40+ Best Black Friday Deals For Bloggers 2021

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45 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known to have the biggest sales you can imagine out of the 365 days. This year’s Black Friday deals 2021 will be no different.

Combine this with the time of year that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales happen (just before Christmas), and this sales season is the perfect opportunity to stock up on gifts for Christmas with massive savings.

But not only is Black Friday and Cyber Monday amazing for saving money on your Christmas gifts this year. It can also be a massive opportunity for bloggers to stock up on their favorite tools, resources, courses and more for big discounts and savings.

So, if you have been eyeing up an expensive course or blogging tool that you’re reluctant to get because of your already tight budget. Then holding out until the Black Friday sales can save you a lot of your hard earned $$$!

So, because there are just so many Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales. I’ve compiled this list of the best Black Friday deals for bloggers in 2021.

When is Black Friday in 2021?

Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving, this means that Black Friday in 2021 will be on November 26th.

The sales for Black Friday often continue over the weekend, continuing into Cyber Monday on the 29th of November 2021.

Some sales this year may even start as early as the Monday before Black Friday.

During this weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales there will be some of the biggest discounts you’ll see.

So, this weekend is perfect to get done early on any early blogging or Christmas gifts as well as stock up on blogging tools and resources for the year. As these discounts can save you big on your blogging expenses.

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45 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers

Keep An Eye On Sale Dates & Times

Any sales listed below won’t be available until their actual start date and time. This can vary greatly as some start earlier than Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Whilst others won’t start until later or may only be for a single day.

So, don’t be disappointed if the sale isn’t quite showing yet. You might just need to bookmark this post and come back to check it later. As it will get updated numerous times throughout November. Especially during the week of the sales.

💡 Important: Due to the nature of these sales this page in an ongoing work in progress. Right now the deals on this page are from 2021 so I suggest checking back in November 2022 to start seeing the updates for this year.

The Survive + Thrive Blog Bundle | 57% Off

This bundle of fool-proof blog planning worksheets and Pinterest traffic hacks will be your blog’s life-line to keeping…

  • Your sanity
  • Getting eyes on your blog
  • And focusing on doing the right things

All so you can grow your blog into the PayPal notification machine it deserves to be.

Oh and did I mention? It’s got your back in the tech-department too.

Grab your copy for 57% off to get all of these valuable resources to help you build a successful blog and get your Pinterest account on track for 2022:

Survive And Thrive Blog Bundle Your Ultimate Resource For Blogging For Money And Getting Traffic Mockup White Bg

The Survive + Thrive Black Friday deal is running from Nov 26 – until Nov 29, 2021.

Free Competitions & Bonuses (No Purchase Required!)

Did you know? Over the course of the week before Black Friday and during the weekend. There are several competitions you can enter to win prizes like a Macbook Air or iMac.

Here’s what you can enter for free without any purchases. Keep in mind these are time-sensitive and you may need to scroll down the page to find the entry button.

Best Web Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers

*Keep in mind this type of deal is usually only applicable to new accounts.

Bluehost – up to 30-60% off

This year Bluehost are offering up to 60% off their hosting packages, meaning you could get your blog hosting sorted out for as low as $2.65 / month when you select their 12 months Basic plan. In comparison, the same plan would cost $3.95 at their regular price saving you 32%.

Bluehost are who I recommend brand new bloggers host their blogs with after hosting my own blog with them for 3-years. They are the best budget-friendly option and are suitable for small blogs just starting out. See my in-depth review here.

Bluehost Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 29, 2021.

WPX Hosting – 3 Months Free 🟢

WPX black friday deal for 2021

Want a step up from shared hosting at an affordable price? If you’ve outgrown many of the commonly recommended hosts. I’ve heard amazing reviews about WPX hosting.

If speed is your main priority with amazing support then WPX is my recommended go to. It’s won several independent speed tests meaning it’s not just talk when they say their servers are fast. In fact, they’ve even managed to out performs big names like Kinsta even though their plans are cheaper. ($25/month.)

Their plans even include free site speed optimization and transfers so they’ll do a lot of tech heavy lifting for you. (Something some other hosting plans won’t do.)

Oh and did I mention? They also help support dogs! I mean what else could there possibly be to love this web hosting company even more?

WPX Hosting Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 28, 2021.

