24 Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers (They Will Actually Want)

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Stuck on blogger gift ideas for Christmas? You’re in luck then! As these practical gift ideas for bloggers are a must-have for the blogger in your life. Or even yourself if you are a blogger too! 

It doesn’t matter if they are travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, food bloggers. Or any other blogging topic that comes to mind. Heck, these blogging gifts can even work for birthdays too!

And you know what? As a full-time blogger myself. I always get asked what I want for Christmas and my birthday, both at the same time. As they are super close together for me (a couple of weeks apart). Which makes things twice as hard for me to come up with gift ideas.

Well, I’ve always loved practical gifts! You know, the kind that you’ll actually use. Rather than chocolate and sweets. Because there is already way too much food and goodies around the holidays. That makes me feel like I need to roll myself around the house. Because I am just so stuffed full all the time.

And that’s why I thought that this year. I would come up with practical gift ideas for bloggers that will grow my blog. As blogging has become a pretty big and important part of my life. Making it the perfect source for practical gift ideas for bloggers just like me.

So, if you are looking for practical gifts for bloggers. Whether you are on a budget or looking to splash a little. Then you’ve come to the right place. As I’ve put together a list of blogger gift ideas that bloggers would likely hug you to death for. Because let’s face it. Being a blogger is quite mysterious. It isn’t exactly clear what it is that we do or what we even use.

You can even use this list to look for blogging gifts for yourself. If you are also a blogger and like me find that your friends and family just don’t know what to get you! 😉

Before we get on with the list though. Here are some general tips for blogging gifts to keep in mind. (That will work for any gift buying that you do.)

Basic Tips For Picking The Right Blogging Gifts For Your Blogger

Everyone is different, right? So, whilst every blogger might want these items at some point or another. Where your blogger friend is at in their journey, as well as their individual needs and personality. Can have a big impact and what is a complete hit. Compared to a bit of a miss.

With this in mind. Talk to your blogger about their blogging journey. Get interested and learn what they have to say. You’ll quickly learn what they like, hate and what they are already using. So you don’t accidentally get them something they already have.

In fact, if you keep this list in mind with the ideas you are leaning towards. You can ask the right questions to find out if your idea is a good one. Hopefully, without giving away to your intentions for buying them some blogging gifts.

Honestly, this idea works outside of blogger gifts too. And it’s how I never get stuck on what to buy someone. I just plan ahead, by a month or two. So I can start making a list of gift ideas for the person I have in mind.

Like, is your blogger complaining about the look of their blog? Then consider gift ideas for bloggers like a blog theme from Restored316.

Are they struggling with Pinterest? Then why not get them some pin design templates, a course for learning how to make pretty pin designs. Or even a Tailwind subscription to free up some of their time?

Heck, if there is anything they talk to you about related to what they feel they are struggling with. Then there’s a high chance of there being a digital course out there to help solve it.

Sure, this might seem painfully obvious. But you’d be surprised how people talk about certain struggles and annoyances. Without actually thinking, “Hey, I’ll go buy this to solve my problem.” 

In fact, in many cases, they probably won’t because they are not sure about paying for it. Or it’s just not in their budget right now.

Right, so now let’s take a look at the gift guide for bloggers!

24 Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers They Will Actually Want

1. Blog Planners & Notebooks

The perfect gifts for bloggers who want to be more organized or like to plan.

It might seem strange to suggest a paper and pen method in relation to blogging. After all, blogging is all very digital and online. But you’d be surprised just how effective a quality planner or notebook can be. For organizing the chaotic life of a blogger.

So, for blogger gift ideas to help with organization. Consider different planners or notebooks. Like this beautiful 17 month planner. (Currently Aug. 2018 to Dec. 2019 version!)

Wildwood Weekly Planner gift for bloggers in light blue

Or this daily planner that’s split into monthly tabs. (Currently Jan. 2020 to Dec. 2020 version.)

Bloom Daily Planner with quote the best is yet to come

You can also find pretty planners that focus on nurturing different parts of our lives. Like this #GrowthMindSet Box from the Happiness planner. Or their other beautiful planner options. To help the blogger in your life to organize and take the action steps they need to grow their blog.

