15 Realistic Blogging Tips To Write Blog Posts Fast

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Blogging Tools And Resources To Help Write Blog Posts Quickly

Have you ever seen one of those blog posts? That tells you, how to write a blog post fast in 30-60 minutes?

These blog posts seem to be becoming increasingly common lately.

And they might suggest that this is the kind of speed you should be writing your new content.

However, these posts do not take into account the many moving parts of blog posts. Like:

  • Your knowledge of the topic
  • How much research you need to do for SEO
  • Additional tasks like creating images or social media posts
  • The tools that you use
  • The kind of topic you are talking about. A technical post might be longer and harder to write compared to something more personal.
  • The total length of the words you write. Can also affect how long it takes
  • Plus many more factors

The Reality Of How To Write A Blog Post Fast

In reality, writing a blog post fast in 30-60 minutes. Often isn’t the whole truth.

Google and your audience want quality content.

In terms of Google search engine optimization. This usually means 1,200 words or more.

So, this means that your blog post should be long and in-depth.

And, well, writing long quality content takes time!

It’s not so simple to write an in-depth blog post like this. In less than 30-60 minutes.

How do I know this?

I have been writing blog posts for 2 years now.

And despite my best efforts it still takes me 8-10 hours to write a complete blog post.

The keyword here is complete.

Writing a blog post is more than just writing a quick first draft.

There is a lot that goes into it. After all, you cannot publish something without editing.

Or things like images, social media posts, and doing your research.

So if you feel like you are taking too long. This might not be true.

So try not to be too hard on yourself!

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Blogging Tips To Write Blog Posts Fast For Bloggers

Writing Blog Posts Fast & Avoiding Perfectionism

You should however, be careful about perfectionism with your blog posts. So make sure to set yourself limits.

Otherwise, you might never get anything published.

When it comes to writing you should focus on getting things down first. And then editing it later.

One of the best ways to get your blog posts written and your words onto paper. Is to make sure you are writing a rough draft first.

This means ignoring things like spelling, capitalization, and general formatting.

You can even ignore the order that you write things down.

After all, you can always go back and change things later.

15 Realistic Blogging Tips To Write Blog Posts Fast

Blogging Tips To Write Blog Posts Fast

So what are my top hacks? For reducing the amount of time it takes me to write my blog posts. That I have learned over the past two years.

Sure I don’t write a blog post in 30-60 minutes. It takes me much longer.

But the aim of this blog post is to give you realistic tips. That will help cut down significantly on the time it takes you to write your next blog post.

Because if one of these tips can half the time it takes to do a specific task. Then that’s a huge improvement. Even if it still takes much more than 60 minutes for you to write a complete blog post fast.

Even today, after 2 years of blogging. I am still testing out new ways to write blog posts fast. So there’s always more room to learn and improve!

So what are the best realistic tips to write blog posts fast?

1. Create A Bank of Post Ideas

If you had to come up with a blog post tomorrow. Would you have an idea for it?

Or would you have to struggle to come up with a new idea from scratch?

This is why having a bank of post ideas you can pull from. Can be extremely helpful when you’re drawing a blank.

If you have a collection of ideas already written down. When it comes to picking topics for your new content. Then it is much easier and faster to pick from ideas you already have.

There is nothing worse than needing to write a new post fast and being stuck for any ideas.

I like to keep all the ideas I think of in a dedicated Trello board. And whenever I have an idea I add it straight away to this board. Even if I might not use it.

2. Plan Out Your Content In Advance

Blogger White Desk With Keyboard Mouse And Monitor With Infographic

In addition to having a bank of post ideas. You should also be planning out which of these ideas you intend to use in advance.

If you are only picking and choosing one idea from many every time you create new content. Then this can be very time-consuming.

If you are like me. Then you might struggle to decide what to do next.

Instead, you can get your blog posts written faster. If you try selecting several ideas from your bank of ideas at once.

Sometimes it can even be helpful to stick to a theme. That consists of several topics that are from similar topics.

For example, if you write one blog post a week. You could pick 4 topics at once to do for the month.

This way when you are writing new content. You do not have to keep searching through the big list of ideas first.

3. Write Blog Posts Fast By Creating An Outline First

Bloggers Notebook Tablet And Coffee Ready To Write Blog Posts Fast

Do you write an outline for your blog posts first?

If you don’t you could be making things harder for yourself. As well as slowing down your writing.

Writing an outline for your blog posts. Can help you to write blog posts fast. Because you don’t have to pause to remind yourself what you meant to write next.

So having an outline can help you to keep your writing flowing. Making it much easier and quicker to write. Speeding up the whole process.

Creating an outline might seem like an extra task. That will just slow down your writing process.

But your outlines should not take long to create. They should be a rough list of bullet points. That helps get your main ideas across.