Cloudways – 40% off For 4 Months On All Hosting Plans 🟢

Cloudways is a mid-to-end range hosting platform for your blog, whether you run with WordPress or a different platform altogether. It’s biggest selling point is it’s flexibility as it works with a range of different platforms as well as having alternative cloud hosting options beyond just Google.

With Cloudways you’re always in control of your website and it has affordable prices for growing blog’s looking for web hosting that will grow with them.

Coupon code: BFCM2021

This Cloudways Black Friday deal is running from Nov 23 – until Dec 1, 2021.

WP Engine – 5 Months Free 🟢

If you are looking for a higher-end web hosting, then WP Engine are offering 5 months free on any annual shared plan.

Coupon Code: CYBERWEEK2021

WP Engine Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 30, 2020.

SiteGround – ??% off

If you are looking for an alternative to Bluehost, then SiteGround usually offer a discount on their hosting plans. Last year you could get your first year of blog hosting with them for as low as $3.49/month. The usual pricing is $6.99/month for the first year, before it goes up to $14.99/month.

Although I am currently hosted with SiteGround. There are some things you should know before you switch to them.

SiteGround have a very positive reputation but frankly since they’ve upped their pricing by almost double last year I’ve found it hard to recommend them to new bloggers. Add in the fact that their discounted prices are only valid for your first year compared to 3 years with Bluehost and it becomes all the more expensive.

When I switched to SiteGround from Bluehost, I did not see much of an improvement to my overall blog speed. In fact, I saw a bigger speed increase from switching themes to Astra instead.

SiteGround Black Friday deals are running from Nov ?? – until Dec ??, 2021.

Namecheap – Up To 97% off 🟢

If you are looking for super cheap discounted domains, web hosting, web security and more, then you can get up to 97% off from Namecheap.

Namecheap Black Friday deals are running from Nov 23 – until Nov 29, 2021.

Best WordPress Themes Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers

Astra Theme – 63% off 🟢

Popular theme provider, Astra Theme last year offered up to 30% off in their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals but this year they are offering even more off upto 63%.

If speed is important to you then you’ll love this theme. It’s one of the fastest out there plus it’s highly customizable with Gutenberg too.

Astra Theme Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Dec 3, 2021.

WooCommerce – 40% off 🟢

If you’d like to build a shop on your blog or you’re already using WooCommerce then you’ll be interested to know they have 40% off across their marketplace. While the base WooCommerce is free with plenty of features, there’s plenty of useful extras to further optimize and get the best conversions with like:

WooCommerce’s deals are running from Nov 24 – until Nov 30, 2021.

Bluechic – 30% off 🟢

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can buy any product from the Bluechic shop for 30% off. They have an assortment of beautiful themes you can choose from. Plus there’s some fast-action bonuses for the first 10 customers who buy one of their bundles.

Bluchic Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 29, 2021.

Best WordPress Plugin Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers

ShortPixel – 5x Bonus Credits

Did you know that ShortPixel is my #1 recommended tool for optimizing images?

This WordPress plugin has been one of the best ways for me to automatically compress all the images I upload to my media library. In fact, I get an average compression of around 77%. This is huge as I’m not even using their most aggressive optimization settings.

Especially if you are using the free version of Smush to optimize as it only optimizes at around 10-15%.

You can read my review and best tips for using this tool here.

ShortPixel works on a credit system. So, each image you compress into a single new file will count as 1 credit. All ShortPixel accounts start off with 100 free credits per month with the option to buy more credits if you need to.

Last year as part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales ShortPixel offered a bonus 300% more image credits. (That’s more than the 250% they offered the year before.) And this year is even bigger than ever with 5x bonus credits this year.

So, for example – if you were to buy their one-time plan of 10,000 credits for $9.99. You would actually get a total of 50,000 credits instead!

ShortPixel Black Friday deals are running from Nov 26 – until Nov 30, 2021.

WP Rocket – 30% off 🟢

Looking to speed up your blog? Then this plugin might be a worthwhile investment.

WP Rocket is one of the fastest and highly-recommended caching plugins out there. This year over the Black Friday sales you can snag any of their licenses for up to 30% off.

WP Rocket Black Friday deals are running from Nov 23 – until Dec 1, 2020.

OptinMonster – 60% off 🟢

Get the OptinMonster plugin to help grow your email list, get more leads and increase your sales for up to 60% off. (Sometimes it’s only 30% off!)