Or if you think that your blogger might prefer a more customizable planner. Why not consider giving them a plain lined notebook. That could be used for creating a Bullet Journal.

Set of 3 floral planner gifts for bloggers

Tip: Dated planners, should ideally be for the next year (2020). However, some of these next year versions might not be available until closer to the end of the year. So, keep an eye out for this when buying blogging gifts like this.

Notebook And Planner Gift Ideas For Bloggers With Purple Colorful Creative Page Spread

2. Inspirational Gifts

The perfect gifts for all bloggers (because we all have bad days and moments of doubt!)

No matter what you might have been told. Blogging is actually hard and quite lonely at times. Which is why I consider inspirational blogging gifts to be very practical. After all, a powerful quote can urge you to take action. By reminding you why you are doing something and most importantly to not give up. This is a big deal for bloggers!

So why not consider giving inspirational or motivational gifts. They’ll really be a huge driving force when those inevitable bad days and thoughts of doubt kick in. My favorite places for these types of blogger gift ideas. Are the tried and trusted Not on the Highstreet and Etsy’s popular inspirational gifts.

Blogging Essentials

3. Hosting

The best gift ideas for bloggers who are using a free platform or haven’t created their blog (yet!)

If you or your blogger friend are still using a free platform to blog. Consider gifting them with a paid subscription plan with a popular beginner platform. Such as Bluehost or SiteGround. I currently use Bluehost myself, but I’m hoping to move up onto Siteground as an upgrade.

Hosting is the biggest blogging essential any blogger can have. By gifting your blogger with a hosting subscription. You can help to grow their dream and get more eyeballs on their content.

4. Blog Themes

The best gift for bloggers who want to update their blog design.

When starting a blog it can be hard to justify spending money on a blog’s design. Though I’ve always believed it was totally worth it when I first started. If your blogger is using WordPress. You could consider buying a blog theme like those created by Restored 316. Which are not only beautiful and practical. They are also optimized to get results too.

Or even one of the many high-quality themes by StudioPress. Just make sure you check if any additional resources are needed. Like some themes require the Genesis framework.

You should also get your blogger to choose the theme themselves. As there are too many options to really pick something for them. Unless they’ve specifically mentioned a theme that they specifically want. You can even try Restored 316’s little quiz to help you choose a theme if you both get stuck on what to pick.

Oh and if you prefer to give wrapped gifts. You can easily do this with a card that includes the details written inside. Like, “Free blog theme from Restored316.” That way you can still wrap something to surprise them with.

Practical Blogger Gift Ideas For Books And Courses

Blogging Books & Courses

The perfect gifts for bloggers who are just starting out.

Believe it or not – us bloggers are constantly learning. This is especially true for new bloggers as the learning curve is steep. There is just so much to learn. Thankfully, if your blogger is struggling with something. Then there’s probably a course out there that covers it in great detail.

Here are some essential courses you should consider as blogger gifts. Just be sure that your blogger friend doesn’t have them already. As they are pretty popular!

5. Ready, Set, Blog – Blogging Basics & Traffic Course

This blogging course is perfect for beginners. As it will help take your blogger through all the basic and intermediate steps. That they need to create a solid strategy to get visitors to their blog.

Ready Set Blog Course for blogging beginners by Twins Mommy

6. Pinteresting Strategies Course

This Pinterest course used to be an ebook. And is one of the best learning resources Pinterest bloggers can get their hands on. Especially at its extremely affordable ($47). Compared to the many other Pinterest courses out there that are often $300+.

So, if you don’t know what SEO is. All you need to know is that it is how Google decides the order of websites shown. Whenever someone uses Google’s search. This is important for every blogger to learn about. Which makes both of these eBooks from Debbie Gartner a super gift for any blogger.

Where to get? You can choose to buy either the Easy SEO Backlinks book here or the On-Page SEO eBook here. If you are considering getting both. Then you can get them both in a discounted bundle here.