4. Keep Your First Draft Rough

Write blog posts fast by making a rough first draft to begin with

Sometimes the hardest part about creating a new blog post. Is getting down the initial writing.

Because of this. One of the best tips you can use to write blog posts fast. Is that you should keep your first draft rough.

By this I mean you should write your ideas down as fast as you can.

But ignore fixing typos, capitalization, phrasing, and structure.


Because you can always go back and edit.

The idea is that you don’t stop writing until you’ve got everything written down.

I also like to use shorthand when writing like this. For example, I like to use TK to remind me to add links or check what I wrote was accurate.

I’ll also use something like IMG whenever I know I want to add an image to a section of my blog post.

5. Make The Most Of Tools For Proofreading & Grammar

Next, let’s look at some tools that can help speed up your writing. By making editing a breeze.

My favorites are things like Grammarly and the Hemingway app.

Correct Mistakes Quickly Using Grammarly To Speed Up Editing

Grammarly Tool To Help Write Blog Posts Faster

Firstly, Grammarly is a tool you can use. That can speed up fixing spelling and grammar mistakes in your blog posts.

As I mentioned earlier, you want to start with writing a rough first draft. This often means you will end up with plenty of mistakes you need to fix.

Also, you may find that your writing may not make the most sense.

This is where Grammarly comes in. As it can quickly analyze your writing. And highlight spelling mistakes and grammar issues.

You can then quickly fix these with a few clicks.

Keep in mind, that Grammarly is not perfect. And you should still manually proofread your writing!

But it is a quick way to fix the majority of mistakes in your writing. So that you have fewer to find later.

Improve Readability Faster By Using The Hemingway App

Hemingway Tool To Help Write Blog Posts Faster

The Hemingway app is another tool you can use to improve your writing.

However, compared to Grammarly. It is used for making your writing clearer and easier to read.

It is important that your writing makes sense and is easy to read. Overwise people will skip and ignore your content.

But writing in an easy to understand way. Can be time-consuming in terms of editing your writing.

The Hemingway app solves this by highlighting the areas you need to focus on. With color-coded highlights to identify hard to read sentences. As well as the use of adverbs and passive voice.

6. Write Blog Posts Fast By Batching Similar Tasks Together

One of my favorite techniques for saving time when writing blog posts fast. Is to group things into what’s called batches. So I am working on similar tasks all at once.

You may have heard of this before. But if you haven’t tried it yet then you totally should.

Now batching can sound vague. So let me tell you how I use it to write blog posts fast.

As I have already mentioned. I have a bank of blog post ideas.

I pick several ideas for the entire month ahead. Sometimes more.

Once I have my ideas. I start researching keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

This means I am doing this for all my selected blog post ideas all at once.

The next stage is to write the outlines for each blog post. At this point, I will also do any research that is needed.

Before I then move on to writing a rough full draft for each blog post.

This method continues on to:

  • Editing my writing
  • Creating all the blog post images
  • Writing social media posts
  • Uploading to WordPress Gutenberg & final settings

As you can see I’m batching together all the similar tasks and stages.

Batching doesn’t work if you are trying to write a blog post from scratch to completion. And then moving on to a second blog post and so forth.

Batching only works if you are doing similar tasks. So keep this in mind if you try to adapt this productivity hack yourself.

The Difference Between Batching & Not Batching To Write Blog Posts Fast

Bloggers Planning How To Create Content Quickly For Their Blog

I’ve tried batching and not batching for writing my blog posts.

And I can confirm, I definitely get more stuff done when I batch.

When I am not batching my blog posts and writing one new post each week. It feels like I never get anything done.

And like I’m in an endless cycle of creating new content.

So if you feel the same. Then this tip to write blog posts fast might be exactly what you need.

By batching like this you can also save time for your other blog projects. As there is nothing worse than stopping and starting a project you were working on.

For example, if you are trying to write an e-book it is much easier to focus on writing this for a solid block of time. Which is only possible if you are not having to stop for other tasks.

By using this method I am able to write my content for a full month in one week.

Whilst this might seem like a lot. (Because it is.)

It is much more efficient than me taking from Monday to Thursday to fully polish a blog post.

As this meant that I was only getting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to work on other tasks.

Often, this isn’t enough if you are working on a big project. So you may find you are unable to finish it within those few days.

Now by getting all my content written in one week. I am able to spend up to 3 weeks working on other projects. Plus it is far less likely I will have to stop and start a project with gaps of time in between.

7. Do Things In A Way That Makes Sense To Write Blog Posts Fast

Female Blogger Using Laptop To Type Blog Post Fast

Now, this might sound vague. But the best way to maximize your efficiency when writing a blog post. Is to make sure you are doing things in an order that makes sense to you.

Your process needs to flow.

How can you do this?

Well, consider it this way…

If you try to create your social media graphics before you’ve written your blog post. Then it might make things slow and difficult to do.

