start if you haven’t got your list yet.

Either way, think about it like this. When you send out an email newsletter, why not include a brief link to your latest blog post?

Other Forum Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

If you are part of any forums related to your niche then you can also take the same approach as you would on Reddit. By contributing valuable discussions. You may also find the chance to add your blog post links as a useful reference or answer to a question.

Blog Post Commenting

Commenting on other blog posts can always be a great way to build relationships. And collaborate with other bloggers. So long as it is done in a meaningful and thoughtful way. (Hint: it usually involves a bit more than ‘great post!’). Like asking questions, elaborating on points and adding to the discussion. Is usually what you should aim for.

But one overlooked aspect is that often when creating a commenter’s profile you will be asked for a website. This is the perfect opportunity to add your blog link!

In particular, blogs that use the commenting system CommentLuv. Will allow you to add your latest blog post to the end of your comment.

Participate In Roundups To Help Promote Your Blog Posts

Sometimes you might come across bloggers looking for contributors to submit their links. So that the blogger can add them to their roundup post.

By getting your content included in these types of posts. You’ll get a valuable backlink to your blog which is not only good for getting traffic. But also for your SEO too, so long as the roundup blog post is relevant.

Tip: A good way to find roundups is to try looking for roundup groups on Facebook or using Google search.

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Avoid These Places To Promote Your Blog That Are No longer Active

Whilst researching for places to promote blog posts. There were quite a few I came across that no longer work. I’ve included these here for clarification.

Google+ was recently shut down and is no longer available in 2019.

Storify no longer available.

Inbound.org currently replaced by Growth.org. But the new website hasn’t been fully released yet.

Whilst Yahoo Answers is still available. This platform that seems similar to Quora is no longer a place where you can promote your blog posts. As any outbound links you include with your answers are deleted.

Klinkk is no longer accepting submissions and is simply a blog now. As the community became too much to maintain and was closed 20th March 2018.

Delicious previously known as Del.icio.us is no longer available. As it was discontinued in June 2017 when the platform was acquired by Pinboard.

Whilst Digg.com (previously known as Digg It) is still available to use, it is currently at the time of writing. Throwing up some serious security warnings in my browser. So I’ve listed it here until the issue gets resolved. As I take security very seriously.

Technorati the link-sharing website that focuses on technology no longer exists. And seems to direct to an advertising company instead now.

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Recap Of These 48+ Places To Promote Your Blog Posts After Hitting Publish

Firstly, there are a lot of places to promote your blog posts here! So don’t feel you need to go away and do them all right now. You also shouldn’t feel you need to share all your blog posts to all the same places.

Some of the places listed here are niche specific. So make sure you are only sharing your content to these places if it is relevant.

What I do suggest, is that you start off small and easy to begin with. There are several places to promote your blog posts. That don’t require a lot of time or effort. Such as those that run from your RSS feed. Like BlogLovin’, for example.

Then you can gradually expand to more resource demanding platforms for sharing your blog posts.

Your Mileage May Vary With These Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

Every blog is different. Depending on your niche, style and more. You will likely find your content gets better results on different platforms.

So, test and review your results! Checking your Google Analytics on a monthly basis to see your results. And keeping track of how long you spend on these platforms. Can give you an accurate measure of which of these places to promote your blog posts. Are giving the best return on your investment of time and effort!

The Places To Promote Your Blog Posts Can Vary A Lot

Although this list is huge. It is probably not a 100% exhaustive list. There are more options out there that I might have missed. And there are some ideas I’ve completely left out on purpose because they didn’t seem to fit. So if you stumble across something not listed here. It doesn’t mean it can’t be used as one of the many places to promote your blog posts.

Also, many of these types of sites can change frequently. New ones appear all the time. And older ones can stop working. So if you spot any that no long work, feel free to let me know so I can update it. As whilst I will try to keep this list updated 48+ places to promote your blog posts. Are a lot of websites to keep track of!

Google Dislikes Duplicate Content

Lastly, be mindful of duplicate content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content and it can hurt your SEO if you are not careful. I am no expert on what counts as duplicate content to Google. So do your research before republishing an entire blog post on any of these platforms.

So, have you tried any of these places to promote your blog posts before? Are there any on this list that you’ve found, that I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments below!

If you found this blog post useful then please consider taking a few seconds to share it to your favorite social media platform!

48+ free ways to boost your blog traffic

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