8. The Best Email Marketing Courses & Books

Everyone says that the money is in the list. Basically, this little phrase means growing an email list as a blogger is important. As it is where bloggers can make the most money. So with email marketing being such a crucial part of blogging. Why not give them blogging gifts to help them master this strategy.

Kate Doster is a guru for this kind of strategy. Which is why I recommend getting her Email Marketing Fairy eBook as it is the perfect way to get started. You’ll also never look at email marketing the same way ever again. It is a must for every blogger’s toolkit. No matter how long they have been blogging.

Heck, you can even get her 2 years worth of email templates here. That’s like 2 years worth of gifts for your blogger friend rolled into one!

Practical Gifts For Bloggers That Use Photography


Is your blogger known to take a lot of photos? Are they all over Instagram with selfies or their latest stylish look? Or do they post lots of tasty images of their best cooking recipes?

If any of these are true. Then likely your blogger will appreciate some photography related blogging gifts.

9. DSLR Camera

Good gift ideas for bloggers who are food bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, Instagram bloggers and more.

DSLR cameras are the most sought after type of camera for bloggers who do their own photography. If your blogger does a lot of photos for their blog. As a food blogger, lifestyle, fashion blogger or just a blogger who is on Instagram a lot. Then this can be a huge upgrade compared to using their smartphone camera.

For a budget DSLR camera expect the price to be $200+. You can find a wide range of quality choices on both amazon and specialist websites like Keh.com.

Make sure to do your research as there are many different models. Or if in doubt always ask the blogger you have in mind. Especially when it comes to more pricey gift ideas for bloggers like this.

Also, you should ensure your blogger will benefit from this type of gift. Not all blogs require a lot of photography. I personally don’t do much myself for example. Because many of my blog posts are tutorials for doing things at the computer. Meaning I can take screenshots for most of the images I need. The rest of my images are often stock images like these here.

10. Photography Accessories (Lens, Bags + More)

Gift items for bloggers who already own a camera.

If the blogger you have in mind already has a camera. Then why not consider getting some accessories for it instead. Find out what type of camera your blogger has. Then you can find some compatible accessories. Such as lenses, tripods, and bags.

Or you can consider getting something less dependant on their camera type. Such as lighting, backdrops or even mobile phone editing sets. (For bloggers on the move all the time and refuse to part with their smartphone.)

11. Photography Course For Food Bloggers

The perfect gift for food bloggers to wow everyone with their latest food photos.

Do you know any food bloggers? Then this might be one of the best gift ideas for bloggers to fit their needs. As they will likely be doing all their own photos already. This course can help take their food photos to the next level. You’d be shocked at the difference this how to master food photography ebook by Pinch of Yum can make.

12. Stock Photography Subscription

A good gift for a blogger who wants to spend less time doing photography.

Taking photos of everything yourself can be pretty time-consuming. And if bloggers could have more of something. It would definitely be more time. This is where stock photography subscriptions come in as practical gifts for bloggers.

So, if you want your blogger to have access to beautiful images that they can use on their blog or in their social media. Even if they don’t have time to take some photos themselves. Or the weather just isn’t playing along. (Evil grey skies!) Then consider getting a stock photo subscription like with Ivory Mix.

Gift Ideas For Bloggers Related To Taking And Editing Images

13. Image Editing Tools

The perfect gifts for all bloggers who want more out of their image tools.

Speaking of all this photography and stock images. What about some gift ideas for bloggers that are related to editing images? Whilst not all bloggers do a lot of photography. Every single blogger will do some sort of image editing. As images are what helps bring our blog posts to life. So every blog post needs to have at least a few images.

The top popular tools that bloggers often consider getting a premium subscription with. Are places like Canva, PicMonkey or Adobe Photoshop.

As these upgraded versions often come with better and often unique tools. That are not available in free software versions. As well as extra flexibility, automation to speed up workflows. And sometimes even premium images that bloggers can use in their designs and images. That would normally cost extra.

In particular, Canva is a high priority for any blogger who uses Pinterest. As Pinterest is currently focusing on video pins. And Canva’s paid subscriptions. Now includes a quick way for bloggers to turn their static designs. Into animated graphics which are perfect for making these video pins.