Since you haven’t written the content yet. It’s hard to get a firm grip on what you are targeting.

Worst case you may end up redoing stuff. If your idea has changed from the original.

Here’s the order I use to write blog posts fast. Feel free to use it yourself.

But also don’t feel like you are restricted to this order either.

  • Selecting blog post ideas for the month
  • Do search engine optimization (SEO) research for keywords
  • Gather background research on the selected topics
  • Outline each blog post
  • Create a rough first draft ignoring spelling and grammar
  • Edit the rough drafts to final drafts
  • Create images for the blog post
  • Create Pinterest images and descriptions to include in the post
  • Write posts for other social media platforms
  • Import to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor for final settings & scheduling

8. Make A Blog Post Checklist & Follow It

Female Blogger Typing At Her Laptop To Create Her Blog Content

Following on from my previous point of creating a workflow that makes sense.

You should create a checklist of the tasks you must do for each blog post. In the order that should be done.

The checklist should cover all of the individual steps you need to take to write your blog post.

You can create your checklist in whatever software or app you prefer.

For example, I created mine in Trello.

Make sure your checklist includes as much detail as possible. So that you do not forget any important steps.

Remember you can always go back and tweak your checklist too. Because as time goes on things can change and you might have new ideas on how to improve it.

9. Use A Text Expander Tool

Phraseexpress Free Text Expander

Have you ever heard of a text expander before?

These are tools you can install on your computer. That’s can then read your writing. And depending on what you set up in the tool. It can expand a word or phrase to something much longer.

Now what this means is that you can set up things like a code or shortcut to help save on keystrokes.

Because eventually, we all hit a wall on how many words per minute we can type.

For example, I write the word WordPress Gutenberg editor extremely often.

Now this phrase has a lot of characters and capital letters.

In fact, it is exactly 26 letters including 3 capital letters.

So what I have done with my text expander, called PhraseExpress which is free to use. Is I have shortened this into #wpge.

Now, every time I type #wpge PhraseExpress will convert this to WordPress Gutenberg editor.

So I’m exchanging 29 keystrokes for 5 instead.

Now, stop and imagine for a minute.

How much faster will your typing be? If you can shorten words and phrases that are 29 keystrokes down to only 5.

This is simply so much faster. That you have to try it for yourself to fully understand its impact.

It’s hard to give exact examples that will help you. Because your writing will differ from mine.

Since everyone’s writing is unique. Plus everyone’s blogging niche can use different words and vocabulary.

It all depends on your topic and style.

So if you feel like your typing speed has hit a wall. Consider trying and researching a text expander. Like PhraseExpress.

10. Write Blog Posts Fast Using Dictation To Speak Your Writing

If you find that your typing speed is too slow for your brain. Then you may find that dictating your blog posts is much easier and faster.

What is dictation? It is the process of speaking out loud what you want to write and an app converting your speech to text.

This is something I have been recently experimenting with myself.

I struggle at speaking my thoughts out loud. But despite this, my first few attempts have allowed me to write nearly 4000 words in 1 hour.

This is at least 4 times faster than my typing speed.

I have also seen reports of people being able to speak 5000 words in an hour using dictation. Such as novel writers.

Or bloggers using dictation while they are cooking in the kitchen. And even cleaning the bathroom. Meaning it is possible to work on other tasks. Or create content while you are busy away from the computer.

There are many different tools that can help you do this. For example, Google Docs has its own speech to text tool.

But I’ve had the most success with Otter.ai. Since it is AI-based it improves over time as it understands how I speak the more I use it.

Otter.ai Speech To Text Tool For Dictating Blog Posts

Best of all you can use it for free. Though you are limited by some features and up to 6000 minutes of recording.

It’s important to note with this tip to write blog posts fast. That you do need a good-quality microphone to use with the apps. Though you might be able to use your smartphone instead.

If you feel like using speech to text apps to write your blog posts won’t fit into your workflow. Then I urge you to reconsider and at least try it out using Otter.ai with your smartphone.

Because even as someone who sucks at speaking my ideas verbally. I was able to write my blog posts faster by at least 4 times!

All I needed to do was make sure I had a decent outline set out first.

11. Create Templates You Can Reuse To Write Blog Posts Fast

Desk Flat Lay Of Badges A Pen Keyboard And Magazine

Chances are when you are writing a blog post. You are repeating the creation of the same social media graphics. For every blog post, you write.

So this is when creating a template might make sense. After all the same graphic for Facebook should be the same size for all your blog posts, right?

So you can use this information to create templates for things like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Featured images

This is especially true for Pinterest images. Especially since Pinterest is now wanting more fresh images on their platform.

You can even buy templates if design isn’t your thing. Like this monthly subscription for Pinterest templates. That I use by Carly Campbell.

