191 New Pinterest Communities For Bloggers You Need To Know About

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Have you heard about the new Pinterest feature – Pinterest Communities? If you’re a blogger then you probably have. And you might be wondering how you can find more Pinterest Communities for bloggers.

If you haven’t heard about communities yet. Then check out this starters guide for Pinterest Communities!

Finding Pinterest Communities for bloggers can be a little tricky at the moment as the search function doesn’t work on the desktop website. Or you need to be using the most up to date Pinterest smartphone app.

Even then, searching for Communities that fit your niche can be time-consuming. Requiring you to figure out what search terms to even use in the first place. Why spend time searching and checking, when you can find them all in one place?

191 Pinterest communities for bloggers you need to know about

Save Time With This List Of Pinterest Communities For Bloggers

So, keep on reading below to get the full list of 191 Pinterest Communities for bloggers below. These Pinterest Communities have been grouped into popular blogging niches. And sorted within each niche so similar communities are grouped together. All so you can save time finding what you need.

If you feel there is anything missing or something is in the wrong place, let me know. Or if you have any Pinterest Communities for bloggers, I’d be happy to add them to the list. Just let me know in the comments.

Want to know how to make your own community? Learn how you can make Pinterest Communities here.

Disclaimer: I’ve checked each link to make sure it takes me to an invite page from my desktop browser. After joining my first community. If the link doesn’t work for you then let me know and we can try and figure it out!


Looking to learn more about blogging? Hang out with other bloggers, ask questions or help out new bloggers. With these blogging Pinterest Communities for bloggers.


Want to learn more about building a WordPress blog? Then these WordPress Pinterest Communities for bloggers are a great place to start.

Entrepreneur Pinterest Communities for bloggers header with laptop & desk


Some bloggers like to hang out in entrepreneur groups to learn more about running their blog as a business. If you do too, then consider checking out some of these.

Social Media & Pinterest Communities for bloggers header with woman using smartphone

Social Media

Want to master your Social Media marketing for your blog? These Social Media Pinterest Communities for bloggers can help you do just that.


There’s a lot of Pinterest Communities that like to focus on using Pinterest itself. If you want a Pinterest focused community then these are for you.

Make money online Pinterest Communities for bloggers header with people holding a pink piggy bank

Making Money Online

Most bloggers aim to earn money from their blog eventually. You can even consider sharing your own tips in these groups.


Blog about money or ways to save it? These Pinterest Communities for bloggers are a wonderful start if you do.

Mom & Parenting Pinterest Communities for bloggers header with baby feet held by mom's hand

Mom & Parenting

These Pinterest Communities for bloggers are an amazing place to look if you are a Mom blogger or blog about kids. There’s so many to choose from!

Travel Pinterest Communities for bloggers header of yellow toy camper van carrying suitcases


Blog about Travel? Check out these Pinterest Communities for general blogging niches as well as those for more specific regions of the world.

Food Pinterest Communities for bloggers header with bakery window


Pinterest Communities for bloggers who like to blog about food. Whether you like to talk about specific foods, recipes, dietary restrictions or more. There’s bound to be something on this list for you.

Lifestyle Pinterest Communities for bloggers header with people crossing a street in the city


If you blog about lifestyle, then check out these Pinterest Communities.

Health & lifestyle Pinterest Communities for bloggers header with white bowl with yoghurt, oats & jam


Blog about health-related topics, like Yoga, exercise or healthy lifestyle choices then try out these Pinterest Communities.


If you blog about fashion then these Pinterest Communities might interest you.

Discover 191 blogging related pinterest communities

Did You Find Any Pinterest Communities For Bloggers That Were Useful?

I’d love to hear which communities you found most useful. Or any that are missing. Most of these communities are brand new so it can take a little time to get going. But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Want to learn more about Pinterest Communities? Make sure you check out this Pinterest Communities guide! You can even learn how to make your own community.

If you found this blog post useful then please consider taking a few seconds to share it to your favorite social media platform!

191 Pinterest communities perfect for bloggers.

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