Tech & Gadgets

Every blogger uses a computer or laptop to manage their blog. Some even swap between the two.

If your blogger only has the option of one place to blog from. Then why not consider blogger gift ideas that might allow them to work more comfortably from other locations. Or even just some upgrades to their current workspace. If they seem pretty happy with their location already.

Blogging Gifts Such As Being Able To Blog Outside With A Laptop

14. A Laptop To Blog On The Go

The perfect gifts for bloggers who are travel bloggers or just like to blog away from a stationary desk.

Would your blogger enjoy blogging out in the garden or even from the comfort of their bed? If so a laptop (while a pricey gift) can open up these types of possibilities. Giving them a choice for where they can go and get work done. Sometimes the change of scenery can bring a little extra joy to our routines.

If the blogger you have in mind already has a laptop. Then there are still plenty of related gift ideas for bloggers you can use. For example, if they complain that their laptop is slow. Then a new laptop that is an upgrade in comparison. Will not only boost their productivity but their enjoyment of blogging too. 

Just keep in mind a few things, if you are considering getting a laptop related blogging gift. Firstly, you’ll want a light laptop. There’s nothing more discouraging than lugging a heavy laptop around. You should also look for a laptop with a long battery life. As there is no point in being portable if you need to be hooked up to a power socket all the time.

Blogger Gift Ideas That Include A Computer Desk Chair Laptop Stands And More

15. Think Desks, Chairs Or Laptop Stands

The perfect gifts for bloggers who can’t seem to get comfortable while working on their blog.

Some more blogging gift ideas you could consider. Relates to giving them a desk area to work from if they don’t have a desktop computer. Think about desks (but keep in mind their free space). As well as chairs to help prevent common muscle strains from being in front of the computer for long periods.

You can even consider getting a laptop stand for sitting on a desktop. Or even just for using the laptop on the sofa or in bed. This is a must for the latter. As laptops can be quite prone to getting hot. Which can be dangerous, bad for the long term life of the laptop or just simply uncomfortable for your lap.

16. More Storage Space For Their Computer

The perfect gifts for bloggers who take lots of photos or have a laptop with not much space.

Blogging can involve a lot of files. Many of which can take up a lot of space on our hard drives. Especially if you keep backup copies of raw images from camera photos. Or even just uncompressed stock photography images.

Well, this is where blogging gifts of a USB hard drives comes in. This type of gadget has become significantly more common and affordable. So, you can easily snag a 1TB+ drive (which is massive in terms of data storage). That will last your blogger for a long time for as low as $50.

Black W.D. external hard drive gift for bloggers

17. Portable Batteries & Charging Phone Cases To Never Run Out Of Power

The perfect gifts for bloggers who are always on their phone.

As a blogger, being online almost all of the time even when on the go. Is extremely taxing on our battery-powered devices. Whether it be our phones, tablets or laptops. It always feels like something always runs out of battery power when we need it the most. No matter how much we made sure to fully charge things beforehand.

Well, this is where a portable battery or even charging phone cases can come to the blogger in your life’s rescue.

18. Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers With Their Branding

The perfect gifts for bloggers who are proud of their logo or want their blog to be taken more seriously.

It is very easy and affordable these days to get custom printed gifts using photos. Now imagine what might happen if you combine one of these custom printed gifts. With your blogger’s logo or branding. It’s almost like having your own custom merchandise.

Better still you can get a wide range of items with their logo printed on it. So you can ensure it is still practical to use. Such as mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, notebooks, and mouse mats.

All you need to do is get a copy of the logo. Which you could be sneaky about. And surprise them by downloading it off their blog if you wanted. 😉 Then you could upload it to a customized print service like Snapfish or Shutterfly. Where you could get it printed onto a mug or mouse mat for example.

Blogging Gifts Such As Gift Cards For Coffee

19. Giftcards As Blogger Gifts

The perfect gifts for bloggers who are obsessed with coffee or like to pick their own gifts.

If you still find yourself stuck. Because it seems like the blogger in your life already has everything. Then you can always consider going down the gift card route. As these could help with day to day blogging supplies. Or just help the blogger get exactly what they want. Because they are a little shy about asking for stuff directly. 

