You’re in. Get ready to set up your blog with confidence and look like a pro from day 1 by avoiding the 57 common WordPress mistakes. But…

If you feel clueless on what you need to do next with your blog to go from idea to getting PayPal payments every morning before you even get out of bed. Then keep scrolling…

You’ve taken the scary leap of starting a blog but none of those start a blog posts ever told you what to do after.

So it’s no wonder when:

  • You feel buried in a mountain of contradicting information and to-do lists. But you just don’t know where to start, what works and what’s just fluff.

  • You want to take action and get tasks done for your blog. But are terrified that no one will read your stuff. Or you’ll make a mistake so stupid. That everyone will hate your blog and never buy from you.

  • You’ve read every blog post you can find. So you can do all the ‘right things’. But you feel like you’re missing some big blogging secret because it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels.

You didn’t plan for this to happen.

You wanted to:

  • Learn how to blog with the info you already have available
  • Design a beautiful blog that makes people go “wow”
  • Create a ton of awesome content that attracts thousands of loyal followers 
  • And make enough money that you can pay your bills and have plenty of wiggle room

Well, what if I told you, it’s not your fault.

You see, the truth is…

What Works For Building A Money Making Blog Is Constantly Changing

In fact, there’s tons of outdated and contradicting information out there. That can either waste your time because it no longer works.

Or worse…

Actually hurt your blog setting you back months.

That’s why you need a reliable step-by-step plan you can follow that uses the latest strategies, keeps you focused and doesn’t glaze over the tech you need.


The 12 Month Blog Planner

This step-by-step 12 Month blog plan and organizer will help you create a blog that makes money every day. Even if…

  • You’re completely clueless
  • Don’t know where to start
  • + Have no idea what the latest blogging strategies even are

And head’s up, it’s different to those other planners you’ve stumbled across because…

  • It’s a complete roadmap + strategy, not just printable weekly calendars
  • It doesn’t skip the tech, as you’ll get in-depth easy to follow tutorials
  • It’s kept updated to use the latest strategies and you’ll get these updates for free. Even if the price goes up.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • The 12 Month Blog Plan – A step-by-step plan you can be confident covers all the critical tasks you should be doing in your first 12 months. That will save you weeks of research trying to piece together everything into a usable strategy. Including critical areas like blog post ideas and traffic.
Mockup 12 Month Blog Planner On White Desk With Keyboard

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Goals + Reviews – Track, analyze + improve your results like clockwork. So you know exactly what’s working, what isn’t and where to improve with stats that actually matter rather than vanity metrics.

  • Daily, Weekly + Monthly To Do Lists – Use these to do lists to help you focus on the tasks that matter. So you can stay on track to get them done.

  • Editorial Calendar + Post Idea sheets – Get one of the biggest weekly blogging tasks done-and-dusted with breeze-like speed. So you can stop wasting time trying to figure out what to blog about each week.

  • Daily Affirmations – Put your best foot forward each day with these mindset sheets to help get your brain in-gear. So you can get through tasks quicker and easier. Instead of feeling like you never seem to get anything done.

  • Monthly Expenses + Income Trackers – Know how much you’re spending on your blog and how much money is coming in. So you know exactly when your blog starts turning a profit and how much you’ve made. Plus they’ll make doing taxes as painless as possible.

  • Blog Planner Dividers – To help keep everything organized in a ring-binder. So you can quickly and easily find the sheets you need. Instead of having sheets of paper scattered all over your desk.

    Not to mention everything will look so gorgeous and professional. That your friends and family might reconsider taking your new career idea more seriously.
Layflat Printables 12 Month Blog Plan Key Features
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Oh and did I mention? There’s bonuses too:

[Bonus #1]
Blogger’s Tactical Toolkit

List of tools at your fingertips for every stage of your blog. So you’re not wasting time or money on things you don’t need. And instead can focus on those that will get stuff done faster and make you look like a pro. Even if you are brand new.

Layflat Printables Blogger's Tactical Toolkit

[Bonus #2]
30 Day Launch Plan

Stop yourself from dragging out the launch of your blog. With this step-by-step intensive plan to get your blog setup, your first blog posts done and your blog launched for the world to see.

No more self-doubting if you have made any mistakes. Or that you’ll look like a newbie. You’ll be able to launch with confidence a blog that wows from day 1 and makes you feel like “You’ve got this”.

Layflat Printables 30 Days To Launch Fast Track

Save yourself weeks of research and grab access to this step-by-step plan and resources for just $27 $17

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Questions Smart People Ask Before Getting Their Planner:

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Get your blog planner and fast-track your progress. Without worrying that you’ve missed some big blogging secret to success for just $27 $17

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Your results may vary. Due to the various different factors that go into blogging and every blog being vastly different we cannot guarantee results or income. But if you follow the tips and resources included in this planner then you should see faster progress and will increase your chances of success. This planner is not officially associated, endorsed or affiliated with PayPal.