12. Use WordPress Gutenberg Reusable Block To Write Blog Posts Fast

If you are using the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Which I hope you are. Because the Classic editor might not always be there.

Then you should make use of reusable blocks.

If you haven’t come across these before. I have a complete step-by-step guide you can follow here.

How can reusable blocks help you to write blog posts fast?

Well, you can use reusable blocks to create blocks as templates.

These are useful if you are creating the same blocks for each of your blog posts. Examples of this might be:

  • Click to tweet boxes
  • Table of contents
  • Calls to action
  • Information or tip boxes
  • Email opt-in forms
  • + Any other types of blocks that you consistently add to your blog posts

13. Consider Using Google Docs Over WordPress Gutenberg

Bloggers Laptop With Coffee And Biscuits

Do you sometimes find writing in WordPress Gutenberg clunky and awkward?

Sometimes the workflow in WordPress is not the best. As there are lots of distractions.

This is particularly true in the WordPress Gutenberg editor. I find that longer blog posts can become sluggish when typing. Due to all the individual blocks.

Because of this I actually write all of my blog posts in Google Docs instead.

So I don’t have to worry about things being slow and sluggish. I also don’t have to worry about losing my work. If I suddenly lose power or my computer crashes. As Google Docs is constantly saving things in the background.

You can write your entire blog post in Google Docs. Including adding things like:

  • Hyperlinks
  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Bold
  • Italics

However, you cannot usually add images and other things to your blog posts using this method. It can be hit-and-miss if it does work.

So I usually stick to the things I have listed above. And when I have a final draft. I copy and paste this straight into WordPress Gutenberg.

The WordPress Gutenberg editor has no problem in turning my Google docs text. Into the individual blocks and carrying over all my links and formatting.

So once I’ve pasted my blog post into the WordPress Gutenberg Editor. I can focus on adding final touches like images and settings.

Just try out for yourself. Believe me, you will be surprised at how well this workflow helps.

14. Automatically Optimize Your Images Using WordPress

How are you handling your images when you upload them to WordPress?

One of the best ways to save time and write blog posts fast. Is to automate repetitive tasks whenever you can.

When it comes to your blog posts optimizing your images is something you must do every time.

You can do this manually. But I find that it is extremely easy to automate using a WordPress plugin.

In particular, I find that image compression plugins like ShortPixel and TinyPNG. Are the best out there that you can use.

How To Use Shortpixel In WordPress Using The Image Optimizer Plugin

Even if you are a new blogger these tools are free to try. And if the free allowances aren’t enough. They are cheap to buy more credits for. As you are only paying a small amount to optimize each image.

Because I have ShortPixel installed on my blog. I can easily drag and drop images directly into my blog posts. Without having to worry about optimizing them beforehand.

This definitely speeds up my process. So I hope it will help yours too.

15. Take A Writing Challenge

Blogfiti 7 Day Writing Challenge

This tip goes one step further than batching. Whilst you can still use batching.

You could also use a writing challenge. Like the one created by Kelly at BlogFiti.com.

With this kind of challenge, you’ll be using the tools created for the challenge. That usually includes some sort of planner or worksheets to fill in.

The challenge from BlogFiti will have you do nothing but writing for 7 entire days.

You’ll definitely need motivation and determination to stick to this sort of method. But the results can be tremendous. As it is like getting yourself into the ultimate writing flow for a whole week.

Plus whatever you write. You can go back to and edit to create fully polished blog posts.

You can find full details on the challenge, the resources and how it works here.

Recap Of The Best Hacks To Help Write Blog Posts Fast

Female Blogger On Sofa In Blue Dress Learning How To Write Blog Posts Faster

There are many different ways to speed up your methods to write blog posts fast.

This is just a list of the best tips that I use myself and have found them to work.

What works for you will vary depending on your own workflow and how you like to do things.

You should always try out new things. Even if you think they might not work. As you might find yourself surprised and armed with a new trick up your sleeve.

If they don’t work. Then don’t worry there are plenty of other ideas to try to speed up writing blog posts.

Also, these ideas don’t just apply to writing your next blog post. You can use these ideas to write any content. Like writing an ebook all your emails.

Some can even apply to creating images and graphics for your blog. For example, batching can be applied to anything.

Overall, quality blog posts take time!

So you should not feel like you have to rush. And you shouldn’t feel like you are doing a bad job. Just because it takes you a certain amount of hours to create a blog post.

Just ask yourself the question on whether you are being too much of a perfectionist sometimes.

Because there is no such thing as a perfect blog post. Just pretty epic ones!

And if you are new to blogging. Keep in mind that you will get faster with more experience.

I hope these ideas will help you. And I would love to hear which ideas are your favorite. Or if you have come up with any of your own?

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Blogging Tips To Write Blog Posts Fast For Bloggers

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