Plus as a bonus they are doing a M1 Macbook Air giveaway that anyone can enter without purchasing anything.

OptinMonster Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 30, 2020.

ThirstyAffiliate – ??% off

This WordPress plugin is designed to help make affiliate marketing and keeping all those money-making links organized a breeze. Last year you could get up to 35% off during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

ThirstyAffiliate includes features such as:

  • Link cloaking
  • Automatically linking to certain keywords
  • Advanced reports & statistics
  • Automatic affiliate disclosures
  • Fast link redirects
  • Bulk link management
  • + More!

Coupon Code: ????

ThirstyAffiliate Black Friday deals for bloggers are running from Nov ?? – until Dec ??, 2021.

SeedProd – 65% off

If you need a more advanced Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin, then SeedProd has everything you can think of and this year during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, they are offering 65% off all their plans.

SeedProd Black Friday deals for bloggers are running from Nov 22 – until Dec 3, 2021.

If you use affiliate marketing on your blog, then PrettyLinks is a must-have for managing and cloaking all those links. I use this plugin myself all the time and it’s such a life saver when you get that dreaded email – “I’ve changed affiliate platforms so change all your links!”

This year you can save up to $70 as well as enter into their giveaway to win a MacBook Pro 14″ M1 PRO.

PrettyLinks Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 26, 2021.

UpdraftPlus – 20% off

Updraftplus WordPress Backup Plugin Logo

My favorite #1 backup plugin has to be UpdraftPlus. I’ve been using it for several years now and it has never let me down.

If you are looking to upgrade to their more premium features, then this year they are offering 20% off all their licenses. Including their other products such as WP-Optimize and Easy Updates Manager. (Both of which I’m loving also!)

UpdraftPlus Black Friday deals for bloggers are running from Nov ?? – until Dec ??, 2021.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Blogging Courses

Kate Doster | 50% off 🟢

If you hate selling to your email list, because it makes you feel like a sleazy sales person and you just want to help people. Then Kate Doster has the training you need. (Kate doesn’t do -ish deals. She goes all in.)

This year’s Black Friday will be no exception as she has an amazing not to miss deal. Especially, if you’ve ever eyed up her signature Love Your List 2.0™ course 😉

Kate Doster’s Self Paced Love Your List is a mini-version of her game-changing email marketing course, that you can snag for the unheard of price of $397 or 6 payments of $73.

This super-packed bundle includes:

  • Access to the full 7 main modules in Love Your List . (Yes that includes the full copywriting module.)
  • Bonus #1 – What to send your list if you haven’t emailed them in a while series
  • Bonus #2 – A 45 Minutes List Building Training going over Kate’s 4 favorite free ways to build your list
  • Bonus #3 – The Convertkit Launch Pad
  • Bonus #4 – The Easy Yes Offer Bonus Course with mini sales page template

And as an exclusive bonus for those who invest before Nov 23 11:59pm EST. You’ll be entered to win $397 cash.

Kate Doster’s Black Friday deal is running from Nov 23 – until Nov 29, 2021.

Suzi | Start A Mom Blog – 30-36% off 🟢

Get up to 36% off all of Suzi Whitford’s courses by using various coupon codes on the lead up to Black Friday. The earlier you buy the bigger the discount:

  • 🐣Week 1 of Sale : 36% OFF (Nov 1 – Nov 7)
    • Coupon Code “BF2021SUPEREARLYBIRD”
  • 🐥 Week 2 of Sale : 34% OFF (Nov 8 – Nov 14)
    • Coupon Code “BF2021EARLYBIRD”
  • 🐔 Week 3 of Sale : 32% OFF (Nov 15 – Nov 21)
    • Coupon Code “BF2021BIRD”
  • 🦃 Week 4 of Sale : 30% OFF (Nov 22 – Nov 30)
    • Coupon Code “BF2021TURKEY”

You can even use this discount on her signature courses such as Blog By Number, that includes:

  • 50 Done for you websites you can important into your blog for quick customization
  • Fill in the blank templates for blog posts to boost your traffic, growth and income.
  • 83 Money making ideas for bloggers so you can start earning money from your blog from day 1

Or there is her List By Number course that will teach you how to:

  • Grow your email list by mastering the power of Convertkit & MailerLite
  • 50+ video tutorials
  • Email Funnel Templates
  • Basic and advanced techniques including things like tagging and segmentation
  • 24 popular ideas to grow your email list

Start A Mom Blog Black Friday deals are running from Nov 1 – until Nov 30, 2021.

