You’re in. Get ready to start seeing better results and traffic from Pinterest by using your Pinterest Mistakes Repair Kit. But…

If you’re serious about getting results from Pinterest so you can start seeing a steady-stream of PayPal notifications from your blog before your coffee gets cold…

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Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything to try getting Pinterest to send more traffic to your blog but for some reason Pinterest just seems to hate you? Like…

  • You feel like you’re behind on everything, your growth is stagnant and you wonder if you’ll ever make Pinterest work for you

  • You’re working your little cotton socks off with all the hustle but you feel buried in a mountain of pins that you’ve no idea if you’ve pinned. Let alone whether they are bringing in any results

  • Your pinning strategy feels like a hot-mess because Pinterest keeps changing the rules and you just don’t know where to start anymore or if Pinterest is even worth your time

Well, believe it or not – it’s not your fault…

You see experts tell you that…

  • Pinning success is all about how much your pinning
  • All you need is good keyword SEO
  • Pinterest works for any niche
  • You need thousands of followers to see results
  • You can get results almost instantly

But if Pinterest was that easy, so many blogger’s out there wouldn’t be struggling to get traffic. And pulling their hair out because Pinterest isn’t working for them.

Heck, you would be all the way to Mediavine acceptance with all those clicks by now. Instead of scrolling this far…

Because the truth is Pinterest is

  • A complicated algorithm driven machine
  • Always changing
  • Needs more than just keywords
  • A long-game that takes time for your results to compound

Which is why you need the right tools and resources to survive the ups and downs of the Pinterest changes so you can get more of those valuable clicks to your blog…


The Pinterest Power Kit

A bundle of fool-proof Pinterest focused planning worksheets, tutorials and traffic hacks. That will be your blog’s life-blood to getting more raving fans and PayPal notifications from your blog.

Because you’ll be getting the right people to see your value-soaked content.

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Pinterest Power Kit Blog Bundle Your Ultimate Resource For Blogging For Money An

Here’s What’s Included:

Pinterest Power Kit (worth $37)

Pinterest Pivotal – A 30-page workbook with cheatsheets and actionable steps to ensure your Pinterest account can thrive. From choosing a profitable niche to finding and using the best keywords for your topic.

Pinterest Pivotal Worksheets Cheatsheet For Niches Keywords And How To Start A Business Account Mockup Blue Bg

10 Pin Worthy Canva Templates – Easy to customize Pin designs with clickablity and mobile-friendliness in mind.

Pin Worthy 10 Pinterest Pin Templates Designs For Canva Mockup Blue Bg

Pinterest Stay Out of Jail Cheatsheet – Easy reference to a safer Pinterest account by avoiding common mistakes that can get your account suspended.

Pinterest Stay Out Of Jail Checklist Blue Bg

Pinterest Essentials Toolkit – Find the best time-saving tools and resources for your Pinterest marketing. That will help simplify and up-level your pinning strategy.

Pinterest Essentials Toolkit Bundle Blue Bg

Pinterest Tracker – Simplify and track important information + all the new pins you create with these 5 organized Google sheet tabs with easy to follow tips.

Pinterest Tracker Google Sheets Worksheet For Keywords Pin Datebase Mockup White Bg

Pins That Click – Take one of the most overlooked parts of your pinning strategy to the next level with these hacks + checklists to make your pins more clickable and save time too.

Pins That Click Pinterest Design Tips For Engagement Viral Pins And Pin Creation Mockup White Bg

Did I Mention There’s A Bonus?

Get Your Blog Pinterest Ready (worth $17) – 50-page eBook with workbooks and step-by-step guides to leveraging your blog for maximum Pinterest saves and traffic.

Get Your Blog Pinterest Ready Ebook Blue Bg

You can get all of this for just $37 $17 until the timer runs out…

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Pinterest Power Kit Blog Bundle Your Ultimate Resource For Blogging For Money An 1

Imagine waking up… to a stream of love notes and PayPal notifications. Because your blog content is finally getting out there for people to see.

Questions Smart People Ask Before Getting Their Kit:

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So go ahead and slap that pink button below. And get your pinning strategy to finally stop driving you crazy.

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Your results may vary. Due to the various different factors that go into blogging and every blog being vastly different we cannot guarantee results or income. But if you follow the tips and resources included in this kit then you should see faster progress and will increase your chances of success. This bundle is not officially associated, endorsed or affiliated with PayPal or Pinterest in anyway.