Honestly, I struggle with this myself. Whenever someone asks what I want. I always worry whether my idea might be too much. Or often complicated to get a hold of. (I’m an overthinker, I know.) Other times I simply don’t know what I want. Unless it is put in front of me.

So, what gift cards are bloggers likely to get good use of? Well, consider gift cards for places like Starbucks. (It’s hard not to love coffee, unless you’re a tea lover of course.) There are also Amazon gift cards that are as versatile as you can get. Because what doesn’t Amazon sell these days? Or you could even try Groupon gift cards.

Amazon gift card for bloggers to use at Starbucks

Blogging Tool upgrades

What about the blogging tools used by the blogger in your life? I bet if you asked they would love to tell you all about the tools they love the most. As well as plenty they don’t like. Here are some top examples:

20. SmarterQueue

The perfect gifts for bloggers who like to connect on all the major social media platforms.

SmarterQueue is perfect as a gift idea for bloggers if they use a lot of social media. As this tool will let them manage and schedule all their social media posts. Including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. The result? Your blogging friend will be able to promote their blog more efficiently. And free up some time for other important things.

21. Tailwind

The perfect gifts for bloggers who are new or focus on growing their Pinterest account.

Is your blogger crazy about growing their Pinterest following? Or even Instagram? Then a Tailwind subscription will make for an amazing blogger gift idea.

Also, even if the blogger in your life already has Tailwind. I bet they would love some of the extra add-ons that Tailwind offer. Such as SmartLoops or my favorite Tailwind Tribes.

22. ConvertKit Or MailerLite

The perfect gifts for bloggers who want to grow their email list.

Every blogger needs to be focusing on growing their email list in the long run. So another blogging gift idea you could consider. Is getting them a paid subscription with one of the top two email marketing tools you can get.

ConvertKit is a powerful tool that is designed with bloggers in mind. But there is also MailerLite which also has flexible tools. As well as a lot of features specific to helping bloggers keep everything legal.

23. Grammarly Upgrade For Easier Proofing & Quality Writing

The perfect gift for bloggers who want to improve their writing.

Bloggers write a lot. Like seriously, we write tons! Which is why proofreading and editing tools are vital to get things done. As with any writing, the first draft is always rough. It’s then time to edit, edit and edit. Until everything is super polished and ready for publishing.

Likely you or the blogger in your life already have the free version of Grammarly. But you can always ask them, “Hey, do you know a good tool for spell check and proofreading?” To find out exactly what they are using. 

The paid version could be a nice upgrade for them as it does more than check the basic spelling and grammar. Instead, it will give you suggestions. To improve the sentence structure, readability, and tone of their writing.

Gifts For Bloggers To Have More Time Header Image Of Dozens Of Hanging Pocket Watches

24. Time

The perfect gifts for bloggers who are busy, still juggling a full-time job or mommy bloggers.

I can’t think of a blogger that doesn’t feel like they need more time in their life to get things done. 

An extra hour here or there would be amazing to squeeze out that next project. Or get things just right. Without feeling like you are rushing around whilst trying to juggle everything else.

So, anything you can think of that would free them up to get more work done. Would also be a unique and loved gift for the blogger in your life. Whether that’s babysitting, pet sitting, house chores or simply cooking a meal. I bet any blogger would be truly grateful for your thoughtfulness and originality 😉

Quick Recap On Gift Ideas For Bloggers

That’s it! There are tons of ideas for blogging gifts to choose from in this gift guide for bloggers. Whether you are looking to spoil your blogger. Or are looking to buy blogger gifts on a budget. There is something for every blogger that you probably didn’t realize they wanted.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get those gifts sorted out ready for the holidays. Or even that special birthday that is coming up soon. And if you are a blogger yourself, then why not spoil yourself too?

So, what gift ideas for bloggers are you going to buy? Is it for a friend or are you just treating yourself? I’d love to hear more, so drop me a message in the comments below!

If you found this blog post useful then please consider taking a few seconds to share it to your favorite social media platform!

24 Blogger Gift Ideas (#18 + 24 will surprise you!)

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