Ana | The She Approach – 35% off 🟢

The She Approach Black Friday Promo 35% Off

This year you can get 35% off everything in the The She Approach shop.

The top picks from her shop would have to be her Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp. Which gives you a complete guide on how to go from idea all the way to published and generating passive income with a best-selling ebook. This course is normally $147, but with 35% off you can get it for the all-time low price of $95.55.

Another top option is her Affiliate Marketing bundle. Usually this is $57 but you can get it for $37.05 during the sale. Ana has made thousands of $ in affiliate sales and her Affiliate Training Bundle will show you her exact strategies to start earning your first $1,000.

The She Approach Black Friday deals for bloggers are running from Nov 19 – until Nov 29, 2021.

HerPaperRoute – upto 80% off + Free Bonus

This year during the sales you can get upto 80% off some of the signature courses over at the HerPaperRoute Academy. Including:

  • The Blog Monetization Course ($400 off) – Everything you need to know and do, to develop your blog into a business. Including her exact strategy for how to grow a 6 figure blog.
  • Email Marketing Course ($350 off) – How to grow and nurture your email list subscribers for a successful blog that makes money without worrying that your social media accounts going poof would ruin you.
  • The Blog Flipping Course ($400 off) – Learn how to take and build websites from scratch that you can resell for a profit with this complete blueprint for content creators.

Her Paper Route Black Friday deals are running from Nov 26 – until Dec 1, 2021.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers SEO Resources & Tools

Debbie Gartner – up to $50 off 🟢

If you are looking for some SEO resources to cover the basics without blowing up your budget, then Debbie Gartner over at TheFlooringGirl has several SEO related products for beginners. Including:

SEO eBooks bundle – $40 off using coupon BLACKFRIDAY20

This bundle will help you go from knowing nothing about optimizing your blog posts to being confident you can choose the right keywords and get your posts ranking in Google.

Easy SEO Revamp – $30 off using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY30

Ever wondered what to do with existing blog posts to improve their rankings over time? This course is perfect to tweaking your already existing content to get the most out of it.

Remember to use the correct coupon code at the checkout to receive your discount.

Debbie Gartner’s deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 29, 2021.

AppSumo – 10% off 🟢

AppSumo are doing a huge promotion across their entire site for 10% off. Every product creator on AppSumo has the option to offer this discount to their customers. I’ve also added my Pinterest Power Kit as an experiment which you can also find at 10% during this sale.

AppSumo’s Black Friday deals are running from Nov 21 – until Nov 30, 2021

SERPWoo – 50% off

Ever wished you had an easy way to track your rankings in Google? Well SERPWoo makes analyzing such complicated data easy and almost automatic all so you can:

  • Spot any drops in traffic quickly and related-problems
  • Find new opportunities for more traffic
  • Get detailed reports on your progress
  • Have a competitive edge of the competition

Now for their deal over the sales period, you can save 50% on their most popular plan and get a bonus 1,000 keywords included.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Pinterest Marketing & Tools For Bloggers

Carly Campbell | 20% off

I’m an absolute fan of Carly’s courses as they are always filled with value and juicy tips you won’t find anywhere else. This year she’s doing some discounts on her courses and templates that I’ve been using for a few years now.

I never want to go back to creating my own so-so designs because with Carly’s templates I’ve always got something fresh in a fraction of the time that I can be confident won’t let me down design-wise. (No more second guessing if my pins are “good enough” anymore.)

My engagement in terms of saves and clicks are better than I ever thought was possible just by switching to her templates. So if you’re looking to up your Pinterest game then you need to check this out.

You can also get 20% off her new comprehensive Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 that has everything you need to master your Pinterest marketing and drive traffic to your blog even after all the changes in 2021.

To get her discounts make sure to use the below coupon code at the checkout.

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2021

Carly Campbell’s Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 30, 2021.

Tailwind | 50% off 🟢

As you might remember from this post, Tailwind Create is one of the fastest ways to make pins in minutes right now. If you haven’t tried it out yet, now is the time!

This year Tailwind is offering 50% off their annual plan when upgrading from the Forever Free plan. (New sign ups only.)

Tailwind Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 29, 2021.

More Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers

A Self Guru | Legal Templates – 40% off 🟢

Is your blog legal? Get the legal templates for bloggers that were created by an actual lawyer at a discount this Black Friday using the coupon code BF2021 at the checkout.

Last year the biggest discount was on the VIP Legal Bundle. The perfect answer for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who want complete legal protection for their business. This bundle also has templates needed to protect you when you start to offer your products and services to others and more!

Also as a bonus this year if you purchase the VIP Legal Bundle before November the 20th, 2021 you’ll also get early access to her brand new ADA course.

Coupon Code: BF2021

A Self Guru Black Friday deals for bloggers are running from Nov 15 – until Nov 30, 2021.

Stray Curls | 65% off 🟢

Money Making Business Bundle Discount 1

Angela from Stray Curls is holding a Black Friday Sale and has bundled 7 of her best-selling products into one package that you can get for 65% off only this week! (Use coupon code BF2021 at the checkout.)

This new Money Making Bundle includes every eBook and planner from her shop that is geared toward bloggers who want to make some serious money from their blogs.

The total value of these eBooks and Planners are $199, but she’s only selling it for $79, which is 65% off the original price! Get it now while it’s on sale so that you can start making money with your blog.

Coupon Code: BF2021

Stray Curls Black Friday deal is running from Nov 22 – until Nov 29, 2020.

Kimi Kinsey | Free Go Ask Kimi Membership 🟢

Ever wished you could just reach out to a knowledgable blogger and get your questions answered without having to pay like $200 before they’ll even speak to you? Well, Kimi’s offering free month of her Go Ask Kimi membership program!

You can submit 1 question per week, and she will answer it in voice + transcription. And everyone gets to benefit from the questions asked – as you’ll be able to access them each week. It also comes with discounts for more one-to-one time if you need it too.

So for this Black Friday deal you can go ask Kimi 4 questions for free essentially. Time to go get those unanswered questions finally sorted.

Kimi Kinsey’s Black Friday deals are running from Nov 24 – until Nov 30, 2021.

Facebook Ads Course – $100 off

Want to use Facebook Ads to make money or send more traffic to your blog that you can monetize? Then this Facebook Ads course is a fully comprehensive strategy that can take you from zero to ads that convert.

This is quite an expensive course and paying for ads isn’t for everyone, but I’ve definitely found it valuable. So for the 26th of November, 2021 only, you can grab $100 off the price and 2 months free in their dedicated Facebook Group using coupon code: THANKS21

The Laptop Empires Black Friday deal for bloggers is only running on Nov 26, 2021.

DepositPhotos – Save over 60% off 🟢

AppSumo's Black Friday DepositPhotos preview

Some bloggers swear by using paid stock photos. In particular, Carly Campbell raves about getting this deal every year and that it boosts her Pinterest traffic better than free stock photos since everyone else is using them. Remember that whole idea about creating fresh pins for Pinterest now?

This year you can get DepositPhotos bulk deal of 100 photos for $39 that’s $10 cheaper than some previous years. That’s $0.39 per photo instead of $1-$5 each depending on their premium plans. And these credits do not expire either! You can even stack this deal as much as you want.

DepositPhotos Black Friday deal is running from Nov 22 – until Nov 30, 2021.

Slay Your Goals Planner – Buy One, Get One Free 🟢

Get the Slay Your Goals Planner and the 2022 Yearly Planner is yours FREE. That’s two planners for the price of one so you can stop doubting and get focused on the doing.

The Slay Your Goals Black Friday deal is running from Nov 19 – until Nov 30, 2021.

2022 Bogo Planners

Blogging Her Way | 40% off 🟢

This year you can get 40% off all of her courses, templates and ebooks by using the coupon code BFCM21. Including:

Coupon Code: BFCM21

Blogging Her Way Black Friday deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 29, 2021.

Blogging For New Bloggers – 40% off 🟢

Blogging for New Bloggers Black Friday Promotion 40% off Coupon BLACKFRIDAYWEEK

Blogging for New Blogger’s deals are running from Nov 22 – until Nov 30, 2021.

Got Any Additional Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs?

Did I miss any valuable deals that you think should be on the list? Do you have a great deal of your own that you think would be a good fit for WordPress bloggers? Feel free to let me know through the contact form or even the comments below if I’ve missed anything!

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45 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers
45 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Bloggers

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